Hygienic Hair Trimmer £1.99 @ argos
Hygienic Hair Trimmer £1.99 @ argos

Hygienic Hair Trimmer £1.99 @ argos

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cheapest i could find with over a 120 good reviews
•Stainless steel cutting blade.
•Translucent protective cap.
•Battery operated.
•Accessories include, cleaning brush.
•Batteries required 1 x AA (not included


Silly question but errr....what hair does it trim?

Are we talkin' nasal?

i've bought expensive Philips & Braun trimmers before but this is the best!

ears, nose or whatever takes your fancy!

Probably beats grabbin' a big roller and giving it a tug!


'Roller' has been defined as 'a nasal hair thick enough to be rolled between thumb and forefinger.'

always been this price same at/ sometimes cheaper @asda
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Keep good batteries in it or I'tll grab a couple of "rollers" and pull em clean out. Had one of these years ago. Came with cheap batteries which I used. Wish I hadn't, they died in minutes and grabbed a handful of hairs and ripped em clean out. It was half an hour before I could see through the tears in my eyes. Only 1 small step up from a boot in the fruits on my personal pain scale.

You can usually get these in a pound shop

You could just get this guy to wax you...


Chubby Checker

You could just get this guy to wax … You could just get this guy to wax you...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ca6Uiu3NPI

I dont rate these trimmers that much, sorry no heat from me.

(Sorry messed up post)

Same price at asda and also wilkinson, my dad got one, i think he used it once, and its in its box still, i didnt ask him if its ok, im a girl, i dont ask dads personal things

These sell for £1 at Poundland

Okay for a couple of quid, but I was fairly unimpressed with them.


These sell for £1 at Poundland

Yup exactly the same ones as this for a quid

The single most unreliable piece of kit I've ever had... even worse than a TopUpTV recorder. Yes, really.

Cold half that price at Poundland

Metal blades oO

I have used both types of these trimmers, the rotating blade types and the more conventional flat trimmer type. I wouldnt recommend these types at all as they tend to rip, plus, the one I had (a phillips one) had plastic blades and they sliced the inside of my nose on two occassions, so god knows what a metal blade one would be like

Hot IF you want a DIY rhinoplasty (_;)


Silly question but errr....what hair does it trim?Are we talkin' nasal?

yeh its for over 40s when hair forests sprout out everywhere...nasal, ears...lololol

Has anyone on here ever shoved one one these up their nipsy?

Go on.

Tell everybody.

Admit that you loved it.

Thank's op, exactly what i'm looking for. was about to buy one from amazon for much higher price. you saved me few quid. cheers

This is the standard price for these, you'll see them in tescos for the same price.

been this price for years... but it does the job

Not very good for testicles

Do these ones hurt when you shove it up your nostrils or in your ears?
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