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Fastest broadband for £22 a month. 150mb for 12 months Term = £266 @ Hyperoptic
02/12/2018Expires on 02/12/2018Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Hyperoptic are new players to the broadband. They offer very high speed broadband. Areas which they offer Thier service is limited but you can lodge interest & hopefully if you… Read more
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A really big map and the smallest midge you can find, as even when you look at it they are only doing big apartment blocks https://www.hyperoptic.com/map/ hence why you would already know about wether you can get it before you would bother.


I'm aware availability is an issue but hoping if enough people tick the email to show interest then they could wide n availability. I for one think all the major providers take customers for granted with lousy service. We need a new player to shake things up


Bit like my line then. Even after a lightning strike open reach said a new line is required but no isp including bt would accept it. Luckily virgin turned up a few weeks later


but what scale is that map?


May as well be free.

Black Friday Sale at Hyperoptic NOW LIVE - 30mb Fibre Broadband for £15pm with ZERO install or activation fees using code @ Hyperoptic
Refreshed 15th NovRefreshed 15th Nov05/12/2018Expires on 05/12/2018
Just got the word that starting from tomorrow, 15th November, Hyperoptic are slashing their fibre offers to their lowest ever price. Their 30mb package will be on sale for just £1… Read more

Not available anywhere, meant to be the best in terms of speed and reliability just isn’t available anywhere


Amazing but can't get


I've put in my notice for leaving them last month in anticipation as i my contract ended, the girlfriend is signing up as new customer.


They won’t give me the black friday deal for renewal. Just the normal renewal rate.


The best broadband

hyperoptic 150mb Fastest internet for £26 x 12mths + £40 activation fee  (**No referrals)
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
Hyperoptic are a relatively new player in the internet provider. They are the first providers to offer mega powerful internet speed of 1GB. That costs £48 a month but don't really … Read more
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There needs to be serious competition - I have been with VM since the NTL dial up days, 1p a minute - remember that lol... Barstewards kept increasing the price by a few pounds every few times a year, very clever strategy, now my £15 a month contract (that I re-signed up for a few years ago) is now £57 bloomin quid, no tv, just broadband and have to pay to maintain THEIR landline infrastructure because its more expensive without landline (what a con to get around the rules), I dont need 150mbps at these silly prices, much rather £21 and a stable connection. This looks interesting though, much rather support new players if their connection is reliable. VM grown too big and have a monopoly on BB with the old Telewest and NTL customer base. CMA should get involved and kick start some competition


Pretty much! Pretty pointless with their slow rollout BS plan they are doing at the moment. Would sign up for the his in an instant if their availability was better :(


I think you miss my point entirely. you may be willing to pay £48 for 1 gig internet wherever it is you are but clearly no one else is. The proof is in the pudding right? if people were happy to pay that price companies like this would be offering these services all over the country but thats not the case because there isnt the demand. Internet prices are the same UK wide but the service isnt due to intrastructure and I cant see that changing any time soon. basically move to somewhere better connected if thats what you want :)


What are you talking about? internet prices are the same everywhere in the UK, same price for all customers, I'm willing to pay £48 for 1gb speed a month even thought that's a bit out of my price range as a single adult These prices are cheaper than any deals I see from places in Blackpool, I'll happily pay £18 for 30mb and £26 for 150mb, no ISP comes close to that deal, even if they didn't add expensive 1gb internet if they just added standard fibre for those prices I'll choose it over other ISPS


i dont agree because although not knowing the full extent of eastern european internet connections I would say maybe only 2 or 3 major cities in places like latvia and romania have internet connections. if you took only london, manchester and birmingham the uk "average" would be much higher but the internet in the UK serves places so rural their internet is slower than my 4g on my phone so I dont think your average is a fair one. I would say over 50% of homes in latvia and romania dont have internet, in the UK its got to be less than 5%? and as for generalising - as eraldo said its true. people in smaller cities and villages wouldnt be willing to pay £30+ a month for internet, the cost of living there is lower so everything else is lower thus £30 is actually quite alot of money for people in cities like grimsby and blackpool, hyperoptic would never sell there. in london, manchester and the larger cities it makes sense, more people with more disposable income = more profit for them. unfortunately its times like this when the "everything is cheaper up north" statement is actually a negative for people living in those places as companies dont want to waste money investing in places they wont make a profit.

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£16pm Unlimited Fibre Broadband ( 30Mb - ZERO Setup / Cancel Fees - 12 Month Contract) using code @ Hyperoptic
Found 11th SepFound 11th Sep
Brilliant price if you are looking for just Fibre at a low price, with no set up fee or cancellation fees, should your circumstances change. This was originally advertised as a stu… Read more

Not available in my area


i had a cancel anytime plan too, just cancelled as i am moving and was charged £20 for each month left of the first 12 months...


Oh god that is hot. Soon, soon.


wired connection is still better, its faster and much more reliable. Give me ethernet over wireless any day.


Just signed up with sky getting 60mb ish average (for free as I now pay the same as I did for broadband) or I'd of gone for this seems pretty cheap. Get my sky tv phone and fibre for £28 a month so I'm happy with that but good to know there's competition out there for virgin and sky etc

Hyperoptic Summer Sale - 150Mb Fibre £23 per month (12 month contract - FREE Installation and Activation) *NOW LIVE*
Refreshed 3rd SepRefreshed 3rd Sep
Update: Offer now extended until 17th October! :) Hyperoptic are back with some great offers, with the best offer of the bunch being the 150mb Fibre service for just £23 a month … Read more

Not in Birmingham either.


Super-selective really - cant get it at my place in London either :( The search continues....


Lol no - im central and i cant get it. Their expansion policy essentially depends on if you own the building or not. This makes this deal absolutley terrible. Around 99.9% of people wont be able to get this as they wont be in a major city owning their own building.


Just wish VM would sort out thier crappy Upload


Just one block of flats near me can get this! Useless (annoyed)

Hyperoptic - 30MB broadband no calls for £19/month (12 months contract) possible £17/month after vouncher possible Quidco/TCB - £216
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
This is with Hyperoptic so not national but check if you are affected by the price changes of BT. £19/month for broadband only, £17 after applying the voucher code. No setup fees, … Read more

They won't put hyperoptic in your old towerblock


Thanks, I will use this as my script 😁😁


Yes, it is. I really don't get why they don't make it match their other tiers and just be done with it. It's not like most people will be using much 99% of the time. I'm not really sure why they bother charging for installation normally either. £40 won't cover the costs and it only serves to put people off.


Yeah, similar renewal dance as other companies (ignore the rest if you're used to it): 1) phone up, say you want to renew; 2) they will offer you standard pricing eg .£38pm for 150mb, or try to push you to 1gbps; 3) you say "too expensive, i'm a loyal customer and expect to be rewarded for loyalty. You recently saw an offer for £24pm ("May sale") and that I want that deal". 4) They will come back with an offer, £25-£28 I think, based on today's deals. 5) If they don't budge, call back another day during work hours - I initially had a lady who wouldn't budge from £38, then called back the next day and got offered £25. Good luck, let us know how you do. 8)


Openreach are offering FTTPoD, where basically you pay an awful lot of money (thousands) to get fibre installed from your nearest cabinet to your house, replacing the copper last few hundred metres with fibre. I have yet to see an ISP offering this service because it only really makes sense for businesses but if it does make sense you get gigabit down, 220mbps up.

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30Mb Fibre £14 per month / 150Mb Fibre £24 per month in May Sale (12 month contract - No line rental required - Free install and activation) with code @ Hyperoptic
Refreshed 18th MayRefreshed 18th May
Hyperoptic seem to making big waves as a Fibre broadband provider recently, and their May sale is in my opinion, worth some attention. With three tiers of service on offer, there'… Read more

Did you get both cash back and referral credit?


Hi there, out of the curiosity how did you get the £50 credit?


Went from EE to Hyperoptic. And I'm soooo glad I did! Better internet speed and fantastic customer service. I'm on 150Mb plan paying £23.00 for internet and anytime calls for 12 months. I forgot to use Quidco cashback, because I ordered straight from live chat. But I qualified for the £50 credit. So, nothing to pay for the first 2 months. First photo is from EE (absolutely rubbish), and second is Hyperoptic. Both internet test using WiFi (not ethernet connection).


Not available in Stockport 😣 ended up staying with sky got fibre @ £18pm


Used them before I moved. Very good service not dropping even once. Speed is consistent as advertised. Reasonable price

1Gb broadband £10 p/m for 12 months - £120 @ Hyperoptic
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
Use promo code 1GB410 As usual with Hyperoptic, this is only available in select buildings. I saw the flyer in the building. They're doing 1Gb bandwidth for £10 per month, after wh… Read more

Ah okay so it shouldn't be too difficult of a fix! Also, the WAN page...is that on the settings page when you log into the router?


Same issue happened to me too. The engineer came, checked and fixed it. The RJ45 was incorrectly plugged in a switch just outside the flat. You'd think they test it when they connect you... They had no idea about the wan page haha, they only cared about the speed test to their data centre.


Have tried connecting straight to the port as well. An engineer is coming to check it all anyways but thought there may be something simple


LAN, via router. But, I noticed that the router was only connecting at 100Mb (easily spotted on the WAN status page) when the service was first enabled. It eventually reconnected at 1Gb. You can try connecting directly to their Ethernet socket instead for testing.


Is that over wifi or ethernet? I'm not getting anywhere close to those speeds on either and I just signed onto the 1Gbps packge.

1Gb Hyperoptic Broadband for £34 p/m (12 mth contract) £408
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Was checking out the New Year deals on Hyperoptic's website as my 12 month contract had just run out (along with the discounted introductory price) and called up ( 0333 332 1111 ) … Read more

"back to the 80's" is a metaphor. It's a figure of speech, if you seriously didn't understand.... I used to live in another country in Europe. 10 years ago a 1Gbps fiber-optic internet was standard stuff in most of the households. For £5-10/month. Without any stupid line rentals. Communication infrastructure is quite messed up here in UK. But that's not a surprise with 50 utility poles sticking out in every street and water pipes attached to outside walls :D :D :D


How fast was your internet in the 80's ? good effort


Thank you very very much gamblor, you just saved me £350 for 2018 Happy New Year to you :o 8) Edit: there doesn't seem to be any way for me to upvote your post, there's just a grey + in circle that doesn't click, sorry would like to give heat


I love this tread.


You make a good point. No, I'm just kidding. What on earth are you on about?

Free Router upgrade and package upgrade from 20Mb to 30Mb and 100Mb to 150Mb *Existing users* @ Hyperoptic
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
For exisisting users So hyperoptic just changed 2 of their packages from 20Mb to 30Mb and 100Mb to 150Mb. I was on 100Mb and called customer service and they happily upgraded to 15… Read more

I can tell you that the WiFi strength is definitely better than the old router


Well all tablets, mobile phones, computers, TVs, game consoles, Apple TVs, WiFi printers,,,, etc etc... so much grief !!


I don't (flirt)


Just upgraded from 20MB to 30MB as well - thanks OP, heat added


What did you program into it? (ninja)

Hyperoptic phone and broadband 150mb speed - £25pm = £300
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
Hyperoptic phone and broadband with 150mb speed for £25 with code BLACK17. 12 MONTH CONTRACT. goes up to £38 after the 12months.
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Its nowhere to be found. COLD


Hyperoptic only cover 350,000 premises at the moment so 2030 may be optimistic. Although we did hit a million houses in total with FTTP earlier this year: https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2017/09/ultrafast-fibre-optic-fttp-broadband-networks-cover-1-1-million-uk-premises.html


Better post here. Just add phone.


Well that's a bit fast isn't it!! Shame I live in the arse end of nowhere so won't see it til 2030 (y)

30Mb Fibre Broadband for £16pm, 150Mb for £24pm and 1Gb for £38pm @ Hyperoptic ** No referral offers / requests pls** Ends midnight
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
Cheaper and faster than the other Hyperoptic deal i posted.....use code BLACK17 for up to 20% off prices. Includes free installation. Bare in mind Hyperoptic are limited in the l… Read more
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There is different between fast fibre and ultra fast fibre. New technology comity ultra fast fibre like Google fibre


Topcashback of 42 quids too. I got these last week and I can say good service and network. They already have my block wired so engineer needed only an hr to get me online. And the appointment are generally available within a couple of days time unlike other mainstream providers who have wait time of 1-2 weeks. They are expanding and would definitely give others a run for their money.


Anyone able to tell me how to check if I have fibre to my property? 2 year old house. Current with virgin on 200Mbps.


Just register 10 addresses and numbers within close proximity and thank raise interest.


If only business was this simple! Do you companies think Sky and Virgin would just sit back and do nothing about it?

20Mb Fibre Broadband for £17pm, 100Mb for £26pm and 1Gb for £44pm
Found 23rd Oct 2017Found 23rd Oct 2017
Just received an extra 10% off full fibre broadband from Hyperoptics via post. Use code EXTRA10 for 10% off prices shown on their website. Also get free installation and free act… Read more
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I wouldn't bother. It was ages ago :)


Good point, the "a" was a typo, a rather well placed typo. I'll edit my comment now (if i can) to put the space in between the "a" and the "s".


Same here. It wasn't very clear.


Interesting read, thanks At least there's companies like hyperoptic who are trying, it's a shame we all can't get it


@loadsavmoney have a read of How Thatcher killed the UK's superfast broadband before it even existed Margaret Thatcher, decided that BT's rapid and extensive rollout of fibre optic broadband was anti-competitive and held a monopoly on a technology and service that no other telecom company could do.

Hyperoptic full fibre broadband 12 month discount - £192 for 20mb
Found 2nd Oct 2017Found 2nd Oct 2017
** Please DO NOT offer or request referrals ** Letter received today offering the following: 1gb up and down £40 / month (should be £60) 100mb up and down £22 / month (shoul… Read more

Oh I didn't know HyperOptic were PPPOE, never been with them before so figured they may not have a password. I could have opted for a BT open reach modem would do the job but I went for a netgear DM200 through amazon instead, which allows for username and password.


Ah I didn't know that it was through your account via online. Although that is in some ways even worse because this appears to everyone online at BT and chances are you aren't the only person to have been caught out.


I ordered BT Sports online through my account. As I said there was no mention of broadband contract being extended for another 12 months when ordering it. It could really screw some people over if they were near the end of the contract and couple of months after taking out BT sports they find out their broadband contract was automatically renewed. Very dodgy


Done some reading, may work bridged but can't replace router because can't enter login details.


I'm pretty sure you can. Why wouldn't you? I'm sure they had long before started integrating the modem into their routers, so its likely you can plug and play away. Though the Hub 6 is meant to be an upgrade.

Insanely fast 1Gb/s Hyperoptic internet £29/month for 9 months (£63 afterwards - 12 months = £450)
Found 18th Jul 2017Found 18th Jul 2017
Has it installed yesterday, getting 280Mb/s during peak times in compariaon to my old supplier (Relish) giving 2Mb/s at peak times. Free installation within 3 days of placing orde… Read more

Hi if anyone is interested in signing up you can get £50 credit in your account by clicking on "referred by a friend" in your application. PM me your name and email address for a referral email. Thanks! I am on the 100MB package and get 99-100MB on wired connection and 88MB on wifi.


Hi, found a leaflet at my building's interest with a new code: SAVE9 Good luck


can anyone confirm if this is now expired? I just tried the code and it doesn't work for me.


Just recently had it installed. Not getting even close to 1gb. It should be pointed out that wirelessly; you are only going to get 60-70mb max. But even wired, i was getting 20mb download speeds for the first couple of weeks and then 40-60mb for the past week. Nowhere near 1gb. I do get better upload than download speeds too. Support has not been great since I complained about the speeds either. 2 weeks and I've barely had a response. I really hope there is a fast and marked improvement on both counts; as my only positive experience so far was with the installation.


I had it in a flat in central Manchester, it's not that useful on HotUKDeals because HyperOptic will generally only install into apartment blocks and then only if there is registered interest from many tenants. We didn't have a BT fibre connection in the area and to get Hyper Optic installed took about a year. p.s. the 1GB up and download was pretty amazing

1GB Fiber broadband with phone £31 for 9 months the £63 a month (3 months minimum) free installation @ hyperoptic (12 months for £468)
Found 9th Nov 2016Found 9th Nov 2016
Enjoy a 9 MONTH DEAL on ultrafast fibre broadband. 13x faster than the fastest fibre from BT, Sky and TalkTalk. 12 month contract, and save for the first 9 months, making Hyperopt… Read more

Wish I could get this where I live.


Depends on how much you invest. If you're happy to throw down the money for gigabit internet access (or know enough to know why you'd want it) chances are you're using pretty up to date kit. 2 stream N grade wifi will push more than their 100mbit package can do. 3 stream AC comes close to using gigabit fully (I've seen 80MB/s using it, so maybe 30MB/s off?). Then there's gigabit ethernet for all of a fiver of cable ;D


Don't forget a bit of quidco. http://www.quidco.com/hyperoptic/


ultra fibre broadband optic from talk talk /sky 1000 speed pure fibre less than £22 a month line rental included


also their speeds as synchronous, so you get the same bandwidth on upload as well

1Gb fibreoptic broadband and phone £46 per month @ Hyperoptic
Found 16th Mar 2016Found 16th Mar 2016
Its a very niche product and its only available in certain areas (but the network is growing) it includes line rental, installation and connection and fibreoptic all the way to you… Read more

...and Hyperoptic haven't misplaced / lost / sold my personal data yet...


Do they serve the same area? If not thats a pointless comment


wasn't talkta weren't talktalk £5.00 a month plus line rental for UFO in York https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/do-live-york-fancy-1gbps-ultra-fibre-optic-broadband-for-21-70-a-month-including-2411105


​Gosh darnit - FTFY


Who uses the word 'jeeze'?........why don't you go for the full set and drop in 'aww shucks and 'gawd dammit'

Half price 100Mb Fibre Optic Broadband and Talk Evening & Weekends for 1 YEAR! @ Hyperoptic £12.00 and line rental £16.00 a month! (£336.00) ALSO £40 back from Quidco
Found 9th Jul 2015Found 9th Jul 2015
£12 a month for 12 months (+line rental at £16 a month) £22 a month afterwards (+line rental at £16 a month) Max Download Speed: 100Mb Max Upload Speed: 100Mb Contract Length: 12 m… Read more
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I am on 3.5mbit ADSL and it's odd as I can stream 1080p on that no problems.


The new conditions for 100 Mb are £30 a month (first 12 months, £35 a month afterwards plus £40 connection fee once). How come you are only paying £17?


You can stream live TV on it?


I'm on Hyperoptic's 100Mb broadband-only service (no line rental, £17 per month) - they've been absolutely superb. Connection is stable, get around 98Mb down AND up.


It is not TalkTalk.

Hyperoptic Fibre Broadband for £25pm
Found 19th Jan 2014Found 19th Jan 2014
Forget the false promises of lesser providers, glorious 1 Gig internet is here. Hyperoptic pipes the awesome power of fibre direct to your building, revolutionising the way we u… Read more
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cold only about 10 people in the UK or should i say london can get it. useless to all others


Cold because they only cover apartments blocks, mainly in London


*Typical setup fee £40 subject to a 12 month phone contract." not at all bad price wise, if they have to run fibre into your building, i would want to do it for that price... lets see if they can deliver ? of if its just smoke


Oh dear. That's not very good... But I suspect that most providers have some such clause (except sky maybe).


Also "*Typical setup fee £40 subject to a 12 month phone contract." Phone line is £12.50 add anytime UK calls £3. Best to read this guide also. https://www.hyperoptic.com/home-portlet/res/Guide_to_Charges_and_Fees_for_Residential_Customers.pdf