I teddy now £15 at debenhams! online
I teddy now £15 at debenhams! online

I teddy now £15 at debenhams! online

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Just noticed The i teddy is £15 at debenhams online, down from £50 think this is a good price, might just get one for my dauhters birthday next week!

Down from £50, not £15
- lottysdad08

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- saintscouple



Original price was £50,

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oops should say £50!:?



oops should say £50!:?

:thumbsup: I figured as much lol

£14.99 @ home and bargains if you have one near you

Great price but gets some very bad reviews!

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michael mcnally;7455268

£14.99 @ home and bargains if you have one near you

i don't have a home bargains near me, but seems debenhams website has just crashed! so i can't et it online now either!

Great price, thanks OP.


Website working ok for me

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Website working ok for me

yeah, i think it was firefox, had to go through internet explorer, but don't forget quidco too- 8% cashback!


Very good price, thanks meekie


yeah, i think it was firefox, had to go through internet explorer, but … yeah, i think it was firefox, had to go through internet explorer, but don't forget quidco too- 8% cashback!

it's only 4%

We have 2, neither work very well, both still in there boxes, won't allow you to download to them, save ur pennies, we pd £15 for ours from wilkos last jan, good luck with them if u buy x

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it seems i have started a bombardment of debenhams deals, every other new deal posted is for debenahams!

I got one of these last year for £15 in Sainsbury's and have since seen them for £10 in Sainsbury's (not as part of a sale). There is very little video content on the website to download. We did manage to download a few postman pat clips from youtube and convert them to an acceptable format. The screen is too small really to watch video comfortably anyway .It is easy to load MP3 and photos though so quite good for these. My 3 year old's not very interested in it to be honest. She prefers her normal teddies.

What they dont work? Off with their heads!

My little girl loves her, but as mentioned it spends more time getting repaired than played with!

i was gonna order one for my daughter then, till i read the reviews, think ill give it a miss haha

i saw this yesterday briefly before it got expired for some reason managed to order 1 yesterday thanks

I bought this for my daughter. Lasted abt 2 years with constant abuse - WE left it on all night with her MP3s, kept her company when she was spending 5 weeks in hospital. To get movies, just convert youtube videos, and play mp3 (cut and paste). It's dead now, but may get another one for our other daughter.

we have one of these and my 2 yo loves it so much I ordered one last week as a spare at £22.50 and was happy with that. Saw them for this yesterday and ordered one as a present. Never had a problem converting dvds or anything elsr to put on it. I do use tthe downloadable software to do the conversions.

Have 2 of these.
Very fiddly to get to work properly.
Interface not very user friendly.
Can lock up.
Software is very clunky.
Nice idea though.

We bought one two years ago for christmas and havent managed to download to it at all. My cousin bought one for her daughter and had the same problem. We paid £24.99 at the time so its a pretty expensive teddy!!

Least with £15 theres less to lose. As some people have said there experiences are positive but I wouldnt recommend it!

got one foe 2 year olds birthday at beginning of december from tj hughes for £16 and he loves it had to get my 14 year old to sort out the downloading thing but we soon had some chuggington and space pirates on it. Well worth the money for car journeys and after about a day he knew how to skip to next show so all in all a good toy imho!!

Horrendous machine. Doesnt sync well with any windows pc's. The software is buggy, and the SD card slot is so flimsy.

Dont waste your time on such a crap product

I wouldnt get one of these for 15p , worst piece of crap i've ever bought

The software's terrible (when it works)
Please don't buy one of these for your kids - they'll end up disappointed and cock-eyed.

resolution looks like an old zx spectrum.

Rant over

Got my daughter one last year for xmas and she loved it but took quite a while to figure out how to download onto it.

Isn't this the Dragon's Den one?

yes it is
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