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Refurb Panasonic Bluray Player £32.95 delivered @ hyperfi
Found 6th Dec 2015Found 6th Dec 2015
Panasonic Bluray Player 2D Bluray DVD Upscaling to 1080p DNLA Panasonic Grade B - Limited Warranty Sale Item - Limited Availability

My stitches hurt when I laugh, stop it you pair!


anyone know what model number it is?


Tis bluray not spelt proper my boy.


Daddy, what's Blueray?

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Denon DM39DAB refurbished £142.85 delivered Hyperfi
Found 18th Mar 2015Found 18th Mar 2015
Denon DM39DAB Micro System Silver B-Stock Introducing the new Denon D-M39DAB, their latest CD/DAB System boasting serious Hi-Fi quality sound in a compact body. Key Features Ne… Read more

Bluetooth can be added with a £4 adaptor to any stereo... Certainly wouldn't be a deal breaker for me.


What!!! no bluetooth, wow not good for me


Not sure why this is getting cold votes, it looks a very good price for a great bit of kit. I've got the previous model and don't regret getting rid of my separates. What hi-fi review here


£129.99 plus £12.86 P&P...... = £142.85


Ice!!!! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Denon-DM39DAB-Micro-DAB-CD-FM-System-Silver-DM-39DAB-/231408248973?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item35e101a88d check befor you post `deals`

40" Sony Bravia TV Full 1080p HD only £149.99 at Hyperfi
Found 19th Feb 2015Found 19th Feb 2015
Doesn't have many specs on the website but it is 1080p HD. Although it is in-store only and the store is in Romford Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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I think you press the i+ instead.


no it's not


Just get a tv, stop crying about which one! lol if its a big deal go on a forum and ask people


I'd love to let this go but its really got me. Are we comparing this TV? http://www.richersounds.com/product/tv---all/blaupunkt/40-233i/blau-40-233 If so, where does it say its 4k or 5k


Can you refer to where I said otherwise? You were originally comparing the Black Friday sets. Now you are comparing a deal that I've never commented on, and was posted after my initial opinion on a cheap Sony TV. I was going for more of this angle http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/11266978/Black-Friday-shoppers-struggle-to-sell-TVs-on-eBay.html So that's twice you've taken my opinion out of context. Each to their own and all that

Panasonic 32" TV £99 instore at HyperFi
Found 5th Feb 2015Found 5th Feb 2015
At hyperfi loads of sales, this tv is only 99pound, Sony bravia 40" its £149.99 Panasonic 50" £199.99 Great saving! HD READY ONLY - NOT FULL HD - djbenny1
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Well you do have what's widely considered to be the best telly ever made so finding anything to beat it is gonna be hard work! I've had a couple of good deals out of Hyper Fi over the years but will echo what others have said that it's almost criminal they are still in business. They've been advertising bargain items in hifi magazines, that they don't have and can't get, for as long as I can remember.


Some Vestels are made by Fisher Price, and some Fisher Prices are made by JML Direct, and some JML Directs are made by... umm... nope, I can't think of a company on a lower rung of the tech ladder. Oh, wait, those clowns making the microforce shaver that can "even shave under water" but you can't buy in the shops. Futuristic-tastic!


...and now, heat taken away.


These guys have been at it for 20+ years with extra good items which don't exist.


Panasonic are like Hitachi and Toshiba are now, they are just cheap and cheerful.

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Marantz M-CR610 Melody Media CD Receiver with Streaming, Airplay and DAB+ B-Stock - Black (£369.99 + £12.86 delivery) @ hyperfi
Found 27th Nov 2014Found 27th Nov 2014
Won the What Hi Fi Awards in 2013 as Product Of The Year. Retail at £499. Cheapest I have seen elsewhere is £449. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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To use a phone to tell it to play music off a multimedia server on the network.


B Spec Product is a bit worrying.


For Airplay.


Can someone explain why would you want to connect this to a computer network? The 'Ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi'. Many thanks.


429 open box exceptional-av.co.uk in a1 condition if a gift for someone.

hyperfi.co.uk Black Friday Sale
Found 27th Nov 2014Found 27th Nov 2014
Just seen this advertised in todays Metro newspaper, seem good prices if your after a cheap TV assuming they have stock, £149.99 for a 32inch Bravia Led is a steal in my opinion , … Read more
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Read some reviews on this company...


says on their website they ship via parcel force?


Wish i lived closer :( http://www.hyperfi.co.uk/sony-bravia-p-2513.html

Panasonic SC-BTT190 1000W 5.1 Smart 3D Blu-ray Home Cinema System SCBTT190 - £149.99  @ HyperFi
Found 9th Feb 2014Found 9th Feb 2014
FULL HD 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Home Cinema System 3D Surround Effect Pure Brilliant Sound Explore Online Entertainment Smart home networking Shared Via The HUKD App For Android. re… Read more

It isn't all about volume guys, it's clarity, sound quality. If that's all you care about then, this will suit you fine


Hot, all in one 5.1 systems are a good cheap way to play music loud. I still have an old ministry of sound 350w system that I got from argos 11 years ago, and apart from having afew broken clips on the speakers, meaning I have to wedge the cable in with cardboard or something, it still plays my mp3s from my PC pretty well.


I've gone the other way :) started off years ago with a silver Panasonic 'all in one', made the step up to seperates my last being a Yamaha 6 series avr with MA bx2 5.1 and now back to a panasonic 'all in one'. the Yam/MA sounded fantastic and maybe slightly overkill for my 12'x14' lounge but just decided one day it was too much for what i needed (tv and film). For the last year ive been using the Panasonic 590 bluray 'all in one' system and can honestly say its all i need in my front room and can certainly punch above its weight with tv,gaming and film. Music does suffer on louder than normal volumes but i would like to think most people who would buy one of these dont have music in mind


Not sure what a none proper AV is.


I use to have an all in one once think a Panasonic SA-HT500 Now have a Denon AVR-1910 and it really is proper AV won't ever go back to one though this might be handy to have in a bedroom. Also have a NAD C370 for stereo and even that is not 1000 watts.

Sony 40" Full HD 1080 LCD Smart Bravia TV for £249.99 @ hyperfi
Found 15th May 2013Found 15th May 2013
Good deal... More info about TV - > http://www.sony.co.uk/product/tv-102-40-lcd/kdl-40w5810#tab Ex-Display Model - oceanic

This makes absolutely no sense.


Hot deal!


BRAVIA got terrible resolution, but good deal though


Oh, wait, you're gonna tell me it's a somewhat exotic brand whose main appeal is that it ISN'T made in Japan, like Bang&Olufsen, right? Or Loewe? I suppose that familiarity usually breeds contempt, but top-end Sonys have pretty much always been just great TVs, lack of patriotism notwithstanding.


Is that true? What do the Japanese consider a good brand for TVs? I'm quite intrigued.

Sony 55" Bravia Smart LED 3D TV for £799.99 @ hyperfi
Found 25th Apr 2013Found 25th Apr 2013
in store warehouse clearance Sony 55" Bravia Smart LED 3D TV You wont be disapointed with the performance of this TV. The 55" LED Screen provides a crisp and beautiful picture wit… Read more
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Just an update gcmarcal - sound quality seems to have improved as it's bedded in. It's still miles and away better with a HQ source like DD / DTS but it's still quite passable with stereo tv (which it outputs as DPL II). This all said I don't think I'd pay £50 for it as that's bordering into cheap soundbar territory but for £30 delivered i'm more than happy. Even last weeks other half remarked how nice it looked.




Mine arrived Monday, finally wired it up and yes it works fine with my Sony LCD - connects via the ARC enabled hdmi socket so I'd presume would work with any brand that supports ARC standard. Modding it to remove the tv bracket took all of two minutes and a philips screwdriver which i'm quite pleased about, it fis perfectly under my tv, as mine is only a 40" the soundbar is much wider but luckily is almost the exact width of my tv cabinet so doesn't look out of place. This is the only part I removed : If anyone wants a pic of the unit sans bracket please shout up. Sound wise my early thoughts are mixed. It certainly provides much more bass than the tv speakers (I have the 40ex503 I think) but like the odd comment elsewhere it does seem a little 'tinny' - which given the 2.1 setup is odd. I've yet to play a blu ray but the sound from the PS3 in game is much improved so early deduction is it isn't great with plain low bitrate stereo - I finish work this morning and after a little kip will try a blu ray or 2 as well as some standard tv. Hopefully a few hours of use will loosen the cones up a bit although the fact it sounds ok with the ps3 doesn't bode well. I'd be immensely hacked off if I paid anything like the rrp for this, even at £100 which is was on top of the tv at one point, but for under £30 it's alright - if tv stereo doesn't improve i'm not overly fussed - I don't watch much tv anyway.


Superb TV from Sony, however it has now become pretty dated. The user interfacing, image processing and quality of their current models have improved hugely. I have a 46" model which I paid £1500 for 2 years back (with 5 year warranty and bluray player & films). Personally I think a suitable price for this older tech TV would be arround the £599 area.


Sorry, I mean another sony models other than the above ( monolith design)

Samsung UE55D8000 - £1399.99 @ Hyperfi (Display Model)
Found 8th Aug 2012Found 8th Aug 2012
As the newer models are out (UE55ES8000) I thought I'd check how this bad boy TV had dropped in price. Most places are £1600+ but Hyperfi had it for £1400. This is a very good pric… Read more

A second hand one would quite likely have had lower usage. Ought to be 50% off at very least, unless you can check the usage timer and find otherwise - assuming this TV has a hidden engineer/service menu.


Ex display. Good as second hand. Wouldn't pay more than just over a grand. Some poor sucker will probably fall for these con men.


£1400 for a display model, no thanks


I've got the 46" model and that's awesome in game mode (with CoD)


At least the contrast, brightness and colour settings would have been set to full for that *wow! punchy image* look, which would probably look good in a shop, but would burn your eyes out at home,

sony blu-ray player @ £49.99 at hyperfi
Found 12th Apr 2012Found 12th Apr 2012
Sony Blu-ray BDPS560 Full HD 1080. seems like a good deal but available only at store.

how big is that thing??? it looks like an old vcr player its huge!!!!!!


Sale Item - Open Box - Limited Accessories- Collection Only No Reservations - Limited Stock??? Thanks but no thanks. Limited Accessories? Is there a remote. Not online either.

Onkyo TX-SR608 Reciever £249 @ Hyperfi
Found 24th Feb 2012Found 24th Feb 2012
Excellent receiver at a knock down price.

i before e except after c.... Luvly stuff.


"Onkyo Refurbished B-Stock " jut so you know, but that wouldn't stop me


Great brand i love it !!


good honest brand


I paid £200 for mine 6mths ago... DSG clearance outlet in chesterfield. A great AVR though and a huge step up from the 606 mine replaced. If you don't really need the Ethernet connector the 609 adds then it's a bargain compared to the 609.

Panasonic TX-P50VT30 Full HD Neo PDP Plasma 3D 600Hz Freeview HD Freesat HD Viera Cast USB HDD (refurb) £999 @ HyperFi
Found 13th Jan 2012Found 13th Jan 2012
Specification: • 50 " Diagonal Screen Size • 127 cm Visible Diagonal Screen Size • 3D TV • 16:9 Aspect Ratio • Infinite Black Pro (5,000,000:1 Native) Contrast Ratio • Wide Viewin… Read more
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you sure their built in japan ? i though it was czech republic ?


Yeah i did get JL to pricematch hyperfi the rule is that as long as they have at least one shop then they can.They didnt read the bit about being a refurb tv though but unless you try you will never know as they never even heard of hyperfi before.I just wouldnt try this in the nottingham JL branch as they probably clocked onto it now.


As far as I can tell Panasonic are the only ones still pushing them, probably because the first letter of Plasma matches the first letter of their company name. Plasma TVs are illegal to import or build in California


that is the 2012 model not even released yet Tx-P50ST50 will be interesting


And they have been doing it for years. I complained to the ASA about their dodgy adverts and had an adjudication upheld

Denon TU-201 Stereo Tuner TU201 for @ HIPERFY  for £10 (collection only)
Found 29th Dec 2011Found 29th Dec 2011
Denon TU-201 Stereo Tuner 40 Station Preset Memory Multiple Timer Functions RDS (Radio Data System) Automatic/Manual Tuning Actual Colour: Silver Features: • On Screen… Read more

Don't delete this thread! I'm intrigued to see if anyone actually gets one of these or just ends wasting their time as I did so many times with Hyperfi in the past!


Aparently hotmail blocks your account if they detect your email account has been hijacked and is sending emails to your contact list, the only way to reactivate is sending a code to your alternative email address, (set in 2002 and completely obsolete) so that's it, 10 years of emails gone. I would advice to keep up to date your account security, well that's what I do, now.


Oh please, don't delete this post. I can't believe this! Why should I spend hours trying to recover an account that had no activity at all and was linked to a email account that has been blocked?. I have been using hukd as an observer so I know how it works, that explains there is nothing suspicious with posting a deal 5 minutes after my membership but some bored people see this as they have cracked down a secret code or something.


Don't you see that you're diverting the matter of this post. The whole point of this is that you can buy a Denon radio for a tenner to be used as you like. The problems I had with my previous HUKD account (which never was used in first place) doesn't relate to you at all, this post is informative and then again I'm letting everyone know that there is deal in Hiperfi, that's it!, I'm not an employer of this company, not interested in helping Hiperfi to make a profit and I don't even know where it is.


I remember looking at this more than 7 or 8 years ago...... Never thought they were still around... Remember seeing them on fleebay for a far cheaper price.

Sony BDPS350 Bluray Player (Sony UK Refurbished Stock - 12 Months Warranty) £49.99 @ Hyperfi
Found 16th Dec 2011Found 16th Dec 2011
Found this in today's metro. BDP-S350 Blu-ray Disc Player features BD-Live compatibility, quick startup mode, built-in Dolby TrueHD, remote control and full 1080/24p True Cinema p… Read more

btw...i paid £50 for mine over 3yrs ago in Currys clearance when the BDP-S360 was launched.... Voted Cold I'm afraid.


I have used hyperFi in the past and had no problems. cant comment on player though but does look a good price.


This is an ancient blu ray player - it has been discontinued for at least 2 years. You will find it monumentally slow in loading content from a disc. Uridium is right in everything said. I have a BDPS370 which is 2 years old, and it's 2 models after this one. Not worth the money.


i have this , although a very good player , use the money towards a higher spec/feature model


There are far better players around in this price range now...Deals for the BDP-S370/380/480 around this price all the time. This is a very early Sony BDP and very low on features compared to newer players. I still use one almost daily and yes the picture quality is great but it has No Streaming, No USB Playback, No Web TV/Catchup features and is quite slow to load discs... Don't be confused into thinking you can play anything other than Optical discs in it by it having Ethernet and USB ports....they are there for network updates and BDLive only. I also have a BDP-S373 (same as 370 but with backlit remote) and it's 4x the player the S350 is. that said the S350 does upscale very nicely and is very quiet so not all bad. Personally I wouldn't pay more than £30 for one....

Panasonic TXP50GT30 latest award winnning tv  £1049.99 @ hyperfi
Found 13th Dec 2011Found 13th Dec 2011
This is the lowest price that i have seen this award winning tv for, £999.99 plus £50 shipping. review here:http://www.whathifi.com/review/panasonic-tx-p50gt30

currys hav a deal for 50 inch 3D, smart tv was £1299 now £799


What is your TV recommendation of choice (all opinions graciously received)


Which TV winner 2011 is the GT30 i believe, whos tests i assume are more reliable than yours. £1199 at amazon with free player & 2 glasses & free delivery.


£50 Shipping? Does it come on a horse drawn carriage?


Had a Panasonic 46 Inch VT20, Previous Neo Plasma - Higher Model. - Transformer Buzz is a lot more Audible than other make Plasmas - Like all Neo Plasma's, it has 3 Cooling Fans (Extra Noise and a moving part that may go wrong in the future) - Blacks are good, however the whole picture is Rising out of Black and the images are not very Natural. - Even though mine was 2.1 sound, the sound again was not good on vocals compared to LG. Just my Opinion from a previous Neo Plasma.