Ian Brown - My Way CD £3.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

Ian Brown - My Way CD £3.99 + Free Delivery @ Play

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Found 21st Dec 2009Made hot 22nd Dec 2009
1. Stellify
2. Crowning Of The Poor
3. Just Like You
4. In The Year 2525
5. Always Remember Me
6. Vanity Kills
7. For The Glory
8. Marathon Man
9. Own Brain
10. Laugh Now
11. By All Means Necessary
12. So High


Great price. No accounting for taste. "Stellify " is one of my favourites songs of the year.

its the mad monkey man and he's mad ferret.

Great album, fairly recent release - great price!
IMHO his best complete solo work so far....

Ere yar £3.99 for my record! Thats ****in bobbins that is. Am not avin that. My heads in biscuits, someone mek us a brew...:cry:

listen to the music on the new robin hood trailler, get in brownie! by all means necessary.

He's getting better with age I think... Great tunes on this :santa:

The best song imo is '7. For The Glory'

I was suprised at actually how good this album is

Now this lads could teach the Gallagher's a thing or two about developing sound and making great music


saw him saturday night - thousands of mancs singing
"i wanna be adored"

class album

]Just Like You is immense.8-)

Bargain price

I got mine when it was released...couldn't wait :thumbsup:
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