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Barclays Mortgage - 5Yr Fixed 1.74% - 75% LTV - Fee £999
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Barclays revised their Re-Mortgage rates again on all its products making 5 Yr. Fixed the lowest in the market at 1.74%. With Brexit fast approaching there could be further fall in… Read more
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I have 90k remaining n don’t intend on moving.


Depends how much you have on your mortgage and whether you are looking to move in the future. We have to wait and see what happens at the end of October. As stated, if we leave with a deal, interest rates will slowly start to creep up. You would best start the ball rolling now and pay 2ish% to leave early as would save this over the 5-10year term on current interest rates.


My mortgage is due for renewal in Feb 2020 so hoping it falls n probably take out a 5yr or 10 year fixed?


Can you overpay 10% on this one or does it incurr 3% repayment charge


Good advice, I hadn't even thought of that. I guess with having a lower interest rate, the monthly payments with will be lower, creating the opportunity to make overpayments, also reducing that capital.

Free Ice Cream Cone from Hotel Chocolat every 7 days via Barclays Rewards App (For Premier Customers Only)
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Posted 29th JulPosted 29th JulLocalLocal
Free Ice Cream Cone from Hotel Chocolat every 7 days via Barclays Rewards App This offer is valid from Monday 29 July 2019until Sunday 11 August 2019. This offer is valid for on… Read more

‘Least free’ hahaha


BBC News - Hotel Chocolat in plea to find missing 'Chocmobile'


For those who don't bank with Barclays, trust me when I say that you are NOT missing out. Hotel Chocolat call this the "Ice cream of the Gods" - well if that's the case, they didn't have much taste. This ice cream is without a shadow of doubt the worse ice cream you will ever eat. Don't believe me? -They were giving it away to bystanders last year for free, because nobody came back after getting them for free via the o2 app. ENJOY ;)


Sure they fund arms dealers and blood diamonds, but they do give you ice cream to make it better.


Is there a vegan option?

Barclays double rewards if you switch (even for current bank customers)
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Basicly I have barclays current account and get 7 pounds a month for paying in at least 800 pounds a montn and having 2 direct debits. Now...I also have Natwest bank account...I h… Read more
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Hi just an updated. As of this month I get 14 pounds a month and my partner too. So 28 pounds just for having 2 bank accounts after banks switch;) It works out 7 pounds on one day and a week later bank pays another 7 pounds(4pounds account fee though).


Basicly i have barclays bank accout(BBA what ever that means.i think it means i have overdraft on it). I have also unused Natwest bank account(i opened it to get 125£ free cash and since i got the cash i have not used it). So barclays does this deal for current account holders as well DOUBLE REWARDS for bank switch. So i am in process of being switched from Natwest to That BBA barclays bank account. So when the switch is over and done, natwest bank account will be closed and I will start getting 14£ a month for 12 month(14 - 4fee. = 10of free money every month for 12 months=120).a no brainer (cheeky) (y) So I will still have ONE bank account and not two.


are you telling me you can have two accounts which both get the reward and you only pay one fee? 7+7-fee (I currently pay £3) at the moment I get £4 a month, I'm sure its one of the worst reward accounts but I've had the account for so many years I can't be bothered to switch, if I can double the reward by opening a second account I might do that


Yeah...yet people vot it cold. Free money is not something they like to get...yet some play lottery hoping they will get millions...poor souls.


Great if you have a mortgage or insurance with Barclays as they're added, I opened an account just to pay my mortage and a couple of DDs which have netted me £21 a month over the past year nearly((£5+£3.50+£3.50) doubled -£3 fee).

Barclays switch incentive - Earn up to £168 or £252 for switching
29/11/2019Expires on 29/11/2019Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Switch your bank account to usEarn up to £168 or £252 for switching ============= If you switch to us, and make sure you’ve turned on Barclays Blue Rewards by 30 November 2019, you… Read more

800 can be just transfered from non barclys account If a man is on 300 pound benegits all it taked is just transfer money out to halifax lets say. And then move back .transfer out and back again. Simples (embarrassed)


That bloke is clearly on wrong webside...complains department is 300 miles away from here (lol)


A complete no-brainer for any existing Barclays current account holder with Blue Rewards already. £800 a month is doable for most. I'd agree that for switchers there are lower hanging fruit to perhaps pick off first, but I'm still surprised this is in cold territory tbh. I'll be sorting this out as soon as I can be bothered to download the app!


Indeed. Less than five minutes in the Barclays app to switch an unused account for an extra £84. Not exactly the worst use of my time, that. It's a benefit that is open to new and existing customers as well as one that continually rewards loyalty for people that actually stick with the bank, yet somehow attracts posts like the one I responded to earlier.


No reason for this to be voted cold. It's a switching bonus which is available to everybody regardless of whether they've had a bonus before. That is a rare thing. This is hot.

Barclays Remortgage - 1.83% 5 Year Fixed - 75% LTV
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Barclays revised their Re-Mortgage rates on all its products making 5 Yr. Fixed the lowest in the market at 1.83%. Other products including 2Y Fixed might be cheaper in the market … Read more
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Stay away from any of the 'free legals' if the legal company is optima legal!!!!.... google them, absolutely shocking!


1.79%, 5 year, remortgage only, 75% LTV at Santander


That sounds quite good


Sounds like the perfect time to go for a no fee, when you need the cash in hand... Crazy that they tried to force you down one route when you explicitly told them your reasoning. Personally I would have followed the advice given, getting it in writing that adding fees to mortgage wouldn't cost any more over the lifetime of the loan, then make a complaint. My first remortgage with Barclays netted me over £800 in compensation, and I reckon it took me 3hrs to gather evidence and write a letter. Always worth remembering these people are regulated heavily and are giving you advice that must be best for you.


Because he took a day off work to go into a branch where a jumped up little so and so thought he could dictate terms and my son would just do as he`s told. After saying that he didn`t want the deal with fee`s as he would rather keep the money in his pocket to use for other moving costs, the "advisor" just added it to the mortgage and when asked how much would that now cost over the lifetime of the mortgage got TOLD it would still be £999!!!!! At this point knowing he had been rumbled and claiming he didn`t get commision on sales, he refused to progress the application. Luckily I was outside waiting for him so I went to speak to the manager!

Barclays 2 year fixed rate mortgage 1.44%  60% LTV £999 fee
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Refreshed 27th AprRefreshed 27th Apr
Barclays 2 year fixed rate mortgage 1.44% 60% LTV £999 fee
1.44% fixed until 31 July 2021 £999 fee 60% loan to value

That’s a difficult question to answer as every client has different circumstances and needs, there isn’t a one size fits all. You have to consider what you want, peace of mind and payment security or something that might give you a bit more flexibility but comes with the risk of a fluctuating payment. I’d also consider the difference between the fixed and tracker rate if it’s not massive that might help you decide amongst other factors Sorry I can’t be more specific without going into greater detail specific to your needs


This is not strictly true there was no difference in proc fees on a 2 yr tracker to a fixed, some fees back then differed depending on lender. Only slight variance is that some lenders have offered slight enhancements on 5yr deals but all that has now ceased. You can get fixed rates with no penalties and vice a versa you can have trackers with penalties so you have to be careful. There are quite a few sweeping statements above.


have been lucky with Barclay mortgage deals over the years - currently on a tracker base rate +0.49% which didn't have any fees when i switched to it a few years ago. Will pay it all off if base rate goes up again.


I worked with an ex-broker who advised me that brokers make money from getting people to take out fixed rates rather than trackers. At the time (2011) I was on a fixed and he said it was a no-brainer to get a fee free lifetime tracker as base rate was low. I think that knowing that there is a penalty for overpaying on a fixed rate deters people from paying but with no penalty on the tracker I made over payments galore - have now paid off mortgage and take his advice as gold as it worked for me Only difference now is that base rate a bit higher and not sure if they do lifetime trackers anywhere, but even in this economy where it seems likely that the base rate will be going up, I would still be inclined to search for a tracker with option of no penalty for unlimited overpayments.


As a broker, would you be inclined to be suggesting to your clients to fix for 2,3,5 years as opposed to move to a tracker deal? I ask as I am up for renewal. The tracker saves me around £60 a month (against a 2 year fixed). I know this is a how long is a piece of string type question, but interested in your opinion..

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Barclays Mortgage - 5 year fix @ 1.90%  with 75% LTV + £999 product fees
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Barclays Mortgage - 5 year fix @ 1.90% with 75% LTV + £999 product fees
I am not a mortgage advisor and you should consult an independent broker for your needs. Noticed above deal while switching my current 2 yr deal, seems good deal. considering pre… Read more
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Been lurking for many years so made an account! Was born and raised on aol 3.0 free trails lol


Makes sense that as a big corporate wheel they would be good at flipping nice easy jobs for cash, not so good when something a bit out of the ordinary comes up. In terms of your final question I would suggest you remember on which side your bread is buttered ;) You'll never hear the end of it if you fix for 2 and interest rates go up 0.75% in that time. That is just about the only "given" in this situation, might as well let that lead you since any speculation on rates is exactly that- speculation.


One of the best trolling comments on here recently. Good work. The standard of trolling has been woeful on HUKD. Fielding the tried and tested London vs. Rest Of The World line was perfect strategy. It's an oldun but a goodun.


I avoided Barclays like the plague for this very reason. Life's far too short to be wasted with those jokers. Nearly had our purchase fall through due to their farcical back office. Eventually were forced to ditch them and go with HSBC who managed to get the mortgage sorted in the time it takes Barclays to pick up the phone!


all true but the other side of the coin is you have to weigh up being paid a fraction of what you would if you worked in a big city or a hugely long commute. then theres that fact that you know if you're out in the sticks life is pretty much as good as its ever going to get, its not like you can downsize to somewhere quiet as thats where you already are. Us grumpy overworked city folk have that all to look forward to, not to mention the extortionate amounts we'll hopefully be able to sell our homes for in 10 -15 years ... horses for courses and all that :)

Barclays Blue Rewards - Current Account £7 Cashback for 2 Direct Debits (with £3 Fee)
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Barclays Blue Rewards - Current Account £7 Cashback for 2 Direct Debits (with £3 Fee)
If you have a Barclays current account and pay in £800 a month then you might want to consider joining 'Blue Rewards'. It gives you a £3.50 reward per direct debit (up to £7). Th… Read more

The 0% rate might just be a feature of their current accounts then as the Blue Rewards is basically just an add-on for regular current accounts rather than an account in itself. In any case, you could always move the money out automatically the day after payday so it goes to an interest-earning account instead. That said, I didn't realise they had occasional 2x promotions. That would be a much better time to join then. Please do post about it the next time it comes up if it's not already posted. I'll expire this deal for now in light of this. Thanks.


I had this account and there is 0% interest IIRC. Also they keep running promotions from time to time where you get 2x blue rewards for 24 months, best to keep an eye out I moved out to HSBC because they were offering 200, will switch back once they have some promotion


So by your logic they lend your £800 at 2%, that’s £16 per year, £1.33 per month. They then give you £4, so lose £2.67 per month per account. On top of this they have the cost running your account and the borrowers loan, then also the branches, call centre, online, sending statements, debit card, processing all your payments, insure against fraud etc. Etc. Etc. Hate to break it to you but that isn’t how banks make money.


You still earn interest on the £800 - it's a regular current account. Don't you bank with anyone?? You could even have the £800 moved out and into a savings account the day afterwards by direct debit if you want, it doesn't have to stay there...


pay in 800 a month so barclays can lend that out for 1-3% IR and then reward you with £4 profit how generous of them

Free bottle of wine from Majestic Wines via Barclays Rewards App
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Posted 28th MarPosted 28th MarLocalLocal
Open the Barclays Premier Rewards App Redeem one free bottle of Spring Break Chardonnay, Petit Perdigal Rouge or Belvoir Elderflower Cordial from Tuesday 26 March to Friday 29 Mar… Read more

£100,000 saved ? or £75,000 salary?


Agreed it was the best reward, every day.


Majestic are as of this week closing shops and re branding as naked wine. The only things i can use in the chester region will be english heritage at beeston castle and the goumet card


yeah gutted about the PV free coffee it was by far the best thing about rewards


They Piturehouse Cinema reward is closing in June and the P Valarie reward closed when they went into administration so the rewards app is a bit of a waste of time these days. The wine maybe a bribe to make up for the other rewards closing? If I drank then maybe I'd be down Oddbins to get my free bottle though. 8)

Barclays mortgage - 1.63% fixed for 2 years -  £299 fee 60% LTV
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Refreshed 30th MarRefreshed 30th Mar
Barclays mortgage - 1.63% fixed for 2 years - £299 fee 60% LTV
This is the best 2 yr fixed I've been able to find for my own situation.

Are you looking to fix for 5 years? That’s the general consensus at the moment.


Can anybody give me some advice on it? I went to Mortgage broker and asked them this deal. However, they suggested me to go with Nationwide with 1.99%, cashback £500 and I need to pay solicitor around £520 thus almost no fee. I do not have big mortgage, I borrow 69k and 15 years. Do you have any better deal to suggest? Thanks


Thanks @Jules_HT that’s what I thought I would prefer for L&C to act on my behalf but I was just confirming that I’m not at any disadvantage. Thanks again for confirming my initial thoughts.


I've used them as they did all the searching for me and therefore I'd already done most of the form filling. Since then they have presented to the lender, come back to me asking for certain documents and checked they meet requirements before forwarding them. I don't think I would have gained anything going on my own. Someone else did post a link on one of these deals to some cashback broker sites (so they give some of their fee back to you). For the money involved (£200 for me) vs the hassle of repeating the process and using someone I had never heard of, I didn't bother. But if I was going to pull out of L&C it would be to do this (not to just have to do all the leg work myself as you are proposing).


Hi All just another quick question. I’ve had L&C on the phone who were checking rates for me. They have come back with nothing much better then my current provider Barclays, 1.83% with a fee of 999. The question is what’s the advantage or disadvantage for letting them act on my behalf. I know they receive a fee and I have a good relationship with the advisor who I have used previously for a few buy to let’s. Is there any benefit for me to do the change myself? Do I lose out on anything or is it just simply a fee that L&C receive. Thanks again for all the help.

Barclays 5 year fix mortgage at 1.94%  75% LTV
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Barclays 5 year fix mortgage at 1.94% 75% LTV
Hey all, So firstly i'm not a mortgage adviser so please do appropriate due diligence around your own individual financial situation before applying for products etc etc. With… Read more

Thanks OP, had mortgage app today - 5 year fix at 2.41% ltv - 90% By far the cheapest. Thanks again mate.


You top, top, top person! I was just about to pull the trigger on a First Direct 60% LTV 5 year at 1.99%. Am currently on the phone speaking with the Barclays boys and girls sorting this out instead hopefully! This is what HUKD is all about. Very, very appreciated !


Don't fix you say...... ....rates going down..... .......It's good to know they'll continue to fall....... ..........have you the lottery numbers..... you know if we will have a hard or soft brexit..... ............Please Nostradamus 2.0...... tell..........


Rates are going down. Don't fix



Barclays Card Block Service - Mobile banking customers can switch off problem spendings
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Posted 11th Dec 2018Posted 11th Dec 2018
Barclays Card Block Service - Mobile banking customers can switch off problem spendings
The new feature launched from today by Barclays could help those dealing with gambling problems, for example, to cut off their spending in betting shops and on gambling websites. … Read more

Well, I switched the wife's card off for payments in pubs when she went out with her mates, and it saved me a fortune! Just pretended to be asleep when she came storming back, then denied all knowledge (y)


This seems pointless - because you could just go back in and switch it on again! I It's nothing but a gimmick.


great facility. my brother has a barclays card and i have switched the payments off for him as he is vulnerable.


Should have done this from day 1. Give me strength. Barclays does care about it's customers. NO! (lol)


Blocking a fatty from spending on fast food isn't going to stop them drawing a tenner out for a couple of big tasteys.

Free Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus From Barclays Bank
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Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
I used to use kaspersky free from Barclays but they stopped dealing with them. Did a quick search and it came up with this. I am a Barclays customer but it didn't ask me anything w… Read more



Thanks, heat added.


Or more if its the 3 user version


Thanks OP


Kaspersky to Webroot (lol) No thank you Barclays these products aren't even in the same league. Massive downgrade for your customers. "No time-consuming updates or slow scans" Meaning their not very pro-active in updating or trying to counter threats past, present or future.

Barclays earn up to £132 in 12 months with doubled Blue Rewards by switching bank accounts
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Posted 1st Oct 2018Posted 1st Oct 2018
While it doesn't give an upfront bonus, switch to Barclays and sign up to its Blue Rewards scheme by Wed 14 November and you'll get double rewards for a year if you meet direct deb… Read more

Yes. Good rewards. Better customer service.


No unfortunately not lucky (or wealthy enough) to have saved £100k or be earning £75k. Maybe their Premer account is more suited to a Premiership player. Out of my reach definitely. Oh well, back to money saving just to live happily, despite working full-time!


Does anyone have a Barclays Premier account?


Would they not? Well, that is what she believes she did, via taxi (and this is the relevance of her age) but I suspect it was (can't be sure) only the £200. Bottom line is CS has been abysmal from day 1. I'm sure about the other issues, but I'm working on the weight associated with 1000 £2 coins. I want to get roughly 26.5 lb in weight together, and see how she handles it, I don't think she can.


With Starling it’s free to have a replacement for a lost or stolen card in the uk. £60 if you’re abroad.

Barclaycard Offers 0% for 12 months or 6.9% indefinitely until paid off.
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Posted 25th Sep 2018Posted 25th Sep 2018
Barclaycard Offers 0% for 12 months or 6.9% indefinitely until paid off.
Check your Barclaycard offers page they currently have 2 offers running 1. is 0% until Oct 2019 1.9% fee 2. 6.9% no time limit until the balance is cleared 2.9% fee The 2nd is… Read more

Yes it's only for existing customers


So can the existing customers benefit from this?


Sept 2020 for mine, transferred this morning.


Are you serious? 6.9 woudl equate a £1000 loan over 1 year = £1,037.76 repayable the 2.9% would be £29.00 with the APR = 30.09 total repayable would be £1067.85... Wonga! £1000 loan Wonga had rates of up to 4,214% representative APR that would mean if you paid nothign for 1 year you would owe them 42k!! Think you are the only one mate, not so sure many people care about the fact taking a 33 month balance transfer would have some effects on your credit file..


Outrageous 2:9% BT Then 6:9% apr Wonga reinventing FREEZING

Barclays regular saver £250 a month @ 10% fixed 12 months, no withdrawals
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Posted 23rd Aug 2018Posted 23rd Aug 2018
Barclays regular saver £250 a month @ 10% fixed 12 months, no withdrawals
Apparently Barclays current account customers will be able to open a linked regular savings account from tomorrow which pays 10% interest. If it does materialise, I will update wi… Read more
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Last week Bradford & Bingley also launched its 10% Christmas saver account (lol)



Updated 17february 2006? It says on the copied letter where did you get this from


Just remember you will have pay tax on this if you've more than £1000 interest per annum.


I’m calling BS

10% Cashback at Just Eat for Barclays Account Holders
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Posted 26th Jun 2018Posted 26th Jun 2018
10% Cashback at Just Eat for Barclays Account Holders
Didn't see this last time ( it used to be 20% ) but I'm still happy with 10%. "Merchant notes": Good to know Please note that cashback may initially track at a lower rate b… Read more

Well, it is cashback after all...


Only downside It takes months for them to honour the credit


Heat OP, decent offer - though it's not as good as last time

Barclays Green Home Mortgage 2.34% 5 year fixed 90% LTV
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Posted 6th Jun 2018Posted 6th Jun 2018
Barclays Green Home Mortgage 2.34% 5 year fixed 90% LTV
Best deal in market for 90% LTV is from first direct at 2.39% 5 year fixed at 90% LTV None of the comparison sites mentioned this offer. Found it while combing through different pr… Read more

My 1.94% 5 year started today... no fees and no hassle.


Did you find the 1.94?


How much you put down a deposit?


First direct 2.29, no fee, 5y fixed. Cannot see 1.94


I've just applied for their 5 yr @1.94% no fee

20% Cashback @ Just Eat for Barclays Account Holders
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Posted 6th Jun 2018Posted 6th Jun 2018
20% Cashback @ Just Eat for Barclays Account Holders
20% cashback on Just Eat orders using a Barclays account. Follow the get deal link or use the banking app to activate and order through your account to get cashback. There's also … Read more

I don't think so.


Looking for any spare just eat codes and happy to swap with a wuntu code? Please pm Thanks ks in advance


Does this include Barclaycard credit card accounts?


anyone got the cashback from this? didnt track for me and no easy way to get in contact. Barclays cashback looks pretty poorly managed


They've started doing that where I live there sick of them....

Barclays doubles Blue Rewards for switchers for a year – earn £132+ in 12 months
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Posted 2nd May 2018Posted 2nd May 2018
Barclays doubles Blue Rewards for switchers for a year – earn £132+ in 12 months
Barclays has upped the stakes in the current account switching wars by offering new current account switchers double the normal amount of cash that can be earned on its Blue Reward… Read more
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