i-Cat  - just £6.74 delivered from Amazon

i-Cat - just £6.74 delivered from Amazon

Found 13th Dec 2006
i-Cat is also price reduced to just £9.99 @ Amazon.

Use code HELLMANAMZN2 & select FREE Supersaver delivery to get this £6.74 delivered. Thanks to RobertR for the price tip. i-Dog is also available for this price. Check Cat's thread here:-


Meet i-Cat! : This cool kitty puts on quite a performance as she sinks her claws into your favourite music! This feline is fond of rock, punk, rap, hip-hop, dance, techno and more! Pay this kitten some attention, and she taps into her own "cat"- alog of riffs/melodies/tunes/beats. Stroke her head to keep her happy! Watch i-Cat purr, (depending on the kind of music you play) and monitor her moods with her musical mewing, and watch her purr-form just for you!

i-Cat works with most portable and non-portable electronic audio devices. Plus she easily connects to any standard headphone jack with the included dual-plug cable.


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Keep the music playing with this fabulous feline that plays back through her built-in speaker or your headphones! i-Cat entertains you with electronic lights, movements and sounds based on the music you play! If you want to add your own sound effects, scratch i-Cat’s face to create special effects.


"We are currently unable to offer this item" is the message I'm getting when I go into the link.


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lol ... has disappeared in seconds then

It works now :lol:
Although it does say that it won't be delivered before christmas if you choose the super saver delivery option.

lol... Check Cats thread for the dog!

Thanks Edi, got it for 6.34 delivered!

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Thanks guys for the update Anyone wanting the dog, follow Cat's thread here :-


it's been pulled from the amazon website.

i-fish £11.20 same way still there amazon.co.uk/exe…046


I hope my order goes through then as i ordered the i-cat less than 2 hours ago
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