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Posted 26 July 2022

Hyperoptic 500Mb - £27pm OR 1Gb - £35pm , 24 month, ZERO activation fee & £100 Amazon voucher via Vouchercodes from £720 @ Hyperoptic

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

you can claim £100 voucher here

so after £100 amazon voucher - 1GB broadband will cost you £30.83pm / 24m
and 500mb will be £22.83pm - that's really good price


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    Hardly a HOT UK deal Hyperoptic only cover a very small area
    I quite often get messages to say they are available in my city\area. Yet whenever I go on their website and input the postcode I get the message saying something like "sorry you won't be seeing us any time soon". Also invited me to register my personal details for future updates whilst trying to sell me the more basic sub 100mb service. No thanks, comes across as much as a data harvesting thing as much as anything!!! (edited)
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    Have 1GB service (actually 900mb). Works great no complaints. It’s actually as fast up as down.
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    anyone knows if there is a break clause in 2 year contract? or no way to break it early

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    No that’s a myth. Some companies provide that as a favour but most companies make you pay even if they don’t offer service at your new location. (edited)
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    iPlayer would still buffer
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    Been with them since 2014 perfect service and support.
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    Is it literally a few houses in Notting Hill that can get this or am I looking at the map wrong?
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    Had the 1Gb service in Leamington Spa, never had any issues and was full symmetric 900/900 Mbps.

    I had to pay £5 extra a month to get a static IP, as Hyperoptic otherwise use carrier-grade NAT so port-forwarding won't work (can't access services running on your network over the Internet).
    Could you not use a dns instead?
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    I've got Hyperoptic in Wirral, 150Mbps (runs about 170Mbps down/230Mbps up!!) and it was a deal via HUKD, £12.50 per month over 24 months.

    So definitely available in more areas than just Notting Hill/London.
    Yeah, I had it in Liverpool years ago. Looks like an error with their coverage map.
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    This is not a deal, this should be a community post at best lol. They literally cover a few streets, have a look at the coverage map:

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    I have the 1 Gig service in Birmingham and love it. Highly recommended. Going to lose it when I move to Nottingham later in the year and am gutted that I will have to move to Virgin for a lesser service at higher cost. 😣
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    The UK's hyperfast broadband. UK = a few London boroughs.
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    I think this is so mean, its like, look you dregs.. we got this amazing broadband, with amazing speeds, amazing price... you want it? sorry, you cant have it
    And like a moth to a flame, I go onto their site every time to put my postcode in to get the "sorry, you wish" message, ending in "psyche" and I walk away with a heavy heart.

    Oh well, I am hopeful and I have a dream. That one day I will get a broadband not based on my postcode but the contents of my needs. Yes that day will come, where we will all have an equal opportunity to have the best speed broadbands with reasonable prices.
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    I share your pain and can't get it in my area either. Still a great offer and really useful post for anyone who can
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    I got this no bother, they are installing it in pretty much all new build developments. If you want it your older homes the only way would be for them to dig up all the roads and footpaths in every street like NTL did in the 90s and many neighborhoods still show the scars of that.
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    Great for the 7 people that can get it.