Hyperkin SmartBoy Handheld Console for Android Devices - £23.99 delivered @ 365 Games / Shop4world

Hyperkin SmartBoy Handheld Console for Android Devices - £23.99 delivered @ 365 Games / Shop4world

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Found 19th Dec 2018
Decent price atm, dropped on 365Games and sister site Shop4world - no codes needed / flash sale

also get £1.20 back in player points on 365 Games (hit get deal)

A little background on the SmartBoy, it was actually an April Fool’s joke last year and we leaked it out on reddit. Our internal bet between co-workers was that if it hits 10,000 shares on social media, we will make it into a real product. However, it hit 1 million shares in a few days and it shows that there is a demand. A few months after, we featured a proto type at E3 2016 and a media outlet called Circuit Breaker released a video featuring our product. Today, it has been shared half a million times and has been viewed 33 million times just on one account on Facebook.


Samsung took notice and fast forward today, we signed a licensing deal with Samsung and The Smart Boy will be marketed as an accessory for the brand new Samsung S8, compatible with most Android phones and other downloadable games. Btw, you can play your original Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color cartridges on this device. There are more than 100 million working cartridges still in circulation until today.


  • Compatible with NTSC/PAL cartridges
  • Plays GB and GBC cartridges
  • Classic-style tactile button set
  • Designed for current-gen Samsung devices
  • Phone Size: 5.2 - 6 inches
  • Upscales to phone’s resolution
  • USB Type-C port
  • Does not require batteries
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Omg. Learn something new everyday
That is actually pretty cool.
would rather by a souljagame they're supreme
this only works with a cart installed right even though it downloads the game and runs on an emulator? Don't suppose it can be used just as a controller?
Edited by: "IamChris" 19th Dec 2018
I would rather stick with my GBA SP as it plays the games from the cart natively and not via a dumped ROM and emulation but I guess this is cheap.
Website has failed 2 separate card payments which both have funds available
Ive still got my old game boy colour
sd1321 m ago

Ive still got my old game boy colour

Have a charmander cookie. :-). I miss my old pikachu gbc
Edited by: "lgittings246" 19th Dec 2018
I've had one of these since just before general release, they are good, but I use a Sony Xperia XZ Premium, which does have the suitable USB-C slot, but as the camera button on the side of the phone gets in the way, it does spoil the experience a bit.

But if you've got a USB-C connection on the bottom of your phone and a collection of legitimate Game Boy/Game Boy Color cartridges, go for this.
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