Hypnia King Size memory foam mattress 12in thick - Amazon

Hypnia King Size memory foam mattress 12in thick - Amazon

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Found 6th Dec 2012
Just ordered one for myself. Its 9 inch reflex foam with 3 inch memory foam on top. Seems a good price as the 10 inch is near on £200
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Kingsize also item: 120982214893 £178.95 (12") Ebay with 2 free MF pillows (& Cashback Quidco etc)
I am looking for a kingsize mattress as well but can't seem to decide.


Would appreciate if someone could appreciate on the mattress in the deal or on the ebay.

Voted hot anyway
I don't know if memory foam has changed in the last year or two but the last time that I looked you could not use an electric blanket as it messes up the foam's characteristics. Anyone care to comment from personal experience please?
I don't know RE the above question but I've found that you warm up much quicker on a memory foam mattress, presumably because it wraps around you. A negative side though I find is that you end up sinking into the centre of the mattress so if you're sharing your bed you'll end up colliding.
Mine should be here Monday. Ill snap some pics and put a little review up when it comes.
I bought a Hypnia Kingsize 10inch memory foam mattress in February this year. I've had no end of sleepful nights on it. It's very comfortable and warm.

My only warning to anyone buying one of these is... fitted sheets are hard to get hold of. I'm a guy and when I change the bed covers I like to be able to just slip it on all the way round with ease. I'm also on a budget being a single homeowner and I know I can't have it both ways. Places like Sainsburys, Homebase, BHS, Debenhams don't say what depth their bed sheets. I have to look out for offers at Dunelm Mill or keep a regular eye out at Home Sense or TK Maxx as these are the only places that do deep fitted sheets.

Having said this, if you don't mind using flat sheets you could always look for bargain super king size flat sheets and I imagine these will go over a 12inch deep mattress no problem.

As for cibarious' concern about use of electric blankets on memory foam mattresses... I find my mf mattress to be quite warm when I sleep on it, every night without fail. I'm never cold. I know everybody is different though.

Good deal though as I paid 185 for my king size 10inch so I'll add some heat.

PS the 10inch and 12inch mattresses both have 3inch memory layer.
For those interested heres some pics. haven't slept on it yet as im giving it 24 hours to air and fluff up before we use it

How it comes boxed

Box removed



After a few hours

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I have had one of these for a year now. Bought from livingsocial deals for under £200 including topper and 2 pillows. Takes a lot of getting used to, and a you certainly know every time your partner turns beside you. Each to their own - but I do prefer sprung mattresses...
Had my first nights sleep onit last night. Does feel strange at first sinking in to the mattress but got used to it pretty quick and had good nights sleep. Defiantly much warmer than my previous sprung mattress, which could be a problem in the summer but to be honest how much hot weather do we really get.

Didnt noticed any problems with my missus or myself moving around, was much worse with my old sprung one as it tended to dip wherever I was and my missus would roll towards me.

Overall im very pleased with it especially at the price.
I bought the same mattress about 2 months ago when it was on offer for £150. It is very comfortable and has been a great buy.
Excellent just ordered from amazon.
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