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Barclays Card Block Service - Mobile banking customers can switch off problem spendings
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
The new feature launched from today by Barclays could help those dealing with gambling problems, for example, to cut off their spending in betting shops and on gambling websites. … Read more

This seems pointless - because you could just go back in and switch it on again! I It's nothing but a gimmick.


great facility. my brother has a barclays card and i have switched the payments off for him as he is vulnerable.


Should have done this from day 1. Give me strength. Barclays does care about it's customers. NO! (lol)


Blocking a fatty from spending on fast food isn't going to stop them drawing a tenner out for a couple of big tasteys.


Lol true spent so much unnecessary thanks to HUKD

Free Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus From Barclays Bank
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
I used to use kaspersky free from Barclays but they stopped dealing with them. Did a quick search and it came up with this. I am a Barclays customer but it didn't ask me anything w… Read more



Thanks, heat added.


Or more if its the 3 user version


Thanks OP


Kaspersky to Webroot (lol) No thank you Barclays these products aren't even in the same league. Massive downgrade for your customers. "No time-consuming updates or slow scans" Meaning their not very pro-active in updating or trying to counter threats past, present or future.

Barclays earn up to £132 in 12 months with doubled Blue Rewards by switching bank accounts
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
While it doesn't give an upfront bonus, switch to Barclays and sign up to its Blue Rewards scheme by Wed 14 November and you'll get double rewards for a year if you meet direct deb… Read more

No unfortunately not lucky (or wealthy enough) to have saved £100k or be earning £75k. Maybe their Premer account is more suited to a Premiership player. Out of my reach definitely. Oh well, back to money saving just to live happily, despite working full-time!


Does anyone have a Barclays Premier account?


Would they not? Well, that is what she believes she did, via taxi (and this is the relevance of her age) but I suspect it was (can't be sure) only the £200. Bottom line is CS has been abysmal from day 1. I'm sure about the other issues, but I'm working on the weight associated with 1000 £2 coins. I want to get roughly 26.5 lb in weight together, and see how she handles it, I don't think she can.


With Starling it’s free to have a replacement for a lost or stolen card in the uk. £60 if you’re abroad.


Great Starling support joint accounts but isn't clear if you can be logged into two accounts at same time for easy switching. I find the £60 lost card fee a bit harsh given with Monzo it's free to get a new card.

Barclaycard Offers 0% for 12 months or 6.9% indefinitely until paid off.
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Check your Barclaycard offers page they currently have 2 offers running 1. is 0% until Oct 2019 1.9% fee 2. 6.9% no time limit until the balance is cleared 2.9% fee The 2nd is… Read more

Yes it's only for existing customers


So can the existing customers benefit from this?


Sept 2020 for mine, transferred this morning.


Are you serious? 6.9 woudl equate a £1000 loan over 1 year = £1,037.76 repayable the 2.9% would be £29.00 with the APR = 30.09 total repayable would be £1067.85... Wonga! £1000 loan Wonga had rates of up to 4,214% representative APR that would mean if you paid nothign for 1 year you would owe them 42k!! Think you are the only one mate, not so sure many people care about the fact taking a 33 month balance transfer would have some effects on your credit file..


Outrageous 2:9% BT Then 6:9% apr Wonga reinventing FREEZING

Barclays regular saver £250 a month @ 10% fixed 12 months, no withdrawals
Found 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
Barclays regular saver £250 a month @ 10% fixed 12 months, no withdrawals
Apparently Barclays current account customers will be able to open a linked regular savings account from tomorrow which pays 10% interest. If it does materialise, I will update wi… Read more
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Last week Bradford & Bingley also launched its 10% Christmas saver account (lol)



Updated 17february 2006? It says on the copied letter where did you get this from


Just remember you will have pay tax on this if you've more than £1000 interest per annum.


I’m calling BS

10% Cashback at Just Eat for Barclays Account Holders
Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
10% Cashback at Just Eat for Barclays Account Holders
Didn't see this last time ( it used to be 20% ) but I'm still happy with 10%. "Merchant notes": Good to know Please note that cashback may initially track at a lower rate b… Read more

Well, it is cashback after all...


Only downside It takes months for them to honour the credit


Heat OP, decent offer - though it's not as good as last time

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Barclays Green Home Mortgage 2.34% 5 year fixed 90% LTV
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Barclays Green Home Mortgage 2.34% 5 year fixed 90% LTV
Best deal in market for 90% LTV is from first direct at 2.39% 5 year fixed at 90% LTV None of the comparison sites mentioned this offer. Found it while combing through different pr… Read more

My 1.94% 5 year started today... no fees and no hassle.


Did you find the 1.94?


How much you put down a deposit?


First direct 2.29, no fee, 5y fixed. Cannot see 1.94


I've just applied for their 5 yr @1.94% no fee

20% Cashback @ Just Eat for Barclays Account Holders
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
20% cashback on Just Eat orders using a Barclays account. Follow the get deal link or use the banking app to activate and order through your account to get cashback. There's also … Read more

I don't think so.


Looking for any spare just eat codes and happy to swap with a wuntu code? Please pm Thanks ks in advance


Does this include Barclaycard credit card accounts?


anyone got the cashback from this? didnt track for me and no easy way to get in contact. Barclays cashback looks pretty poorly managed


They've started doing that where I live there sick of them....

Barclays doubles Blue Rewards for switchers for a year – earn £132+ in 12 months
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Barclays doubles Blue Rewards for switchers for a year – earn £132+ in 12 months
Barclays has upped the stakes in the current account switching wars by offering new current account switchers double the normal amount of cash that can be earned on its Blue Reward… Read more
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Barclays Credit Card fee free for 25 months at 0% apr but £20 back so transfer your old balance and get £20 cashback to pay down your balance and get 25 months again
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Barclays Credit Card fee free for 25 months at 0% apr but £20 back so transfer your old balance and get £20 cashback to pay down your balance and get 25 months again
This Barclaycard * offers a slightly shorter 0% period than most cards but also gives £20 cashback if you apply by 14 May and shift at least £1,000 within 60 days. So unless you n… Read more

You are confusing the refund on the balance transfer fee with the £20 cashback. Balance transfer within 60 days, you will initially be charged a 2% fee which will then be refunded within 28 days. Transfer a balance of £1000 or more within 60 days and receive £20 cashback.


So you have to transfer £1000 at a fee of 2% to get £20... err hardly deal of the year!... you can't use the £20 to pay down your balance, infact unless you transfer exactly £1000 you either don't get the £20 to pay the fee or you get a larger fee than £20.

Barclays travel credit card - no fees abroad plus also you can withdraw cash abroad you get till the statement date to pay it off! Also 12 months @ 0% APR
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Barclays travel credit card - no fees abroad plus also you can withdraw cash abroad you get till the statement date to pay it off! Also 12 months @ 0% APR
Barclaycard Platinum travel credit card 0% interest on purchases for 12 months from the date you open your account No non-sterling transaction fees on your foreign spend and… Read more

“0% interest free doesn’t apply to cash withdrawals” it’s very clear, all travel credit cards not only this one, if you withdraw cash you will pay interest until you clear the cash balance, the only way if you need to withdraw cash without paying interest is to send the equivalent payment in Sterling at the same day of the withdrawal


Credit card would only cover you for transactions after you notified them, so what if they rack up £1000 before you realise your card's been nicked? With Revolut they can only nick what you have left on the card.


Whilst that is true, there has been a few times where I have raised an issue for transactions under £100 and the CC company has stepped in for a successful resolution. The fact there is a higher chance of a successful outcome makes it a must.


Fair. If you did however, you could also save money that way too... :D


I dont buy high value items in any currency other than sterling.

Barclays Blue Rewards - Current account reward - up to £4 a month
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Barclays Blue Rewards - Current account reward - up to £4 a month
This is brilliant if you already have an account with them or a financial product (home insurance, personal loan, mortgage). They pay you £7 per month, for this you will need to h… Read more
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Good only if you are an existing customer of Barclays. Otherwise, I would wait for a switching incentive.


Blue rewards are brilliant if you use Barclays products, I've had quite a large sum back so far :)


Been using blue rewards for about a year. It’s a no brainier if you’re an existing Barclays customer, but not something to necessarily make you change bank for if not


It provides additional cash back if you hold its mortgage and/or home insurance


Thanks for clarifying

Barclays 7-year fixed mortgage 2.19%, £999 fee, 60% LTV
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Barclays 7-year fixed mortgage 2.19%, £999 fee, 60% LTV
Barclays has joined a small, but growing, group of mortgage lenders offering seven-year fixed rates. Most deals tend to be for two, five or 10 years. But if seven years is what … Read more
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Fix for 5,7 or 10 years then overpay all you can up to the usual10% limit on a standing order, savings rates are so low it's better to service the debt with any spare money. If you agree formally with the lender to reduce the term you can't back out if money is tight wheras the standing order has the same effect but you have control. Money saving expert has a calculator tool that shows the benefit of overpaying, my 11 years remaining at £270 per month becomes just over 5 years with an additional standing order overpayment of £200 per month.


if you find one like this with no fee , thatll do me as well.


Furthermore: you say you've nearly paid your mortgage off. Did you get an inheritance or have rich parents? If not, well then, you can see the irony in my assumption, surely? Btw - your sympathy is a little bit overbearing in the smug department too.


I understand your view and I still forgive you. An apology for calling me a "tool" would also be appreciated. For future reference, you could have responded with "a mortgage is a loan secured against an asset, usually a house, that allows people to buy a house". Would have been more fun.


I think you missed the point. Whenever there is a mortgage deal there is always someone bragging about being mortgage free and usually with comments similar to yours. That might explain the number of 'likes' and perhaps a misunderstanding of your comment. For the record, I will be shortly be mortgage free although looking at the possibility of moving (and therefore increasing my mortgage) but it's affordable and I have a good LTV too. It's not a 'sore' subject by any means and certainly not affecting my ego. I am grateful I am not starting on the housing ladder now. It's virtually impossible for people unless they have parents who can make a significant contribution to the deposit. That's not something my parents had to do but something I am likely to have to do for my own children. Having a mortgage for the majority of working life is a massive commitment. Many people struggle during the period they are raising a family and with a reduced income. Being mortgage free and bragging on here is really quite pathetic though. If of course you aren't bragging and are actually struggling to obtain a mortgage then you have my sympathy.

Barclays 2-year fixed rate mortgage 1.28%, £999 fee, up to 50% LTV
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Barclays 2-year fixed rate mortgage 1.28%, £999 fee, up to 50% LTV
Barclays has revamped its mortgage deal and is now offering the following: Two-year fixed rate at 1.28% £999 fee Available to both purchasers and remortgagers with 50% depos… Read more
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Not voted either way, but whether you would save with this low rate 2 year deal with £999 fee would depend on the amount borrowing. Just checked on HSBC and they are still doing their 5 year fixed fee saver for 60% LTV at 1.99%. On £150k mortgage OP's deal would save you £201 over the first two years taking the fee into account. But if only borrowing £90k you would pay back £279 more on OP's deal compared to HSBC, plus with 5 year fixed you would still have a fairly low rate locked in for another 3 years, assuming interest rates start to creep up over the next 2 years.


Agreed IF there are other mortgage deals available at same interest rate with no fees....not sure if is or not haven't looked, but I thought from recollection there were 2 year deals at 0.98% if you had 50%+ equity. If no fee deals are at a higher interest rate then this may actually be the cheaper option.


I’d expect a mortgage with no fee if I had a 50% deposit! £999 fee on a 2 year fixed mortgage is adding another £41 pm into your repayments! I got a 2.0%apr rate on a 5 year deal with no fee,Granted I had 35%LTV mortgage but still £999 is a ridiculous fee on a 2 year deal.


Taking a 2 year mortgage right now will leave you walking straight into an interest rate minefield in 2 years - 5 years is the sweet spot, build up plenty of equity to offset the further interest rate hikes .... they're only going one way, up!!

Barclays Blue Rewards Double Rewards This Month!
Found 7th Dec 2017Found 7th Dec 2017
Barclays Blue Rewards Double Rewards This Month!
Join Barclays Blue Rewards this festive season and get double rewards in December. It’s our way of making your Christmas extra special – all for just £3 a month We’ll give you £3… Read more

I’ve eventually received a cash back!!!! Had to phone them and loads showed up that hadn’t before. Can now see a list with them on


The one on the joint account will be in just one of your names (whoever can see the wallet in online banking or the app) the other person could then put it on a sole account and would be ‘new


Ok thanks. We already have it on the joint account, I may as well add it to my current account.


Only new.


Does anyone know if the double rewards is for new Blue Rewards customers only, or does it apply to people that already have Blue Rewards?

Barclays 2-year fixed mortgage 2.09%, £399, max LTV 90%
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Barclays 2-year fixed mortgage 2.09%, £399, max LTV 90%
Barclays has revamped its mortgage range is launching a load of new products available from 24 November. The stand out ones are at 90% LTV – so, if you have a 10% deposit. … Read more
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For 90% LTV it seems good.


Is that good? We are only paying 1.59%. I know rates went up a quarter point, but even so.


You might need to consider a valuation fee as well within comparison as not all companies charge one.

10% Cashback at Argos, Currys PC World with Barclays
Found 14th Nov 2017Found 14th Nov 2017
Just had this email and thought could be useful for some. Enjoy 10% cashback** on Black Friday deals Whether you are treating yourself to some new tech or making a start with you… Read more

How long pass the due date should i start to worry about cashback? Never used any cashback service until november.


Yes, if you abide by the terms.


Does this actually work?


Tried this with House of Fraser on a £35.40 order, paid with £30 in gift vouchers and the rest by credit card. Tracked at 54p so gift voucher payment seems to be excluded.


No reason why not. You can pay however you like so can’t see any reason a gift code wouldn’t work. Just can’t use a discount code.

Barclays Blue Rewards - double reward for Nov
Found 4th Nov 2017Found 4th Nov 2017
Barclays Blue Rewards - double reward for Nov
Barclays Blue Rewards is a Casback option for their current account customers who pay the £3 monthly fee and pay in £800 per month. In return they pay £7 for 2 direct debits. If… Read more

Unfortunately, the double rewards offers looks to be for new Blue Rewards customers only. Check out the Important Information section. Important information Offer valid for new Blue Rewards members only.


​Sorry, should have said that in my Original post. But, surprise existing customers DO get the double reward as well, as best as I can understand. Shocking, I know 😋 Also, if you pay insurance premiums. But you haven't been on hukd long if you do that (single/annual premium work out cheaper i.e the APR for monthly premium is high Blurb from the offer page Insurance reward – up to £3 a month You’ll get up to £3 a month when you take out or renew buildings or contents cover. Platinum Barclaycard with Barclays Blue Rewards Get £1 cashback every month you spend on your card for up to 24 months from opening your Barclaycard account.


I joined blu rewards 2 weeks ago, just in time to miss that offer :)


Do exisitng blue reward customers get the double reward for the direct debits?

Barclays 10-year fixed mortgage for existing customers from 2.39%
Found 3rd Nov 2017Found 3rd Nov 2017
Barclays 10-year fixed mortgage for existing customers from 2.39%
Barclays have a series of 10-year fixed rate mortgages open to existing Barclays mortgage customers (there are some qualification requirements; please check). No legal or valuation… Read more

But if you're already in a fix they won't allow you to go to this without paying exit fees. You think if they locked you in for ten years it would just change your mortgage without any penalties.


I just tried barclays I done an aip and they are offering me £60,000 less than my current mortgage!!! Say that’s all I can afford even though I’ve been over paying my current lender £200 a month on top of my mortgage. Idiots . 51% LTV as well no risk to them at all. Sticking with my 1.35% instead . Was going to get their 5 year fixed 1.79%.


It needs to go back up in case there's no deal in 2019, in which it'll go back down again


Depending on how much you need to borrow, First Direct has some fee-free ones - by comparison the 60% LTV one from them is 2.49%. Say you want to borrow £120k, the difference in monthly payments is about £6. Over 10 years that works out less than the arrangement fee for Barclays. Also FD's ERC charges are 3% for the first year and 2% after that, and they allow unlimited over-payments if you can afford that. The Barclays rates are on the MSE mortgage comparison tool along with TSB one at the same rates, so it may not be just for existing customers either.


They have been saying that for a while but know it will be to big of a shock in the next few years

Barclays blue rewards - 10% cashback
Found 3rd Nov 2017Found 3rd Nov 2017
Pocket a special 10% cashback Shop online at Argos, Currys, PC World, House of Fraser and JD Sports until 5 December. T&Cs and retailer exclusions apply.

Anyone had any further luck getting their money from Barclays? I too have followed all the 'rules' and bought a tele and a washing machine but seen no cash back for either!


I’ve used both Quidco and tcb and they register, albeit after a long duration but they do none the less. However with Barclays I’ve bought several things going through the site, doing everything as I should, then paying as I normally would. But to date nothing has tracked back. I don’t even know where it is supposed to be paid into, I’m presuming into my blue rewards. The only thing in my rewards is the £7 I receive a month. Could you please let me know how you get on with the phone call, I’d ring myself but there just isn’t enough hours in the day for me as it is, just to be faffing about. I’ve just not used them since, but I’d like to get to the bottom of it still


I’m having the same issue. Nothing is registering. I’m going to phone them tomorrow they not pocketing my cash back.


So are they pocketing the cash back? I accused them of it by email and she said of course they are not, I had to phone Barclays but not got round to it yet. Topcashback it registers as soon as you buy something or within a few hours but Barclays just stays as nothing


Could you please explain what you mean by that? I’ve got the Barclays blue rewards and even after I’ve bought things I’ve not received any cashback. About the only thing I do get is the £7 into my rewards. So after paying out my £3 I’m effectively £4 a month better off but nothing when I buy things via cashback. Am I doing something wrong?