i-TRAK - Metal Luggage Tag Pack (and Free Micro Labels) at HomeSense - £1.50 (Save 85%)

i-TRAK - Metal Luggage Tag Pack (and Free Micro Labels) at HomeSense - £1.50 (Save 85%)

Found 2nd Oct 2010
I stumbled across these at HomeSense in Reading and bought three packets of the things. They had at least 20 on the shelf and they had already been marked down a number of times (yellow price label). It is worth noting that this deal will not be store-specific. If the same product is in stock at any other store and it bears the same product code, it will be the same price.

To learn more about this unique product, check out the manufacturer's website at i-trak.com. They are selling these very same tags for £9.99. This is a huge saving of 85%!

These won't be for everybody but if you travel a lot, they are extremely handy and they're also pretty safe. There is no need to tell the world your home address on your luggage label. Instead, register your unique code on the manufacturer's website and wait to be contacted if it should go missing.

The manufacturer's description...

Pack comes with two i-TRAK metal luggage tags and a FREE set of 4 micro labels:

i-TRAKs stylish metal luggage tags come laser engraved with their own unique ID. These robust tags are ideal for quality luggage, laptop bags, sports & music cases. Each tag comes complete with its own metal locking strap.

2 large and 2 small 'micro' labels are provided. Ideal for laptops, mobile phones, passports, cameras and other personal valuables.

One years service included.
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Good deal sir! Hot from me...
"One years service included." - renewal cost is £2.99 per year for the first two items and £0.50 for each additional item.
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