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Hydro massage shower cabin with wood effect floor and seat 900 x 900 £762.20 with code @ Victoria Plum

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Sadly I'm looking for an 800x800, but would be tempted by this if I had the room.

Use code sale20 with extra 10.5% TCB cashback available too

From website...

Mode quadrant black glass backed hydro massage shower cabin with wood effect floor and seat 900x900

  • 4mm door and 5mm back panel British Standard safety glass
  • Comes complete with shower tray
  • Includes 10 hydro-massage body jets
  • Overhead rain shower
  • Riser rail with shower head
  • Thermostatic temperature controls
  • Glass shelf
  • Wood effect duck board with built in shower seat

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Mode quadrant black glass backed hydro massage shower cabin with wood effect floor and seat 900 x 900

Sleek, sophisticated and incredibly indulgent, this incredible shower cabin from Mode Bathrooms will turn your bathroom into your very own home spa.

Complete with a gorgeous wood effect duck board floor, plus a built-in seat which raises up from the base, this shower cabin has it all.

Enjoy a luxurious hydro massage session with 10 body jets, plus an overhead drench shower and thermostatic hand shower.

Featuring black glass blacking, plus black profiles, this shower cabin will look great in your contemporary bathroom. Sliding doors and British Standard safety glass simply add to the quality of the design.

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Victoria Plum More details at Victoria Plum
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    Avoid this company. They don't have a phone number. They sold us a faulty item in October. Still waiting. Work had to stop half done. They take weeks to reply to emails which require more information so another 2/3 weeks until they get back to you. Live chat just results in "we will mark it as urgent"
    Pay with your credit card for junk and you will have no trouble getting your money back
  2. Avatar
    We have one of these, cheap Chinese tat (although cost us over 1k). You only use the steam feature a few times, then it becomes a novelty piece. Electrics will break often, and it's difficult to source parts. God forbid you accidently smash a panel, because you can't get replacements and its a insurance job (this happened to us). Continuous leaks. The mixer valve will go, and it's genuinely impossible to source a replacement easily. We can't wait to rip it out and get a normal shower fitted. (edited)
    We have had an Aqualux for over ten years, recently it broke but luckily it was fixed with a new £70 solenoid. There have been no other issues bar this. Before buying the part though it was pretty disheartening seeing the crap on the market as it’s clear it’s just cheap rebranded crap with poor reviews so we would have certainly have gotten a traditional shower unit instead.
  3. Avatar
    I bought an Insignia version about 3 years ago. Was a nightmare to stop the leaks once built. Had to use extra sealant on every joint.
    Even worse, 2 years down the line after warranty run out, it's rusting under the paint and the chrome come off the knobs. Looks terrible now and wish I hadn't bought
  4. Avatar
    As a fully qualified plumber. Don't do it!!! They will leak over time!!!!
    What would you recommend instead?
  5. Avatar
    Any idea if they do fitting as well?
    They don’t and you’ll need an electrician and a plumber to install
  6. Avatar
    Avoid cheap showers and cubicles.
    20 years ago we fitted a Huppe cubicle and tray with Grohe mixer. Still going strong.
  7. Avatar
    That must be a nightmare to clean
    This is exactly what I was thinking... what happens to the water under the wooden slats!? Frankly, I would just rather it be plain.
  8. Avatar
    As a courier - the number of calls I get asking to return their junk from customers as they do not offer free returns or an alternative, is quite worrying
  9. Avatar
    Nice post. Btw, have you found a 800 x800 as I'm soon to start looking myself. I'll be grateful for any help (edited)
    800x800 will be tiny. I've got a 900x900 shower and honestly couldn't go smaller
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    As Korg has said, these cabins dont usually have a great reputation. Invariably they are from the far east, of variable quality often with issues around spare parts to say the least. They look flash but to live with on a day to day basis? This looks like a nightmare to maintain and clean.

    Due to the weight we manufacture some great acrylic capped stone resin trays in the UK and would highly recommend these as a base for any shower. The far east can not make and ship these much cheaper, and can not match the quality.

    Make sure they are installed correctly. Note a few squirts of silicone underneath does not cut it at all, and banging them down on a poorly prepared unsupported floor is often a recipe for disaster too.

    The damage and cost to the building and your pocket on something you are using every day is usually not worth it.
    Kindly post a link to an 850 x 850 tray (or 800 x 800 if not avail') of the quality you advise, with enclosure doors (white or chrome) too if possible. Thanks
  11. Avatar
    Can this become a steam room?
  12. Avatar
    I bought my new bathroom from Victoria Plum and regret it to this day.
  13. Avatar
    Im a plumber and these always go fault. The whole qubical has to come out to repair. I always wanted one myself.

    We don’t install anything from this company. Always something missing or not working (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Integrated showers are always a bad decision, just wait for first leakage or breaks they will come inevitably.
  15. Avatar
    Tried one on holiday, the novelty went after one go.

    Lots of things to go wrong sooner or later.

    I suggest just sticking to functional and elegant.
  16. Avatar
    Awful company!

    Tried to go the process of them doing a refit of our bathroom, coming out to measure up & fitting. It took 6 weeks for them to get in contact with us just to get someone to come out to measure, no one ever did. I asked for a refund of out deposit. The refund took a further 3 weeks to come through.

    Won't deal with them again.
  17. Avatar
    Shower cubicles, my biggest hate in a bathroom. Awful for disabilities as well. Glad to see nearly everyone including professional fitters/plumbers slagging these off in the comments
    After having the main bathroom converted to a wetroom (disability reasons for a family memver), when the time comes to refurbish my en-suite I'll be having that done as a wetroom too, even though I don't require it. Feels much more open, and so easy to clean the floor since it's got a drain built into it. (edited)
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    We live in a timber framed house, and only have these shower cabins installed,

    supposed to be less of an issue.

    any plumbers recommend whether a normal shower is safe to fit, ( worried sealing wise, as obviously the walls expand/contract more than a brick built house)
    Good cabins and good normal showers safe to fit.
    These are not, just read the comments.
    Your first consideration is the house must be structurally sound, and not moving.
    What you have hinted at are issues much more concerning than just what shower to use.

    Then its the quality of the product and how its fitted.
    'normal showers' are absolutely safe.

    A reflection.
    You buy a car use it daily and pay for a service and check every year, expecting parts to wear out and be replaced. Spend hundreds/thousands to service it every year.
    You buy a bathroom for much much less, use it every day and expect it to perform without any issue or 'service'.
    Silicone will need replaced at some stage, consumable parts will, thermostatic cartridges maybe, but if installed correctly with the proper strainer washes fitted, these will need taken out and serviced.

    As labour is so expensive now it makes much more economic sense to put in good stuff, that will work and keep on working.
    Much more environmentally friendly too.

    As Bentobox said "20 years ago we fitted a Huppe cubicle and tray with Grohe mixer. Still going strong."
    caveat- Grohe is absolutely not the company it was 20 years ago, Huppe still good.

    Make sure of good base to put good tray on, and tray installed correctly (a few splodges of silicone is NOT)
    Butyl tape on the tray to wall before tiling/wall tratment
    Tank the wall and (floor) before install with showertight or similar (really easy should be less than £100)
    Good quality tile or wallboard. Good adhesive and epoxy grout
    And it will serve you well for years.
  19. Avatar
    They tend to be more commercial but taplanes are good as are advanced showers, but.....
    they are built for more commercial operations so aesthetically ????? and they are expensive.

    Then good looking ones, Novellini do good stuff, but again these will not repeat not be budget options.
    Most good ones are full multifunction affairs and are expensive,
    Then you have the cheap knock offs I wouldn't touch with a barge-pole, unless you are unscrupulous and doing the house up to sell on.

    The best value, aesthetic choices, quality will be a 'normal' shower. If you ask the right questions from a bathroom specialist/ bathroom installer and they tell you what shower bases they use, how they prep the floor, how they install and use butyl tape and then epoxy grout you know you have a good one and they know what they are doing. Then years of good looking, leak free showering.

    Posted earlier up the thread that may assist too.
    Cheers, much appreciated
  20. Avatar
    This would be great for older people who struggle with mobility
    I would advise a wet room with M pack Kit. You can just about get yourself in this. Or them open door baths
  21. Avatar
    Can you add snow foam for a complete wash, or take in a few dirty dishes?
    Mines got the IMO triple foam system built in...
  22. Avatar
    Too tall for this
  23. Avatar
    I'm more interested in who has a plain glass window in their bathroom?
    I've decided my next shower that I buy the doors are made of wooden tiles and the base out of glass
  24. Avatar
    Never seen wooden floors in a shower before. Maybe I should start doing my bbq's in there
  25. Avatar
    Black mold on that wood in 1 month
  26. Avatar
    Will this fit 3 fat fellas in, asking for a mate.
  27. Avatar
    "overhead drench shower" looks about 4 inches
    Looks pretty standard size to me tbh. Unless you're referring to the standard hose wash?
  28. Avatar
    Ripping out the downstairs bathroom in an ex council house near you
  29. Avatar
    Can you use it outside?
  30. Avatar
    Thanks for this OP.

    It is just slightly too big for the space I have (existing is 800 x 800, with max space for 850 x 850 before it hits the bath/blocks the bathroom door).

    If you find an 800 x 800 please post a link. Thanks
  31. Avatar
    Oooo I’m tempted
    oh ull be tempted to get it removed after 3 weeks
  32. Avatar
    How much does it cost to install?
  33. Avatar
    I've got a shower pod but we have the double size so it's big and roomy inside. We have the AquaLusso - Alto 04 if anyone is interested in getting one
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