IBM T21 Laptop £119.99 @ Bigpockets
IBM T21 Laptop £119.99  @ Bigpockets

IBM T21 Laptop £119.99 @ Bigpockets

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Not the greatest spec, but if you're just after something for surfing/email, watching a few dvd's or office work it'll do the trick.

Product description IBM ThinkPad T21 Laptop P3 700Mhz
CPU / Processor Intel Pentium 3 800Mhz
Hard Drive Size 20 Gb Minimum
RAM / Memory Size 256Mb Minimum
Optical Drive(s) DVD-ROM
Network / Connectivity 56k Modem, Wi-fi Wireless
Audio / Sound 16 bit Sound
Screen 14.1 Inch TFT Screen
Additional 2x USB, Ac Adaptor, Battery, UK Keyboard
Operating System Windows XP Pro


Original Poster

This is a refurb of course with 30 day gurantee.

You are better off spending a little more for something better as as soon as you buy this it's going to be worth virtually nothing as it's so dated.

are big pockets not part of a certain nettex roup ?

Would have expected it to be a T23 at that price tbh.

this deal may be hot in one area: the supplied operating system.
an OEM version of XP Professional is about £80 (if you can still find it at retailers).
deduct the value of XP Pro from the purchase price and effectively you have paid about £30 for the hardware.
in this context, the deal has to be hot?
of course this will be of zero interest to those who habitually run questionable and unlicenced versions of windows, or the freeware OS users - but hey, these examples are not mainstream users.
wonder if BP will sell this item without the OS at £30...:-D


twonder if BP will sell this item without the OS at £30...:-D

Lol. It's a preinstalled version so basically worthless. A T21 runs better on 98/2K or linux. Really struggles on XP even with all the flash and pizazz switched off. A bit like running Vista with 512mb of ram.


Lol. It's a preinstalled version so basically worthless...

"Worthless" may be a little out of context as I suspect all Microsoft OEM operating systems have similar EULAs that commit the OEM version to that machine for life.
This would also apply to any current machine that was supplied with an OEM version of Windows (virtually all branded laptops).
I doubt a retailer would be able to convince many customers to buy a machine, then throw an additional £80+ at an operating system they may recognise.
In that context, any machine supplied with a genuine Microsoft operating system has true value and is not worthless.

Why spend £114 on a laptop that could be up to 8 years old ( these hit the market on 20 Aug 2000) , they are probably ex corparate and had a hard life, the batteries probably wont last that long.

I had one of these 3 years ago,it will be very slow running current simply programs and using the internet.
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