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Hyundai discounts through Hyundai Affinity Program
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Posted 9th Sep 2008Posted 9th Sep 2008
Hyundai discounts through Hyundai Affinity Program
As a Marks and Spencer employee we can receive discounts on brand new Hyundai cars. The advert we can see is along the lines of... As an XY employee, you and your immediate family… Read more
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I'm unfortunate enough to own a Hyundai. One thing to take into consideration is that their stated fuel consumption figures are much more innacurate than other car manufurers. I had a toyota that was supposed to do 35mpg & thats roughly what it did, now I have a Hyundai thats supposed to do 30mpg & no matter how frugally I drive I can't get much more than 21mpg! When I went back to the showroom they basically shrugged their shoulders & admitted that the figures where exaggerated.


There is nothing wrong with the i10 - it has won many awards and currently there is about a 4/5 month waiting list, so you would be very lucky to find a dealer who is going to give money off on a car they have a queue of people to buy. The base model comes with aircon, the comfort model comes with aircon, 4 electric windows, remote central locking, alloys, abs, twin front and side airbags, MP3 cd player, 5 doors, split fold rear seats, front fog lights, underseat storage, heaight adjustable drivers seat, 5 year warranty, group 2 insurance, £35 a year tax etc. I wonder why this deal is so cold - regardles of what people think of Hyundai, the actual deal is good although as supply of the i10 becomes better in the future you may see dealers become a bit softer on offering discounts.


ewww Hyundai, *shudders*


I would suggest you can get a sizeable discount off virtually ANY make of car, it is getting a good price for the OLD one that is the problem, privately or from a dealer, so as ever, it is the overall DEAL that is the point, ie what you need to spend to get your choice of car on the road. That still takes a bit of effort to be sure you are doing as well as you can, so if you can negotiate a low price THEN go to the scheme and have them drop the price lower, then you are on to something, but in my experience it means going through the scheme first, so it is hard to get a comparable price! These affinity schemes have never lit up my life, I thing the only one I have ever used is the scheme for car insurance via my union, although the difference there is barely worth the effort, and I still needed to threaten to go elsewhere to get a lower price still! I am a member of an organisation that gets a "discount" from Volvo.... and it also means very little :-(


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