i-Buddy Only £10.15

i-Buddy Only £10.15

Found 16th Jul 2008
i-Buddy is specially designed for Instant Messenger users. It is a physical representation of your Instant Messenger buddy. You can program it to recognize a particular buddy account, and it will respond to all incoming messages coming from your buddy.

Its heart glows when your buddy comes online. It shakes its body when your buddy sends you a Nudge. It even gets emotional when your buddy sends you a smiley or an emoticon!

i-Buddy features with 8 emotional motions, such as happy and angry, which is expressed by combinations of wings flapping, body twisting and multi-coloured light flashing. You can customize and create your own emotional motions, too.

- Size: 45(W) x 78(H)mm
- Battery: USB Powered
- Color: White
- System Requirements: PC running Windows 2000/XP/Vista, MSN Messenger 7.0 or above, One available USB port

Package Contents:
- i-Buddy
- Mounting Clip
- 3 inches installation disc
- Instruction guide
- Package: Clear PVC box 10(L) x 10(W) x 12(H)cm

Got one myself...pretty much a gadget for your MSN Messenger.


it sounds like a waste of money to me
if it was about a fiver, it wouldn't be so bad

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it sounds like a waste of money to meif it was about a fiver, it wouldn't … it sounds like a waste of money to meif it was about a fiver, it wouldn't be so bad

I guess it'll be more for those who go for the useless gadgets like those in firebox. Like me haha.

useless junk

Companies should be fined for wasting precious resources making 5hite like this.

cheaper here aria.co.uk/Sup…697 £5.82 + P&P at £4.99 so ok if your getting other bits as well :whistling:

Skip fodder for those who need to get out more.

I have one of these, I only picked it up due to the fact I was ordering items from a web site and saw it for £5 so i thought id get it and have a look, Its actually really handy when i'm watching movies full screen and it flashes away, so it alerts you that you get an msn message, cos i don't get any notification or sound on msn when in full screen on a movie.

Please note, im running xp 64 bit edition and the program that you need to load does fall over once in a while, most likely cos its not been made for 64 bit edition, prob works fine with xp and vista, and you can always download new versions of the software.

At the end of the day I bought this as a gimmic just to see what it was like, but i wouldn't spend much more then £5 on this. But I use it alot just due to being in full screen on things. I found it a gimmic which turned into a useful tool.

Refer to my previous post to get the item cheaper then listed above.

What rhymes with 'dosser'?


What rhymes with 'dosser'?

Tosser? :thumbsup:
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