Hydro Coco Grow ,Bloom,PK 13/14 and Root Boster 200ml bottles for £1.00 in Poundland

Hydro Coco Grow ,Bloom,PK 13/14 and Root Boster 200ml bottles for £1.00 in Poundland

Found 25th Mar 2015
) Hyrdo Coco Grow 200ml

N 10
Ureic nitrogen 7.8
Ammonicial nitrogen 2.2
Phosphorus pentoxide 5
Potassium oxide 4

Also contains plant extract with sugar and amino acids, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc.

2) Hydro Coco Bloom 200ml

Ureic nitrogen 2.7
Ammonical nitrogen 2.3
Phosphorus pentoxide 4
Potassium oxide 9

Same micronutrients.

3) Hydro Coco PK Boost 200ml

Phosphorus pentoxide 13
Potassium oxide 14

4) Hydro Coco Natural Rooting Powder 75g

cant go wrong for pound.
make ur plants happy and then they will make u happy
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Hot 420
Original Poster
great kid for 6 quid.
ppl selling then on ebay for 7 quid a bottle
Will these help chillies, or are they just for 'exotics'?
Original Poster
Yes they will help chillies as well :-)
Just a shame they don't do electric.
Can they be used on hydroponic systems?
Original Poster
Yip, just make sure u putting right amounts

Can they be used on hydroponic systems?

I wouldn't use a coco specific feed, unless you're using coco.

I assume its a coco feed, difficult to be sure with such marketing nonsense as hydro-coco.
yeah it is coco specific.....denied.
Does this work in soil?
Suitable for coco and soil
It says for plants in bloom, but I suggest soaking any shrub roots in a bucket an hour prior to planting, especially established large shrubs such as Hydroranger Fruit trees Conifer Leylandai and Privet, used this stuff for a few years on our allotment but paid more than a quid for it
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