Ian Brown Pre Sale Link

Ian Brown Pre Sale Link

Found 17th May 2007
If anyone is interested in Ian Brown, pre sale is open today, regular sale starts fri 9am so you got the rest of today.

Bit hit and miss live i think but when he is good he is very good.


Thanks for the heads up. Going to the one at preston. Looking forward to it

The mans a GOD :thumbsup:

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The mans a GOD :thumbsup:

I couldn't of said it better myself.

Well i'm off to Newcastle to see him again, no doubt it will be a great show.

Cheers - shall go to Motherwell, quite surprised that he is playing there.....bit of a small town

Strange that there's no manchester dates

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Regarding Manchester dates - He has some more dates to be announced, i thought it was just London gigs he was yet to announce but could include manc as well. Would have thought he would def play there.
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