I Claudius (Complete Series DVD Box Set) £17.97 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

I Claudius (Complete Series DVD Box Set) £17.97 + Free Delivery @ Amazon

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Great price as next cheapset I can find is £24.99 and up to £39.99 elsewhere

Originally transmitted in the autumn of 1976, I Claudius redefined the boundaries of television with an epic story spanning the annals of Roman history - from the mighty Augustus to the madness of Caligula. One of the jewels in the crown of BBC historical drama, this timeless classic features inspirational performances by an all-star cast.

This five-disc box set contains all thirteen 50 minute episodes:

1. A Touch of Murder
2. Waiting in the Wings
3. What Shall We Do About Claudius?
4. Poison is Queen
5. Some Justice
6. Queen of Heaven
7. Reign of Terror
8. Zeus, By Jove!
9. Hail Who?
10. Fool's Luck
11. A God in Colchester
12. Old King Log




This is hard going and has to be watched without distraction. Infact if anything watched multiple times.

IE not for the chavs !


Agrees with Abaxas, this is suberb viewing. The acting is excellent and you will be rivetted to the screen watching it!

one of the best shows BBC ever produced (watch out for John Luke Picard in it, bit of a git):thumbsup:

find-dvd.co.uk lists two I, Claudius box sets:


I think they are both the same, and if this is true, this boxset is available slightly cheaper from The Hut group.

got this for my mum thanks

Following the links, I now find at least three different versions of this superb series being sold by Amazon alone:

There is one with the ]brown cover coming up at £13.99 from a marketplace seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon and with super saver delivery, it says it is the complete version, on two disks, uncut "ten hours of history".

There is one with the] grey cover coming up at £3.99 plus 1.21shipping, it is the two disk limited edition also saying it is the complete version, uncut.

The ]one with the purple cover in the original post comes up at £17.97 with 5 disks and says it is the complete version.

I found the ]same purple cover as the OP deal at Play for £6.98 delivered it says "This five-disc box set contains all thirteen 50 minute episodes" BUT following the BUY link goes to the two disk edition !rats! I think they got confused by the multiple versions *lol*

So here are some more facts:

"the 2008 box set of I, Claudius is a significant improvement over the 2000 version. Many viewers complained that the 2000 release looked like it was mastered from VHS tapes, and in truth it does look very soft. The remastered edition is much sharper and almost certainly looks better than it did on your television screen in 1977."

"there were two different cuts shown in the UK and USA (each with some scenes in one and not the other), some sets have the miniseries spread out over 12 episodes (which is how it aired in the U.K.), whereas it was shown in 13 episodes in the U.S"

"The 2002 box set has a fifth DVD of special features. These are ;
* The Epic That Never Was. A 70 minute documentary narrated by Dirk Bogarde on the aborted movie version that includes filmed extracts with Charles Laughton, Emlyn Williams, Flora Robson and Merle Oberon.
* I Claudius - A Television Epic. A 73 minute film of interviews with cast and crew including Christopher Biggins.
* Alternative Scenes.
* Favourite Scenes chosen by cast and crew.
* Awards. Clips of the BAFTAs won by the cast.
* A very useful and informative Family Tree"

So I would go for the 2008 version....
which ]thanks to HMV I think is the one with the purple cover (HMV sell it for £24.99).

So if you are still with me, congratulations for reading all this and the OP deal should be the 2008 version (I hope).
If all you want are the original episodes, there are cheaper versions out there.


Ive had this on video for years and its one of my favourites, Dereck Jacobi is beyond compare.

Can't compare to ]Rome though, surely?

Yes it can in my opinion, but of course thats only my point of view, some of our most distinguished actors can be seen in I Claudius, Brian Blessed, Sian Phillips, John Hurt, Kevin McNally, George Baker, Patrick stewart, Ian Ogilvy.

Not that Rome has anything on Clavdivs but I think it can be viewed as a sort of prequel (Octavian grows up to become Augustus I believe). Too many great actors to name, but worth seeing for Picard with hair.
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