i-Insect ( Hexbug Nano clone ) toys, £1 each at Poundland

i-Insect ( Hexbug Nano clone ) toys, £1 each at Poundland

Found 4th Dec 2012
These are basically a cheap copy of Hexbug Nano bugs (which cost ~£5 each), but they work just the same and the kids love them. Makes a great stocking filler.

In case you don't know what they are, they basically vibrate and move forward in random directions, bumping off things and each other, sort of like a fast robot beetle. (Age 4+)

They had loads left in the Livingston Poundland.
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I want one...(_;)
Have some heat.
These are good for older kids but seriously if your child is into pulling things apart this is not for them they come apart far to easy the wired unit and the batteries can be pulled from the bottom with in seconds!!! not for under 3's but my 4 and 6 year olds loved them.
I was after some as I have got the Nano Bug stuff for xmas, think might buy these instead of the dear ones up to £25 each depending on the type. Thanks Have some heat
Bet my cats would love these lol
None in the Norwich store and they have never had them apparently Shame, would have been nice stocking fillers.
Still some left in Livingston, got some more today.
My 4 yr old nephew has a hexbug habitat and a couple of hexbugs; think he'd like these too. They are certainly a more reasonable price.
The legend of Nara battle bugs are better, have 2 insects, AND spare batteries for £1 at poundland. I skipped these and went for those.. and if you don't like the insect attachment (spider, fly, beetle etc) then you can just remove it and it looks like a hexbug.

Series 1

or series 2
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