HYUNDAI HALOGEN HEATER 1200W ONLY £16.99 @ Poundstretcher

HYUNDAI HALOGEN HEATER 1200W ONLY £16.99 @ Poundstretcher

Found 8th Sep 2017

Winter is coming! So get inside, wrap up warm, and get snug with one
of our Hallogen Heaters by Hyundai.

With 3 different settings, high
thermal efficiency, and a safety tip over switch, this little electric
heater is a nifty gadget to keep you going through the colder seasons.

  • 3 heat settings (400w, 800w, 1200w)
  • Halogen tube heating with high thermal efficiency
  • Automatic oscillation radius of 70'
  • Safety tip over switch
  • Wide angle heat reflector
  • Weighs 1.8kg

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Not really a deal as it's always this price during autumn
Elements don't last very long on halogen heaters in my experience.
Usual price and not a lot of heat given out, really want at least a maximum of 2kW.
Ironically cold
Mine was like watching a candle slowly burn out as each element failed; we ended up taking it back to argos and getting half the money back.

Buy a ceramic heater instead, I've got one and its much better and isn't riddled with faults like this lump of crap.
Anyone see "Fake Britain" this week? If not and your looking to buy one of these or similar, then please watch it online prior.
Very scary.

Not saying these are fake, but please be very wary!
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