I Am Omega DVD - New Release & Only £2.97 @ Woolworths !!
I Am Omega DVD - New Release & Only £2.97 @ Woolworths !!

I Am Omega DVD - New Release & Only £2.97 @ Woolworths !!

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May well be a misprice (£12.97?) - all other retailers have this listed upwards of £10.99!

The Last Man Alive Must Battle A Planet Of The Dead.

Mark Dacascos (The Crow) stars as the lone survivor of a deadly plague who is doomed to an eternal battle with the mutant creatures that now control the Earth



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You just have to laugh at these Woolies rip-off DVDs lol

my own personal opinion - put the £2.97 towards a rusty bread knife and spend the hour and a half chopping your old man off - it would be less painful !

But seriously - I cried at the end of this film - cried because that's an hour and a half of my life I will never get back :w00t:

is it rubbish then

Sounds like a re-make of the original Charlton Heston film Omega man (which was excellent). The film was re-made again with Will Smith as "I am legend" (not bad).

If you're even in doubt about a film go to IMDB.COM and look at average rating. Usually counted in the 000's of ratings so you can get a reasonable feel for how good/bad a film is. I am Omega has 3.7/10 :whistling:

300 has an average of 8.0/10 aftewr 167,000 votes..

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Hey guys, never said it was a good film - simply put it up as a bargain as it is a misprice and only a few quid compared to £11/12 quid elsewhere

Fair play to whizzkid on the find. Just giving my 2p's worth is all.
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