i3 8100, GTX1060 6GB PC £699 / £713.10 delivered @ Overclockers

i3 8100, GTX1060 6GB PC £699 / £713.10 delivered @ Overclockers

Found 10th Apr
I've just bought this, which to me seems like a good deal for a full build with the latest coffee lake cpu's, because of that you get a good easily uprgradeable z370 motherboard. I got the Gigabyte z370p board.
You could just about build the spec yourself without windows at a similar price (if you are pretty thrifty) but this seemed like a good deal for the time. The only issue, which might not matter to some, is that it's got 1 stick of ddr4 ram.

-Kolink KL 500W Power supply
-Phanteks Eclipse P400 Case
-Phankets RGB LED strip starter kit
-Palit GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB
-Seagate BarraCuda 1TB 7200RPM
-Gigabyte Z370 DDR4 ATX Motherboard
-Team Group Vulcan T Force (1x8GB) DDR4 3000mhz
-Intel i3-8100 3.6GHz (Coffee Lake)
-Windows 10 64bit

You can upgrade to the i5 for 70 quid or so but i figured best waiting for a i7 + 1080 upgrade in the future.
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Not with an i3! No way at this price!

A better buy would be this one posted previously: -

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Yea true, the ram is a lot slower in that one but actually nothing wrong with an i3 it will plays nearly all games on 1080p ultra/high, maybe if you have lots of rendering to do.
Bit overpriced for an i3 for me.
For me I do find it very odd to put a I3 into a machine that is suppose to be a VR device and team it with an GTX1060 card. While I have an I3 myself I built as retro games machine. For that is prefect but when i test it with the modern AAA titles it does start to bottle neck the graphics cards.

If you building a front line games machine I dont know why would want an I3 over the extra money for a I5 I dont see the logic to saving 70 quid
I had the i5 in the cart until I actually looked at the benchmarks for the i3 wondering myself why they paired it, but it’s a fantastic cpu for HD gaming, personally I have a nifty 4K tv with a 120hz panel (for hd anyway, you can’t get 4K 120hz, or at least not on this tv) so why would I need the i5, but this is subjective. But yes the 2 extra cores would come in handy for other things.
Just to note that the new 8th gen i3's are the equivalent of the 7th gen i5's (Quad core)

So, perfectly fine for gaming.
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