i7 laptop Acer aspire 16Gb RAM 2 TB disk 17" full hd - £639.95 @ John Lewis

i7 laptop Acer aspire 16Gb RAM 2 TB disk 17" full hd - £639.95 @ John Lewis

Found 21st Nov 2016
Reduced price from £799, very good spec although not the lightest of laptops.
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Link not working

Link not working

​Works for me... What error you get?

​Works for me... What error you get?

Working now! Had John Lewis site earlier, but page not found....
940M graphics card, for those who want to know.
Voted Hot as it seems a good price compared to the previous £799.

Like I said on my deal for the Lenovo 700, you have to find a happy medium. One could ask why not go for the better processor and slightly upgraded GPU with SSD and HDD for £60 more? Though you would have to make due with a 15.6 screen, and 4gb memory. Or go even further and spend over £100 more and get an even better processor, or yet again another £300 more and get a better processor and GPU?

Now I just need to find that holy grail of a laptop for under £200.
good one
i would rather want it 256 GB ssd ~ but still good price
How good is this laptop being Acer and all? I've been looking for a laptop with high RAM and 2TB memory for around £500 mark but this laptop seem little "old" fashion! Let me know what you think. Any help, Thanks!
Best 17" I could find at this price
I purchased this laptop. I do not recommend and will most likely be returning. After spending 30 minutes uninstalling the bloatware I find the laptop slow and unresponsive. Boot time from on button to desktop is > 1 minute. I expect due to the non SSD disks.

Where as the hp 250 (£460) I also purchased with SSDs take 5 seconds to boot and generally way more responsive. (cheap plastic build tho)
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