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Posted 18 July 2023

Hyundai i10 Hatchback 1.2 Advance 5dr with 5 year standard warranty

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Update 1
Price dropped to £14,788.00 as a new quote has been generated for this price.
Hyundai I10 Hatchback 1.2 Advance 5dr sports a number of great features and technical specs.

This includes a fuel economy of 52.3MPG combined and 120g/km CO2 emissions from the 4 cylinder, 1197 CC engine with a 5 speed gear box. This produces 84 BHP with a top speed of 106 MPH and a 0 to 62 time of 12.6 seconds.

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The Cheap Hyundai I10 Hatchback 1.0 Advance 5dr Auto sports a number of great features and technical specs.

This includes a fuel economy of MPG combined and g/km CO2 emissions from the 3 cylinder, 998 CC engine with a 5 speed gear box. This produces 67 BHP with a top speed of 97 MPH and a 0 to 62 time of 17.3 seconds. The car fits into insurance group .
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  1. BentoBox's avatar
    Great little car. But sadly 50% more expensive than they were 5 years ago ...
    Hypertensi0n's avatar
    We bought one on the scrappage scheme in 2009/2010. Cost us £5K!!!
  2. FatherChristmas's avatar
    It's a crappy inefficient gas guzzler!
    I'm so glad I ditched my oil burning sleigh for a hydrogen one. It's not even fuel cell so no battery needed.
    Rowan Atkinson wanted to take it for a spin so I told him to do one..
    He walked off with his tail between his legs but the jammy sod managed to test drive a hydrogen yaris. You can see it on YouTube.

    Burning fossil fuel is not the way to go.. There's twice as much carbon in the atmosphere than there's ever been in the past million years.
    woohoo1234's avatar
    Always wondered how you filled your time between each Christmas…
  3. komi's avatar
    Nice car, thos prices have shot up,

    N-line turbo was cheaper than this 6 months ago:

  4. wixxx's avatar
    I am planning to buy this model next year to replace my 2016 fiat panda [that was under £7000 then]. No way am I getting an electric car this decade.
    ibbster911's avatar
    I’d keep the panda than pay nearly £15k for this . We had two of the pandas new 2014 and then 2016 paying around 6-7 k as a second car they were fantastic and the engine was shared with ford build quality was great .
    Mrs swapped the 2016 panda after a couple of years got a nearly new corsa at around 7k . We are now keeping what we have got as it’s silly money to change . I’ve got a 2017 7 series I’ve had for 4 years I’d love to change but will end up paying double to get a 2020 model just not worth it . The dealers are fleecing everyone with around £5000 plus margins over trade
  5. smellyonion's avatar
    15k on this. Got to be nuts.
  6. eelvis's avatar
    Secondhand prices are just as crazy🤪
  7. wixxx's avatar
    I am just waiting to see what they will be doing with all the naff batteries and tyres and accident write offs from the next 5 year onwards with electric cars and the thought of sitting around whilst charging my car instead of a quick fill up does not encourage me and do not start me on the price of elec. cars and where to park and the big increase of charging cable theft that will take over from exhaust thefts and blah ,blah,blah....
    chris_p's avatar
  8. Dickz's avatar
    New car prices are nuts and used car prices still in a crazy place, bought a 2014 VW Tiguan blue motion tdi for daughter a couple or months back private sale for £6.5k with 92k fsh and was going to walk away, and thank god daughter made the final decision, as I’m now looking for one and average seems to be around £8.5k has the UK gone completely mad!!!
    james2k66's avatar
    Settle petal
  9. pdid's avatar
    £15k Wow......
  10. TommyGambino's avatar
    I bought a Peugeot 107 for my son 2013 last October, 37k miles, mint, cost £3500, I can now sell it for more than I paid for it last October.
    Car prices are going crazy.
    haisrisri's avatar
    Where did you buy. Am also looking to buy
  11. Loner's avatar
    I paid £6700 for a new 107 in 2014 and it's still worth £3200 trade now.
    lumsdot's avatar
    Cheaper than bus fare
  12. mreriksen's avatar
    Yes, cars were cheaper, so we’re houses food and services.

    it’s called inflation 
  13. Dddd89's avatar
    The choice seems to be buying new or one that’s 4 years or older. Been looking for a new car and ones that are 1/2 years old are usually the same price as new. 
  14. twincam16valve's avatar
    Hyundai is selling Same spec car in india for 8k 🤦🏽
  15. berisford's avatar
    I’d resist any temptation here - its got one of those dreadful automated manual gearboxes. Why they didn’t stick with the original fluid coupled box I can only guess.
    DopeyDunker's avatar
    I think that's an optional extra on this model and as far as I can see this deal is for the standard manual transmission rather than the automated manual transmission:

    This deal:
    New i10 specs:
    50652932_1.jpg50652932_1.jpg (edited)
  16. mreriksen's avatar
    This or Kia Rio? Model “2” with 1.2l petrol engine is currently £14.8k at drive the deal. 
    raffected's avatar
    30% more boot space on the Rio
  17. jinsta's avatar
    Buy one used. thats money in the bin
's avatar