Hyper Tough Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vac at Asda

Hyper Tough Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vac at Asda

Found 25th Apr 2017
Hyper Tough Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Vac £19 at Asda rrp £38 half price
Think is National as seen on other forum - Robinh112 bought it today.

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Are these any good at all? Been tempted by a refurbished Karcher before, but even if this does half as well then it'd be a bargain.
I can't seem to find this online, wish I had an asda near by.
can I get the link for the 19 pound refurbished?
Which asda was this one found at??
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Asda Morley but bought last one of the shelf

Asda Morley but bought last one of the shelf

I've just tried there haha! I'm gutted.
Very good got one from Asda Broadstairs £19 can`t go wrong.
Just picked one up from Fratton Asda,they had one more left on the shelf, none in Havant though voted hot:)
Just bought one this morning, if wet side works as good as the dry vacuum then we have got one hell of a bargain.
wat attachments does it come with does it have the soaper to clean upholstry
Can u please tell me where I can purchase bags for these wet and dry vaccuum
Do they clean carpets xx
How do you get replacement bags?
HYPER TOUGH 30L STAINLESS STEEL WET/DRY VAC from ASDA (replacement vacuum bags).
You CAN NOT buy replacement bags for this product. ASDA, WAL-MART, ONLINE or my local vacuum bags store....DOES NOT SUPPLY, nor does either of them know where to send you. ASDA themselves WILL NOT/CAN NOT supply their suppliers details for the Manufacturer. Its a buy, use and bin it product! Thats wht they're so cheap! STEER CLEAR!!!!!!
Having bought one of these I have rang Asda no spares available including bag filter. Asda are not telling the whole story. Take a look at the Stanley 8 gal wet and dry vac supplied by Walmart Asda's parent company and the bags they supply for it. Looks pretty much identical to me apart from the colour. Asda are clearly not prepared to ship a supply of them over. Maybe if enough people bugged them they might consider it. I find it hard to believe it is legal to sell an item such a vacuum cleaner without supplying the bag filters for it. I found out it was a Stanley by using the filter part number19-3100N on google. The vac unit seems great for the £38 I paid for it, £19 would have been amazing!! Shipping filters over from America could prove expensive though!!
There good just can't find Hoover bags for it
Yeah I having exactly the same problem. How stupid is it that they sell a good Hoover which u have to use bags for hoovering dry stuff up but they don' do new bags for it..really has annoyed me n I feel I've wasted money on it
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