Posted 2 January 2023

Hyperoptic 1GB £30pm / 24m + £9 activation fee + Total Wi-Fi Mesh system + £78 TCB = £729 (£27.12pm effective cost) @ Hyperoptic

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About this deal

A good price for a good broadband
if its available in your area.
Also offering Free Total Wi-Fi mesh system -

go via Topcashback to get £78.75 cashback.
Hyperoptic More details at Hyperoptic

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    I have been with them for a number of years. But the loyalty by the customer means nothing!! They do great deals now and again to new customers, but once you are in a contract! Fcuked. They treat new customers like Kings, but once you are in you are in, Forget trying to get a better deal period!!!!!
    The secret is to cancel and then buy it again or call them and say you want to cancel but become a new client using your wife or a relative. This is the only way to be able to get their deals. It’s a total shame. I made several bad reviews in Trustpilot about that situation.
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    Is this cold due to price or bad reviews?
    I went from BT Fibre 1 £20 (discounted) at roughly 40mbs to Hyperoptic at £30 for 10 times the speed.
    Couldn't be happier.
    It’s probably just because they had better deals before.
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    Honestly, i will be dead by the time they get around to my area
    Move house then...
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    Wi-Fi Mess system
    sharp eyes
    Updated now
    Thank you
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    When I click OPs link it gives me the offer but asks to check availability, when I put my post code it says that it's available at my address but reverts back to full price 🫤 (edited)
    Are you checking for a 24m contract?

    else Try chatting with the livechat and see if they can do something. In my case they had matched the low offer price I was seeing. (edited)