I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer DVD £3.95 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi
I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer DVD £3.95 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi

I Know How Many Runs You Scored Last Summer DVD £3.95 + Free Delivery @ Zavvi

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Excellent price for this new DVD; HMV have it around the same (but more expensive price) but elsewhere it is £9 to £12

A cricket team are dismissed by a mustachioed serial killer with a razor sharp cricket glove and an arsenal of sharpened stumps.

One by one the killer exacts revenge for the torment he endured 20 years earlier. Cricket will never be the same again.
Director's Commentary
Making Runs
Bloody FX
Shower Scene Uncut
Canteen Scene Grade
Joadja Diary
Audio Mix Diary
Abetoir Film Festival Q&A
White Trash, Hot Love - Hell City
Glamours Music Video


excellent price ? not if you have seen the film mate - its terrible lol

still , i voted hot

Must be good just for the name!



However the reviwer who liked it has almost tempted me:

A highly-entertaining innings, 27 March 2009 Author: Rooksy from … A highly-entertaining innings, 27 March 2009 Author: Rooksy from Australia This small gem of a film goes to show what can be achieved with a lot of talent, imagination and determination and without any major backing.It is blatantly a B-movie and without of the post-modern cleverness of some current horrors, it goes back to basics in terms of T&A and violence. The story is a standard revenge plot but bombs along with some neat twists and turns backed by some neat editing, great gore and SFX and a killer sound-track of metal and rawk! The shower scene is so totally gratuitous it will have you laughing and the kills come frequently enough that you'll be entertained, but varied enough that you are never bored.The cricket theme is really just an excuse to use every cricketing implement as a murder weapon, so don't worry if you're not a sports fan, as long as you are a horror fan you won't be disappointed.I'd love to see what the husband and wife director/producer team can do with a real budget next time out, but kudos to them for getting up off their backsides, working for years and producing something this good and this fun.I saw this at the 'night of horror' festival in Sydney, but I hear that it has got DVD distribution in UK, Oz and US so support low-budget film making and buy/rent it!

You know when they say a film is so bad it's good... Well this must be ruddy amazing!!!

Heheh! :giggle:

Cheapest around though so still a hot spot! ;-)

I have to agree the film is shocking and not in a good way. Let's put it this way, you'll feel ripped off paying 10p for this film and the disc and art work probably cost more. Avoid at all costs!!!:evil:

seriously, it's so bad, it's thinks it's ironic and funny and subversive, but it's none of these things. it's long, boring and very unimaginative. i think they came up with the title and wrote a film around it. it's not good in a lucio fulci sort of way, it's bad in a 'smart-**** stoners with a camera and some money' sort of way. please don't buy it for the industry's sake.

What were you thinking Mr Wedge?!? :giggle:
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