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Posted 26 November 2022

Hype X KFC Reversible Jacket - £17.99 & Free delivery with code @ Just Hype

£17.99£64.9972% off
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Was £64.99 Now £17.99

Sizes XXS up to 3XL

Free delivery with code BLACKFRIDAYSHIP

Perfect gift for the KFC fan in your life
The HYPE X KFC Red and Black Original Recipe Reversible Jacket is designed in 100% polyester in our standard puffer jacket shape. Boasting an all-over red design with the KFC logo on one side and a repeat original recipe crispy chicken drumstick print against a black base fabric on the reverse. Finished with a high neck, black zip, and fitted hem and cuffs. Machine washable.

More from the collection here

Just Hype More details at Just Hype
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  1. Avatar
    Not surprised no one bought it at 64.99
  2. Avatar
    Despite being weird, Hype stuff is absolutely terrible quality fyi. Cheap for a reason - it doesn't last long. I.e Tokyo laundry type junk.
  3. Avatar
  4. Avatar
    Your Brain must be seriously FRIED to be wearing this!
    You too CHICKEN to wear it?!
  5. Avatar
    I never knew how much I needed this
  6. Avatar
    Is that £17.99 a week or month, deposited into your bank account as payment for wearing it?

  7. Avatar
    Put this on, walk behind the counter and help yourself to free food lol
  8. Avatar
    Pwaaask pwwaaaak
  9. Avatar
    I thought April 1st has really come early... Not even a homeless person would where this ....
    Idc what anyone says I’m wearing this.
  10. Avatar
    3xl is the biggest size , I thought it would be 7xl for this
  11. Avatar
    They should b giving it for free as marketing purposes. Still i wont wear unless they pay me by hourly rate
  12. Avatar
    Aren't these the jackets potential burglars use in order to convince vulnerable people they're delivering takeaway food in order to gain access to property??
    I mean you could put hardhat and a highviz on and do the same (edited)
  13. Avatar
    48847050-leubA.jpgbankman-fried chicken. Is this his fate after FTX?
    Wow that hair cut
  14. Avatar
    Get one for free by taking on a part time role at KFC, do 1 shift and forget to bring the uniform back.
  15. Avatar
    Not a surprise 3xl is the only size sold out
    Think I took the last one, sorry 🍗
  16. Avatar
    I think it's safe to say that if you wear this, you may require help.
  17. Avatar
    I’ve ordered this but I have no idea why. I hate this website.
  18. Avatar

  19. Avatar
    I'd rather buy a 6 piece variety bucket
  20. Avatar
    Why the hell would anyone want a jacket with KFC logo. It isn't exactly the height of fashion or nice chips for that matter.
  21. Avatar
    Too chicken to wear one - bit like those Lidl sweaters that even charity shops don't want
  22. Avatar
    Thanks OP

    I've been waiting on the price dropping on this for a while now
  23. Avatar
  24. Avatar
    Thanks OP. Exactly what I needed
  25. Avatar
    Still got my GPO donkey jacket from the 70’s that closely matches the ones worn in SCUM with Ray Winstone (std goverment issue) and it still fits me.
    This feckin tool!
  26. Avatar
    Even the guy modelling it is wearing a wig to try and disguise himself…. And he was getting paid
  27. Avatar
    Is this a joke? 
  28. Avatar
    "Excuse me do you work here?"
    "No.. I just wear the uniform for fun"
    "Wow! no need to be sarcastic"
    "I'm not"
  29. Avatar
    Love ridiculous things like this. Just spent £40 on 5 KFC bags. Thanks

    Btw 15% off with BLC, if you're spending more than £45 you get free shipping anyway (edited)
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  31. Avatar
    And I thought wearing pepsi t-shirts were mad... (edited)
  32. Avatar
    Would look great with a pair of Greggs trackies..

    I used to work with someone known as KFC, Kung Fu Chris - true story!
  33. Avatar
    Not even if they gave me the clothing for free, and paid me to wear it.
  34. Avatar
    Dunno whats funnier, the kfc gear or that boys syrup (edited)
  35. Avatar
    Who remembers the KFC Xbox couple of years back(lol)
  36. Avatar
    wear a coat and trick people into thinking you have a rubbish job at the same time. is that a win?
  37. Avatar
    Anyone actually buying this?? I wanna see proof!
    48934469-c4d8t.jpgMeant to be a Christmas present
  38. Avatar
  39. Avatar
    Never ever