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HP Pavilion 15.6" laptop with Intel Core i5 processor and aluminum body + 2 year pick-up & return - £442.90 delivered +4% Quidco @ iBOOD
Found 12th May 2011Found 12th May 2011
Saw this on iBOOD today and thought I'd have to share with anyone looking for a decent laptop/notebook! Seems like an excellent price considering it's an i5 processor, plenty of RA… Read more
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Can someone find a cheaper branded i5 laptop with a 2 year warranty? If not then stop voting this cold.


Good price for the spec, old i5 processor but what do you want for the price? heat added


-17 with no comments as to why they are leaving negative feedback. Great job guys...


Sorry no I wasn't having a go or anything :) 1366x768 (WXGA) is quite 'standard' and so any bigger resolution laptops always steal the limelight. To be honest though I prefer the resolution to be like this otherwise the icons and text gets too small to read. Thanks for the heat X)


Yes I have , The delivery is a bit slow but the goods are as described , good quality kit , good communication as well ,

Panasonic compact SD camcorder with 78x enhanced optical zoom and 33mm wide angle lens- 2 Years Warranty - £127.90 Delivered @ iBood
Found 9th May 2011Found 9th May 2011
# Brand: Panasonic # Type: SDR-S70 Compact SD Camcorder # Dramatic close-up with improved 78x optical zoom # Advanced O.I.S. Active Mode # 33mm wide angle lens # Wind Noise Cancell… Read more
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Gotta love the Test Freaks score of 9.1 which they have prominently placed which relates to 3 user reviews.


Customers (I have been one) main complaints about IBOOD are very poor customer service and the standard £8 delivery charge, which is not viable on small, lightweight, or low value products. They do sometimes have good prices on certain products but if it is electronic or electrical please read terms and conditions. There are guarantees, but it could involve the customer retuning the product to Europe. So make sure what the guarantee is and who pays the shipping costs !


This is fantastic value and the unit is perfect for recording your kids growing up and holidays and your mates playing football, or your missus sister doing a pole dance etc for £127 you dont have to get very much to be getting a bargain. For what i want a camcorder for decent battery life, sensible filesize and compact this is brilliant. If however you want to get aircraft numbers or sit at London Bridge getting HD videos of trains going by then an HD one may be better for you, but for the kids example when i borrowed an HD one the shake on it was far worse than on the non HD and this was far more of a downer than the res.


Whatever man. I assume you've never used this camera, but you automatically claim it has poor stabilization? nice going there, buck. So you may as well get a HD camera? No, those are at least double the resolution, which is the biggest cause of stabilization problems. Want to record your holidays? Or a day out somewhere? Which will be the better option? A HD Camcorder which dies after 45 minutes of footage or an SD one which records for far, far longer? And your it can be stored on USB or DVD argument. Yes, it can... but have you ever edited HD recordings? I literally spent an entire day on one before, re-encoding, adding text overlays, splicing the videos up. It's time consuming and not fun working with data that large. You're going to need dual layer discs and even those won't store that many videos. Whereas recordings from this from a whole holiday will easily fit on one DVD-R and won't bring something like Windows Movie Maker to a complete halt...


the image stabilsation in panny camcorders is excellent

Sony Duopack In-Ear Headphones with Superb Sonic Performance with Deep Bass (x2) - £22.90 Delivered @ iBOOD
Found 7th May 2011Found 7th May 2011
2 YEARS WARRANTY!!! # Brand: Sony # Type: MDR-EX35LPR # Duopack! # Superb sonic performance with deep bass # Convenient cord adjuster and cord slider to prevent tangling # Closed, … Read more
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paying so much more for the colour! cold all day long


I think colour's important, just not that important :) Voting hot, as, to be fair, this is a very good price when comparing like-for-like (which we must always do on HUKD). Also, average deal temp. of -34°? Ouch. Oh snap!


Voting cold: postage at just under £8 is way too much.


And who pays more for a different colour phone then? If a handset is released in a few colours then the price is usually the same. Voted cold.


ok then i guess some people dont regard colour as important tell that to people who pay extra for a different colour phone

Dell Inspiron 17.3 inch Notebook with i3 Processor and HD + WLED screen and Bluetooth + 2YR Collect & return Warranty!- £407.90 delivered @IBOOD
Found 6th May 2011Found 6th May 2011
# 2 years CAR (Collect and Return) warranty # Brand: Dell # Type: Inspiron 1764 # I3 370M 2.40GHz Intel Core processor # Windows 7 ® Home Premium (64bit OS) # 17.3 "(1600x900) WLE… Read more


Dell Inspiron 17.3 inch Laptop - 4GB/ 500GB/ i3 370M/ 1GB ATI HD 5450/ 2 Year Warranty/ 1600x900 Resolution - £407.90 Delivered (4% Quidco Available) @ iBOOD
Found 6th May 2011Found 6th May 2011
Direct Link: http://www.ibood.com/uk/en/product_specs/5558/Dell_Inspiron_173_inch__Notebook_with_i3_Processor_and_HD__WLED_screen_and_Bluetooth/ Brand: Dell Type: Inspiron 1764 I… Read more
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Yes, I've had mine a week now. VERY pleased with quality and performance.The battery is great as it acts as a stand so that air can circulate properly below the machine.


Hi, Just wanted to know if anyone has recieved the item - i have not ordered one but keen to know if Ibood are up to standards. i have checked their forum and someone recieved it on friday 20th with a damaged screen and no warranty. http://uk-en.forum.ibood.com/5558-dell_inspiron_173_inch__notebook_with_i3_processor_and_hd__wled_screen_and_bluetooth/


If the warranty is with Dell, which is highly likely, then whether you purchase in holland or UK doesn't matter - they will service it local to where you are on a collect and return basis. It may also be possible to upgrade the warranty direct with dell to a next business day where an engineer comes to your house to fix it. If this is the case then buying from holland is low risk. Hot deal! Great bangs per £


scores 4.6 base score so can't be that bad?


I have bought a few bits and pieces off iBood over the years. By the time you receive it the machine will be a few months older! Very slow delivery in my experience. Dreadful support from reading the posts in the product forum on their site though the stuff I bought from them has not been faulty. It's basicly a Dirty Harry type purchase, do you feel lucky?

One For All Xsight Colour Universal Remote – £42.90 Delivered @ iBOOD
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
Brand: One For All Type: Xsight Colour 8602 Universal remote guaranteed to work with every brand 2.2” colour screen and easy access to all major functions No manual required for se… Read more
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Great remote (what hifi best buy) and significantly cheaper than elsewhere. Other ibood deals hot on here, so makes little sense to me that this one cold?


Fair enough. Just thought it might be a good deal for someone. :)


No idea what the product is like but I have experience of the "retailer" - cold.

Maglite silver flashlite size 3D-cell with 3 watt LED_ 10 year ltd warrant £23.90 @Ibood
Found 3rd May 2011Found 3rd May 2011
# Brand: Maglite # Type: 3D-cell flashlite # Colour: Silver # A Powerful Projecting Beam that focuses simply by rotating the head. # Balanced OpticsT, combining a highly refined re… Read more

get the torch and itll burn a hole in your pocket and everything else lol....was worlds most powerful torch at 4100 lumens and £250 (burns paper in 1 sec, plastic in 2 secs and id say probably say its not advisable looking at it when on....lol...or leave it on near petrol on a serious not i prefer led lenser only prob with dealextreme ones is that they dont last long on a high power.....my mte3-2 lasts about 1 hour on full 700 lumens.....but is way brighter than my led lenser p7 (200 lumens), but the led lenser lasts longer on a set of batteries agree that the maglite is by far the best weapon...hahaha


Just need to highlight you will need some 18650 batteries and a charger as well. You can't buy 18650's like you can pick up D cells.


I'll agree that they are not the brightest, but how many people always run the DX torches on max anyway. I've got a few DX torches and the build quality of some of them is really bad - just read some of the comments on the site things like overheating, flickering, missing o rings etc come up time and time again. If you want a torch with good build quality and would be handy (it has some weight) if someone broke into your house I would still consider this torch. If you want a torch brighter than the sun that may or may not work as expected then try DX. Or get the best of both worlds and buy this torch and fit a new LED drop in from DX.


Agreed with the above comment, 104 lumens is very poor. For example you can get a 1000 lumen CREE flashlight from DX for £17.11...clicky...


lousy 104 lumens......maglites are well made but waaay behind the times to led lenser, the torch, fenix and chinese torches sourced via dealextreme

Remington Professional Hair Clipper + complete accessories in box & 10 years warranty on the motor- £42.90 delivered @IBOOD
Found 2nd May 2011Found 2nd May 2011
10 YEARS WARRANTY!! # Brand: Remington # Type: HC5810 Genius # Precise trimmer # Self-sharpening blades with Advanced Ceramic coating # Short length adjustment for precise cutting … Read more

This is about the price you can get a proper WAHL professional model. eg. Super Taper. Don't even think about Remington crap!


Batteries and Blades which probably aren't even covered under the 3 year warranty will die long before the motor, Wouldn't be surprized if no one ever claimed for a new motor




what model is this? just found it HC5810 Genius

LG 37 inch Full HD LED TV with TruMotion 100Hz, 2.4ms response time and 4x HDMI- £409.90 Delivered! @IBOOD
Found 2nd May 2011Found 2nd May 2011
2 YEARS WARRANTY!! # Brand: LG # Type: 37LE5300 # 37 inch/94cm LCD TV # Smart energy saving Plus # Wireless Media Box Ready # LED Backlight technology # 1080P Full HD, 1920x1080 # … Read more

Also what about returns, I would not like to ship this thing to the netherlands, and HOPE they honour the warranty. I would rather spend an extra 100, buy in the uk and get a warranty as well. But like RYSIO101 said, cheaper in the uk. Really dont know about this Ibood place, I know they are genuine, but what are their customer services like


£399 Delivered

Samsung HMX-T10 Camcorder Full HD 1080p - £122.90 Delivered @ iBood
Found 30th Apr 2011Found 30th Apr 2011
Samsung HMX-T10 Camcorder * Full 1920x 1080i HD resolution * Advanced 1 / 4.1" 5M Pixel BSI (Back Side Illuminated) CMOS Sensor * Active angle lens and Smart OIS (opti… Read more

Panasonic SD60 is considered the best budget camcorder and thats around £250 (TM55 the same camera with built in flash memory was on clearance at argos for £200), these like the posted Samsung are super budget camcorders that you get what you pay for; some of the crappy cannons or the Toshiba, sanyo xacti are in that price range. Good price for what it is.


Theres lots of good reviews from other sites and people :)


Not very good review from Amazon


Excellent price Hot from me, the rrp is a bit over the top compared to other prices online from a quick google would be buying if I needed one from them though!

Philips Elegant 24" Full HD Monitor with HDMI, Built-in Audio and Smart Contrast - £124.90 Delivered @ iBOOD
Found 30th Apr 2011Found 30th Apr 2011
2 YEARS WARRANTY!!! * Brand: Philips * Type: 244E1SB * 60.9 cm/24 inch Full HD LCD Monitor * With SmartTouch, HDMI and built-in speakers * Entertainment in 16:9… Read more
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So did anyone get a LED one then ?


http://www.scan.co.uk/products/24-acer-v234haobd-full-hd-black-dvi-vga-1920x1080-800001-300cd-m2-2ms http://www.scan.co.uk/products/23-dell-ultrasharp-u2311h-widescreen-lcd-1920x1080-ips-panel-dvi-hdcp-displayport


How come there is no info anywhere on this being LED then ?


It has to be LED because power usage is 30W - traditional LCD would use more like 50W.


Good price but not a LCD LED (not as efficient) I will give it a miss.

Onkyo 5.1-Channel 3D Receiver with Canton 5.1 Speakerset and Active Subwoofer - £339.90 Delivered @ iBOOD
Found 29th Apr 2011Found 29th Apr 2011
An entry-level A/V receiver fine-tuned to power your system right out of the box. Set-up is simple and adjustments are easy, thanks to a new overlaid on-screen display. Also new at… Read more
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It can handle 1080p, %100.


1080i? not 1080p - that's suspicious


decent speakers???? canton is high end!!!!!!!!!! buy sony be happy with **** brand !!! ;)


i agree. This is still a good deal & saving if you are looking for something like this


buy the amp which is fine, but save your money and buy some decent speakers!!

Acer Liquid E (Capacitive, 512MB RAM, 768 MHz Snapdragon CPU, 5MP Camera) - £187.90 @ iBood
Found 28th Apr 2011Found 28th Apr 2011
Brand: Acer Type: Liquid E Smartphone with Android 2.2 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 3G Network HSDPA 900 / 1900 / 2100 TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors, 480 x 800 … Read more

I hate that yank term "My bad" Your bad what ? Tooth ? Arm ? Hemorrhoids ? No dig at you for using it, just absolutely baffled why people DO use it.


Oops, my bad! Shame it was posted in the early hours as it deserves more heat


already posted: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/acer-liquid-e-android-2-2-touch-screen-deal-day-187-90-ibood/928340

Acer Liquid E Android 2.2 Touch Screen - Deal of the Day - £187.90 @ IBOOD
Found 27th Apr 2011Found 27th Apr 2011
•Brand: Acer •Type: Liquid E •Smartphone with Android 2.2 •2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 •3G Network HSDPA 900 / 1900 / 2100 •TFT capacitive touchscreen, 256K colors,… Read more

try the iphone 3g camera, the osf cam is certainly an upgrade for me but still its not great.


I predict when this comes down to 130-ish it could be the next osf


seems like a decent enough alternative to osf, heated.


I have the SF and I can see from Youtube videos that this Acer runs far smoother than the SF. This also has a far better camera. I love my phone, but I miss being able to take good photos. The OSF camera is absolutely useless indoors, truly it's an abomination


May have been a good price a while ago, but there are better deals out there now - haven't voted... ;)

Seagate ® Expansion ™ - 2.5inch portable hard drive 250 GB @ iBOOD (one day deal)
Found 24th Apr 2011Found 24th Apr 2011
Brand: Seagate Type: 250 GB Seagate ® Expansion ™ Compact, lightweight hard drive for on-the-go On IBOOD today for an unbeatable price! Fully Plug and Play Works with Windows Vista… Read more

I brought one from Best Buy when it was on special offer. I use it as a Time Machine backups for my Macbook Pro


damn! I was thinking of getting one but its expired.


I got this last week for £18.50 ish incld Quidco from Best Buy


Sold Out, so have expired deal.


sold out now

Mede8er MED400X Mini Full HD Media Player - £67.90 @ IBOOD (1 Day Only)
Found 18th Apr 2011Found 18th Apr 2011
Brand: Mede8er Type: Mini MED400X Full HD Media Player Based on the award-winning MED500X Low-cost solution for a small compact media player with amazing performance Processor: Rea… Read more

Virtually the same hardware as a AC Ryan mini (v1). Best to wait to AC Ryan special on Scan (approx £62) and then put mede8er firmware (modified for Playon mini) in AC Ryan. Best of both worlds.


I just dont trust this website, they come from abroad, and any problems, they could just ignore. I would pay that little extra and buy in the uk or buy a ac ryan


Very tempted... Just to be cheeky, does anyone know of any discount codes for iBood? This or the AC Ryan?


Thanks OP, excellent price but been looking for the MED500X to come down to around this price. http://www.mede8er.com/mede8er_product_matrix.html


It's a media player. http://www.mede8erforum.com/

LG Infinia 37” Full HD 100hz EDGE LED TV (Freeview HD, Internet, 2.4ms Response Time) - £489.90 @ iBood
Found 1st Apr 2011Found 1st Apr 2011
Great price if you're after a top quality EDGE LED TV £700+ everywhere else. 4.04% Topcashback Brand: LG Type: 37LE7510 Infinia Ultra slim single layer HD LED Edge TV Borderless d… Read more

There is a problem with this website's security certificate. The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority. Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server. We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website. Click here to close this webpage. Continue to this website (not recommended). More information


never heard of ibood

4TB Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 2 - £332.20 @ iBood
Found 29th Mar 2011Found 29th Mar 2011
Next best from what I can see is £495.86 @ Kikatek ~ £13 Cashback via TCB Ends around midnight tonight unfortunately. Brand: Netgear Type: ReadyNAS Ultra 2 Network Attached Stor… Read more

You must have got a real bargain there. 2x2TB drives alone are £114 on a good day.


Duo model Duo model is £229 with 4TB here


i spent £160ish on a NAS and 4tb of drives (2x2tb)....its not as high spec as the one in this thread but still good (dlink323)


Ok cool. Seems a bit expensive compared to the Proliant deal though.


I don't think it's a case of not realising, but rather the default is to just ship the Euro stock and mollify anyone who actually bothers to complain with an adapter.

*PAY AS YOU GO* LG Optimus Chic E720 – Android Smartphone - £154.95+p&p @ ibood
Found 13th Mar 2011Found 13th Mar 2011
•Brand: LG •Type: Optimus E720 Chic •Very fine and complete smartphone with Android OS v2.2 Froyo upgradable to v2.3 •CPU: 600 MHz processor •2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 •3G: HS… Read more

Thanks for the cold votes, saved me from buying a cold phone. Keep up the good work cold voters especially those who left comments.


LOL you know it's an amazing phone when the specs specify it has "Vibra function and mp3 ringtones"


Is the phone any good? The price seems ok and never had any problems with ibood.


We've now reinstated IBOOD as an approved merchant ;)


That's a low resolution screen by modern standards, especially for a £155 phone.

Klipsch Image One professional headphone with microphone  £ 59,95 + (7,95p.p) @ Ibood.co.uk
Found 10th Mar 2011Found 10th Mar 2011
Brand: Klipsch Type: Image One, On-Ear Headphone Closed fit on the ear Lightweight swivel earcup with premium leather and thick memory foam provides hours of listening pleasure Han… Read more

Just got these from iBood. Have to say they are awesome. However may be too bassy for some.


Tried looking at forums to find out but alas, nothing. From what I can gather they sound about the same. I do know what you mean, newer tech etc may change in those years.


Oh nuts, I just bought theb Bose OE on play yesterday from a third party at £67. Should I be cancelling them for these (and Bose haters please be gentle).


Tempted. Really good price.


hot. good reviews

Western Digital 2.5 inch 750GB Portable Hard Drive Refurb @ iBOOD (TODAY ONLY!)
Found 5th Mar 2011Found 5th Mar 2011
Brand: Western Digital Type: My Passport ™ Essential ™ Extremely portable 2.5 "USB 2.0 Hard Drive Recertified disk (for more info see iBOOD forum) Capacity: 750 GB Interface: USB 2… Read more

ok i added to description and title


Yes it is. http://www.ibood.com/assets/docs/11/western_digital__recertified_hard_drives_quanlity_statement_from_wd_3042009.pdf refurb, 6 months warranty.


it not a refurb


Why? There's been loads of 1Tb drives for 70 odd in last few weeks.


"Recertified disk" = refurb?

Mede8er Full HD Networked Media Tank £89.95 + £7.95 shipping  @ IBOOD
Found 28th Feb 2011Found 28th Feb 2011
Brand: Mede8er Type: MED500X Processor: New Realtek 1073 DD+ - 128MB SPI Flash - 128MB DDR2 SDRAM USB 2.0 Slave (for direct data transfer from a PC) Built-in SD, Sony PRO DUO card … Read more

Now sold out guys. NB I sent a PM to a mod as to why this deal did not show on the main forum pages. I went as far as page 5 and could not find this thread.


Thank You. P.S I have no affiliation with them.


Great price, was considering the 400X Mini for similar but this is even better. Price should be adjusted to include the £7.95 shipping though.


I have had this Mede8er for over a yr now, hasnt been a let down has always played everything iv thrown at it. Make sure you update firmware to V4 to use YAMJ.


We've now reinstated IBOOD as an approved merchant so your post has been unspammed :) Thanks for posting

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