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iPhone 6 refurb, 64GB, space grey, £337.90 Delivered at iBOOD
Found 30th Mar 2017Found 30th Mar 2017
iPhone 6 refurb, 64GB, space grey, £337.90 Delivered at iBOOD
£337.90IBOOD Deals
EDIT - Expired - better deal posted by lianghe at: http://www.smartfonestore.com/filter-mfr-Apple%20Iphone.aspx

Ive used smartfonestore before and cant recommend highly enough


No problem, good reviews from Trustpilot so I wouldnt worry at all


This is a good website to know - thank you - I am on the look out for a 6/ 6s/ 7 plus and this website might be the place for me. Thanks again.. 8)


Thank you. :)


Thanks for posting that. I will expire it then. ;)

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2 Headphones £137.90 @ ibood
Found 29th Mar 2017Found 29th Mar 2017
Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2 Headphones £137.90 @ ibood
£137.90IBOOD Deals
Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones. I've never seen this this low. Currently £199 on Amazon

I've got P5 s1 already or I'd have bought a pair as well


We'll, I bought it. Sounds a good deal to me.


Shame about all the cold votes


these are amazing, excellent price

MSI 15.6" FHD i7-6700HQ laptop with GTX 960 + 8GB DDR4 + 1TB HDD £609.95 / 617.90 Delivered at iBOOD
Found 24th Mar 2017Found 24th Mar 2017
MSI 15.6" FHD i7-6700HQ laptop with GTX 960 + 8GB DDR4 + 1TB HDD £609.95 / 617.90 Delivered at iBOOD
£617.90IBOOD Deals
Today only. A bit of an unusual beast this. They describe it as a gaming machine, but the 960M doesn't quite justify that - but at £610 I don't think you are going to find much be… Read more


Also known as fraud, good luck with that.


Not bad but considering the VAST improvements the newer gen has (finally laptop GPUs can near enough match desktop equivilants unlike being vastly weaker like we're used to) it kind of makes me hum and har.


I got a dell similar specs 18 months ago for 700, so this doesn't seem that great of a deal


I got a similar ASUS ROG (this one) last year for £690. Might we worth keeping an eye on the price of that if you narrowly missed out on this.

Surface Pro 4 i5/8GB/256GB £869.95! iBood - Today Only!
Found 9th Mar 2017Found 9th Mar 2017
Surface Pro 4 i5/8GB/256GB £869.95! iBood - Today Only!
£869.95IBOOD Deals
This looks like the best of the bunch! BE QUICK!

Plus 10% quidco right now too! That makes it a great deal for the 256gb!


It's a great machine but you really should get the keyboard too. I have an i5, 8GB, 128GB. More than enough for what I need it to do. Has a fantastic screen too.


Correction -- I think they just sold out?


It comes with an inbuilt stand! (if you want to make it into a PC you can buy a nice bespoke keyboard - or use a cheap Bluetooth or USB keyboard).


No keyboard stand with it

HP Elitebook 1030 G1 Intel Core m7, 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM (refurb) £607.90 @ Ibood £599.95+ £7.95 postage
Found 14th Feb 2017Found 14th Feb 2017
HP Elitebook 1030 G1 Intel Core m7, 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM (refurb) £607.90 @ Ibood £599.95+ £7.95 postage
£607.90IBOOD Deals
Although a refurb, seems an incredible price for this specification! HP Elitebook 1030 | 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD (Refurbished) Picture this: a notebook that starts up in mere secon… Read more



Tempted by this deal but 6 month warranty, average battery life and US keyboard puts me off. I love how compact it is along with the fact that it's fanless with good enough specs for what I'll need it for. Also has plenty of ports too! I have a full fledged i7 4790K, 32GB RAM, GTX1070 desktop so don't need an amazing laptop. If only this had a longer battery life then I would have been sold! Gets a really good review at notebook check, my favourite laptop review site: http://www.notebookcheck.net/HP-EliteBook-1030-G1-Subnotebook-Review.171887.0.html


Anyone got experience of ibood? Heard of them but never used them. Need to check how fast the processor is but seems fantastic spec for the money. I can live with US keyboard and can be set to UK in windows anyway. It's just the 6 month warranty that's putting me off. What would your options be if it did go wrong after? Can you still challenge under sale of goods or does the fact it's a refurb lose those rights? What about purchasing an extended warranty to cover it from hp or elsewhere?


How much is this new? A dozen places sell it for £2600.00 and higher. One place sells it for £1080.00 new.


Fair lol, i think i prefer it now since i've been using macs XD

ASUS ZenPad Z300c 10.1" Tablet - 16 Gb  -  Refurbished @ ibood £88.90
Found 11th Feb 2017Found 11th Feb 2017
ASUS ZenPad Z300c 10.1" Tablet - 16 Gb - Refurbished @ ibood £88.90
Specifications Brand: Asus Type: 10” Zenpad Z300c – Refurb by Asus - Z300C-1A062A (black) and Z300C-1L053A (metallic) Check the drop down for the available colours Warranty: 1 yea… Read more

We bought this new. Returned it. Terrible tablet. Can't imagine what a Refurb would be like


I have this. it turns itself off constantly and the battery doesn't last very long. Ive done factory resets nothing work.


Was interested until I saw the comments and the screen res.


i wouldnt touch them new or refurb, due to their intel soc. I havent been able to find one custom rom for any of the asus tablets with intel soc's, which makes it a bit of a dead duck when they stop updating it (which i think they already have). im assuming that nobody can get the drivers for them.


Any luck with your warranty on the tablet...they completely shafted me after my in-warranty failure...3 failed "repairs" later...oo its out of warranty now...was a £250 TF701...lasted less than a year. My Asus nexus 7 was killed by one of their updates...rendered it useless. Never again Asus...

Further price drop: Onkyo X6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker £69.95 + £7.95 shipping @ ibood
Found 31st Jan 2017Found 31st Jan 2017
Further price drop: Onkyo X6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker £69.95 + £7.95 shipping @ ibood
This deal was posted not long ago when the price was £92. Now ibood lowered the price furthermore. Onkyo is a Japanese luxury consumer electronics manufacturer, specializing in pr… Read more

Oh dear, I've just bought Bush!


On dear, I've just bought Bush!


No it's thumbs up now !!!


LOUGHBOROGUY is our hukd expert on Onkyo and he's given the thumbs down for that unknown Onkyo brand!


Seriously if you have not heard of Onkyo you know nothing about AV. It's one of the best brands.

Beats studio 2 £85.90 @ IBOOD delivered
Found 12th Jan 2017Found 12th Jan 2017
Beats studio 2 £85.90 @ IBOOD delivered
Beats By Dre Studio 2.0 Headphone *Blue now sold out - Pink still available*
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Has anyone bought from this site before? There are some pretty good clones out there.


oh well, the blue had been available at time of posting, they went quick!


These are the ones that are wired but you still have to charge up the batteries! And as above only pink now so appeal now very limited.


Blue sold out :(


Amazing price! Cheapest I can see any colour on Amazon is £179.99!

Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch - Gold £59.95 + £7.95 postage @ ibood
Found 9th Jan 2017Found 9th Jan 2017
Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch - Gold £59.95 + £7.95 postage @ ibood
Best price ever for a Pebble Time Steel! Brand: Pebble Type: Time Steel Smartwatch – for iOS/Android Colour: Gold Warranty: 2 years Smartwatch for iOS and Android All essential i… Read more

That's an awesome deal, I bought from ibood earlier when it was 84, the watch is new. People who vote cold have no clue.


"Fitbit will maintain services so that Pebble devices continue to work as normal. Pebble functionality and service may be reduced in the future. We applaud their efforts as we collectively work to streamline this transition for Pebblers everywhere." From blog.pebble.com


This is sold out now and should be expired. Sadly I never got one :(


11 months support left


​so that's for the next 11 month's, then they pull the plug ! I have a Pebble steel only complaint is that the screen goes crazy most of the time and I can't see the time.

Logitech UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - £114.95 (+£7.95 P&P) - iBood
Found 8th Jan 2017Found 8th Jan 2017
Logitech UE MEGABOOM Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - £114.95 (+£7.95 P&P) - iBood
£114.95IBOOD Deals
This is quite a price drop on the UE Megaboom. Currently £170 - £220 (colour dependant on Amazon ) It gets great reviews and WhatHiFi gave it a tasty 5/5. [image missing]… Read more
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No worries, not going mad then ! :-)


Sorry Ian. It was Saturday's Daily Deal :(


How exactly does one buy this, as there is no obvious add to cart - buy this option...


If you like bass, you need this. Pair of these easily sounds better than a pair of sono3, if that gives you a comparison. Plus these are waterproof / dropproof and the sonos aren't. In the same way the boom is a step up from the mini-boom, this is another step up from the boom.


How does this compare to the UE boom?

Onkyo X6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker £92.90 at IBOOD
Found 31st Dec 2016Found 31st Dec 2016
Onkyo X6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker £92.90 at IBOOD
Seems a good price for a well reviewed Bluetooth speaker http://www.whathifi.com/onkyo/x6/review https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=Onkyo+X6+Portable+Bluetooth&oq=onk&aqs=… Read more
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Every onkyo post should have this as a link in the description comment


Onkyo unknown brand, long running joke :)


Ha, you fell for it too. He was being sarcastic, as that's the kind of rubbish some ignorant people have been posting in the past.


I have an onkyo home cinema amp Ive had a Sony and a Panasonic in the past Onkyo holds its own and I won't be upgrading for anytime soon. Just cause it's not a well known name doesn't make it any less of an amp.


Hook, line and sinker!

15.6" Acer laptop with 128GB SSD FHD 6GB ram Pentium 3558U @ Ibood £312.90
Found 8th Dec 2016Found 8th Dec 2016
15.6" Acer laptop with 128GB SSD FHD 6GB ram Pentium 3558U @ Ibood £312.90
£312.90IBOOD Deals
Acer FHD SSD laptop for just over £300. the weakest point will probably be the CPU but it should do for Office and internet browsing. 2 year warranty as well, the only thing I am u… Read more

£299 on ebuyer... and an I3


I believe one of the modules is soldered onto the motherboard (probably the 2GB) and topped up with a second module.


Can't see a £ sign on the keyboard, so suspect it's a US layout.


Poor cpu for the money. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php?cpu=Intel+Pentium+3558U+%40+1.70GHz


Shame about the dodgy RAM config, why do PC manufacturers mismatch modules :(

Moto X Force on ibood £264.95£ +7.95£ shipping ibood
Found 7th Dec 2016Found 7th Dec 2016
Moto X Force on ibood £264.95£ +7.95£ shipping ibood
£273.90IBOOD Deals
Motorola x-force only 264.95 +7.95p at ibood 0 Motorola Moto X Force Smartphone £619.9557% discount Now!£264.95 £7.95 shipping Motorola Moto X Force Smartphone Motorola Moto … Read more



Sold out now.


Thanks for posting. My wife has been after this phone for a while now, but wiating for a good deal.


Says posting on the 15th December. Seems a bit tight for a Christmas delivery. I wish I could ring them but they dont seem to do phone support


wow £619.9557% discount

HP 27ea 27" Monitor - £129.99 / £139.94 delivered @ iBOOD
Found 5th Dec 2016Found 5th Dec 2016
Seems like a good price for a large monitor. HP 27ea Full HD 27" monitor with 2x HDMI Whether you want to work, watch a movie or play a game, the quality of your monitor will mak… Read more

Ho come on, How on gods green earth is 7ms slow for general PC work, I've never heard of probuctivity dropping because my pointer was a bit laggy, Seriously.


Unless any of you is a pro gamer, you wont notice a difference of 10ms or 20ms. So don't sweat it. TVs have response times of more than 30ms and most of the console world plays on them :)


Sold out


Compared to a TV, yes, but compared to a monitor geared towards gaming, 7ms is slow, even for general PC work 7ms is slow; I didnt know they still made panels this slow, everything I looked at last week was 5ms minimum.


The iBood email in my inbox states this model to be the HP 27es. There are comments on iBood's forum that the model is in fact an HP 27ea - as described at top of this page. On iBood's website it indicates either/or depending on which page you're looking at ! iBood have not yet answered the questions about this on their forum. Does anyone know the difference between the two models, as muggins here has just ordered and my receipt states its an HP 27ea - that's not what I ordered.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3, 12”, i5, 8GB RAM - Refurb £540 @ Ibood
Found 3rd Dec 2016Found 3rd Dec 2016
Microsoft Surface Pro 3, 12”, i5, 8GB RAM - Refurb £540 @ Ibood
My first deal :)

Great price for good spec


To be fair, the Pro 4 with i5, 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD is £1079.


You can get a new Pro 4 for £599

Ministry of Sound Multi-room Speaker £67.90 @ ibood
Found 1st Dec 2016Found 1st Dec 2016
Ministry of Sound Multi-room Speaker £67.90 @ ibood
This looks like a bit of a bargain as it is currently £107 on amazon. Ministry of Sound Audio M Plus Multi-room Speaker, works via Wifi and BT. 2 year warranty and reviews on ama… Read more
Slingbox 350 on Ibood for £36.95
Found 29th Nov 2016Found 29th Nov 2016
Slingbox 350 on Ibood for £36.95
Slingbox 350 for £36.95 incl postage. Description TV viewing has changed drastically over the years. Technology has allowed new things to come into being: additions are made to m… Read more
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Thanks OP - I'd never have found that by myself. I actually had one of these years ago (the old trapezium shape version) and it was really good. I could go on holiday in Spain and simply watch anything on my PVR whilst on holiday... I used it all the time until, eventually, it died! I hope does the same thing (not die, I mean allow TV watching remotely).


Thanks mate. It looks as though a scart adapter is included - at least that's what's shown on the amazon listing. Appreciate the response and as you say, anything extra won't be expensive.


I think that should work (assuming you have a scart adapter for the sling box - not expensive and that your homeplugs are connected to the internet, and you have a decent internet speed)


Thanks OP. I'm planning to connect to our rather ancient Sky HD box. It hasn't got component connections but I'm assuming I could connect the Sky box to the Slingbox via Scart? And from there, I'd just need to connect the Slingbox to my home network using homeplugs. And then my daughters would be able to watch Sky upstairs (albeit in SD) using a combination of Chromecast and the Slingplayer app on their phone. If anyone can confirm I'd be grateful. Thanks



Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch (Gold) £74.95+£7.95 shipping @ ibood
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Pebble Time Steel Smartwatch (Gold) £74.95+£7.95 shipping @ ibood
Lowest price ever for Pebble Time Steel, up to 10 days battery life! This is the secret deal in the newsletter from ibood. Note: This deal contains a new batch Time Steel Smart Wa… Read more

Search Pebble subreddit on Reddit.


did anyone pick up the torrent of the pebble store. I could not find it on TPB site


There is open source app Gadget bridge which can replace Pebble app if needed. I now also download pbw files of my favourite apps and watch faces.


Thsnks. Looks like we have at least a year


Good price, however bear in mind that as Fitbit have bought out Pebble, software support for the watch is limited to a year https://www.google.co.uk/amp/mashable.com/2016/12/15/pebble-lives-through-2017.amp

Panasonic Viera TX-50DX730 50” 4K UHD Smart TV £714.90 ibood
Found 15th Nov 2016Found 15th Nov 2016
Panasonic Viera TX-50DX730 50” 4K UHD Smart TV £714.90 ibood
£714.90IBOOD Deals
Fantastic quality tv and great feature set. I can't find the tv for anywhere near this price. Today only deal
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Hi will this model work in the UK? Thanks


Interesting points. I shelled out for a Panasonic P42V20B a while back. Wasn't bothered by 3D but thinking about HDR now I've got Xbox One S. From what I read though basically us Panasonic plasma (the good models) owners are basically going to have to pay 1.5k as opposed to the £400ish deals I see on here for better picture...is that correct?


Dolby Vision way to go.


not in my house its not !!"


+1 That's what I'm waiting for, plus for 4K/HDR standards to actually become 'standardised'

BlackBerry PRIV Secure Android Smartphone £362.90 delivered @ ibood
Found 12th Nov 2016Found 12th Nov 2016
BlackBerry PRIV Secure Android Smartphone £362.90 delivered @ ibood
£362.90IBOOD Deals
Lowest price ever for BlackBerryPRIV! This is the secret deal in the newsletter from ibood. BlackBerry PRIV Secure Android Smartphone with Slide Keyboard QWERTY PRIV™ combines eve… Read more

MediaMarkt had this for 325€ on their singles' day deal last week.


Heat given cause I've not seen this cheaper but if you really really need a Blackberry spec for spec you've got to throw down less than an extra £100 more (£450 with a case and fast charger) and get the DTEK60 from unlocked mobiles https://www.unlocked-mobiles.com/sim-free-mobile-phones/blackberry-dtek60-sim-free-p-87094.html yes the PRIV has the pkb but the DTEK60 beats it hands down in pretty much every other way... And isn't stupidly over priced compared to the competition... For a Blackberry anyway :{


Even though I am typing using a priv . this is strong money for a 12month old none popular phone. the phone itself is pretty incredible , in speed , updates and both keyboards. voted hot as it's still a deal


150 and I'm getting one


i 'boo' this deal sorry

Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 310 – 10,1” 2in1 tablet with US keyboard, Atom Z8350, 4GB, 64GB eMMC, Win 10  £192.90 @ ibood
Found 4th Nov 2016Found 4th Nov 2016
Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 310 – 10,1” 2in1 tablet with US keyboard, Atom Z8350, 4GB, 64GB eMMC, Win 10 £192.90 @ ibood
£192.90IBOOD Deals
Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 310 – 10,1” 2in1 tablet with US keyboard , Atom Z8350, 4GB, 64GB eMMC, Win 10 £184.95 + £7.95 Shipping This is the 4GB 64GB version. The 2GB 32GB version curr… Read more

Sold out! Shame, would have gone for it. having 4 and 64 makes a huge difference


This looks pretty good for the price. I have just 5 minutes ago ordered the Lenovo Tab 2 a10-70 2GB version for £139 @Tesco (I bought one last year too and they are great). I'm thinking of cancelling and ordering this instead. I was put off a similar one of these yesterday as it was only 2GB ram which will suck with Windows 10.

Moto X Force on ibood for only 264.95£ +7.95£ shipping
Found 30th Oct 2016Found 30th Oct 2016
Moto X Force on ibood for only 264.95£ +7.95£ shipping
£264.95IBOOD Deals
Motorola Moto X Force Smartphone £619.95 57% discount Now!£264.95 £7.95 shipping Description Most owners of smartphones have unfortunately seen the day that, in a moment of … Read more

The pound symbol goes before the amount, what what :{


sold out


So want this but iBood...


great phone. Can't comment on the seller


Terrible experience with these people.

Surface 3 refurbished £367.98 @ ibood
Found 27th Oct 2016Found 27th Oct 2016
Surface 3 refurbished £367.98 @ ibood
£367.98IBOOD Deals
Surface 3 certified refurbished. 128gb ssd 4gb ram. Atom processor. Only £376 delivered

Having had one of these with work for the last 18 months I wouldn't bother! I have found it very buggy and unreliable. The keyboard is a nightmare, communicating and then not communicating at will and the mouse pad buttons are unresponsive. Of the 110 people I work with who have received a Surface I would estimate 85-90% would rather have their laptops back! When my colleagues were offered the opportunity to buy one at a greatly discounted price not one person took up the offer!

Pebble Time Steel smartwatch on Ibood for 89.95£ + 7.95 shipping at ibood
Found 24th Oct 2016Found 24th Oct 2016
Pebble Time Steel smartwatch on Ibood for 89.95£ + 7.95 shipping at ibood
Seems like a decent price Specifications Brand: Pebble Type: Time Steel Smartwatch – for iOS/Android Check the drop down for the available colours Warranty: 2 years Smartwatch f… Read more

It's the anti-glare coating they put on top of the gorilla glass, it's easily scuffed.


The bezels on the Steel scratch incredibly easily, as does the glass, and the whole thing will end up looking terrible after a month. May not be a deal breaker but worth noting.


sold out


A bit of a steal for a steel? Got one of these in August for about £160. Brilliant value for £100.


I have the Pebble Time Round that I wear everyday. Works well with my iPhone 6s Plus. Pebble's do the job and look the part

8x Philips Dimmable LED Bulbs 6W £19.95 ibood
Found 15th Oct 2016Found 15th Oct 2016
8x Philips Dimmable LED Bulbs 6W £19.95 ibood
8x Philips Dimmable LED Bulbs 6W at £19.95+ £7.95 shipping if you buy a few sets then worthwhile with combined shipping. Good make and Dimmable.
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edited text above; and why don't you just simply write what the light output is then?! If that's your point.


6w is the equivalent of 6w. it just tells you how much power the device consumes. It tells you nothing whatsoever about the light output


6w LED lumens is about equivalent to tungsten bulb lumens at 40watt


Please add postage cost to the main price. You can order more than one set and the postage cost stays the same.


Hot till you get to the postage which is a rip off. COLD!

Sony PS4, 500GB - FIFA 17 and Uncharted 4 £269.95 / £277.90 delivered @ IBOOD
Found 11th Oct 2016Found 11th Oct 2016
Sony PS4, 500GB - FIFA 17 and Uncharted 4 £269.95 / £277.90 delivered @ IBOOD
£269.95IBOOD Deals
With this Sony Playstation 4 with a 500 GB HDD, the game Uncharted 4 - A Thief’s End and the latest and brand new edition of the acclaimed soccer game: FIFA 17. As we all know: a … Read more

Oh I know that the chances of actually getting a PS4 for less than £200 is unlikely, I only used the £150 PS4 deal to show how ice cold this deal is. No offence to the OP. Just a terrible deal IMO.


​Time plus effort, petrol and food to survive the journey, surely you'd be better off making a flux capacitor from scratch and growing some bananas to peel the skins for fuel, eating the bananas of course as not to waste them. Or just buying a ps4 for £200+ and accepting the £150 deal is over.


Is it copied and pasted?


Too expensive...


You don't need a flux capacitor just a normal car. The point being; it is possible to get a PS4 for under £150 if you are prepared to shop about and if you aren't prepared to do that you'll end up paying stupid prices like the one quoted here. You've jumped on my comment and I've proved that it is possible to get a PS4 for that price yet still don't accept it, but have said nothing about the terrible deal posted!

Mad Catz F.R.E.Q.9 Headset 64.95£ (72.90£ shipped) @ Ibood
Found 27th Sep 2016Found 27th Sep 2016
Mad Catz F.R.E.Q.9 Headset 64.95£ (72.90£ shipped) @ Ibood
Mad Catz F.R.E.Q. 9 Wireless Surround Headset Attention gamers and all lovers of decent sound! The F.R.E.Q.9 headset are especialy made for you, to deliver powerful, clear audio f… Read more

Bluetooth only? If so, wouldn't work with my PC.

Sony PS4, 500GB w. Uncharted 4 £235.80 @ ibood
Found 22nd Sep 2016Found 22nd Sep 2016
Sony PS4, 500GB w. Uncharted 4 £235.80 @ ibood
£235.80IBOOD Deals
Sony PS4, 500GB w. Uncharted 4 for 235.80. Not as good as the sainsburys deal and you'll have to wait a few weeks for delivery

Sorry meant the old sainsburys deal.. unfortunately my delorian is out if action for the time being


why bother then? lol

Pebble Time Steel (Gold) £97.90 delivered @ ibood
Found 19th Sep 2016Found 19th Sep 2016
Pebble Time Steel (Gold) £97.90 delivered @ ibood
Very good price for this although only gold and red seems to be available, takes any 22mm strap though. Says it is new but marked as refurb which sounds a bit odd but I would imagi… Read more
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ah damn, its this I was thinking about: https://www.pebble.com/buy-pebble-core You can sync spotify playlist to is and play them on the go without a phone. I thought the pebble 2 had it too :(


What is Spotify sync? None of these watches have storage for music. I would rather the new ones have had storage than heart rate monitor.


I might be wrong, but doesnt the pebble 2 have spotify sync?


sold out.


You must have either gotten a dud or had some very battery draining apps - I still rock my kickstarter backed pebble time, still get about 7 days battery life out of it!

Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Intel Core i5, 128 GB Refurbished. £614.95 Ibood
Found 26th Aug 2016Found 26th Aug 2016
Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Intel Core i5, 128 GB Refurbished. £614.95 Ibood
£614.95IBOOD Deals
This is the cheapest iv seen this model. This lightweight, compact yet powerful device is perfect for your daily activities. It is the tablet that can replace your laptop. With o… Read more

You can get them brand new from Currys with their cash back for about £15 more

Harman Kardon Go + Play Wireless (Black or White) - £139.89 @ IBOOD
Found 3rd Aug 2016Found 3rd Aug 2016
Harman Kardon Go + Play Wireless (Black or White) - £139.89 @ IBOOD
£139.89IBOOD Deals
Anyone after a wee speaker system? This seems very good value. Most places selling around the £250 mark. And it gets good reviews, for example: What Hi-Fi Review - http://www.what… Read more
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Either way amazing price, this thing is great.


not the 2016 version which is much better.


These were first released in 2013.

Pebble Time Steel £114 (free del.) @ iBood UK
Found 28th Jul 2016Found 28th Jul 2016
Pebble Time Steel £114 (free del.) @ iBood UK
This is the cheapest I have seen the Pebble Time Steel so far. All colours seem on offer. I know iBood isn't to everyone's taste but on this occasion, delivery is free! Specificat… Read more

December for kickstarter backers like me for new version n


Yeah I knew there was another coming but didn't know the release date. I loved my original Pebble (still have it) and my Steel was a great design but the buttons failed recently so it had to go back to Currys. Couldn't find it anywhere for the price I originally paid (£79) so decided to give this a go. To be fair I am waiting to see what watchOS 3 brings to the table for the Apple watch; otherwise I might go for the new Time later in the year.


Great deal. I bought the time from them when it was £80 months before anywhere else. Delivery took a few weeks though. Keep in mind though, the new version of this, with a bigger screen, hr monitor, is due for release in Oct/Nov but obviously more expensive.

Transcend 240GB SSD220 SATA III 6Gb/s £57.90 Delivered @ iBood
Found 10th May 2016Found 10th May 2016
Transcend 240GB SSD220 SATA III 6Gb/s £57.90 Delivered @ iBood
Not the absolute cheapest 240GB right now, but still actually pretty good for the cash. 550MB/s read 450MB/s write 80K IOPS

Cold from me for trying to convince me that it costs nearly 8 quid to delivery an item weighing less than a packet of fags and then expected to take 10 days for delivery ! ...hoover your mouse on the little truck icon on the ibood page and you'll see expected delivery in 10 days.


I'll go through the list of the cheaper ones for you:ADATA SP550 240GBLower IOPS 75K instead of 80K.If you compare it here: http://ssd.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Transcend-TS240GSSD220S-240GB-vs-Adata-SP550-240GB/m129705vsm34248 the ADATA doesn't actually perform as well as the marketing hype leads you to believe.Sandisk Plus 240GBLower read and write speedsKingston 240GB V300Much 100MB/s lower read speedPerforms badly against the Transcend here: http://ssd.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Transcend-TS240GSSD220S-240GB-vs-Kingston-SSDNow-V300-240GB/m129705vs1817As I said in my post, it's not the cheapest, but it's a VERY good all rounder for the price.


A quick search and there are better options options from eBuyer in my opinion.

Logitech Ultimate Hub - Uni Remote Station £42.90 ibood
Found 17th Mar 2016Found 17th Mar 2016
Logitech Ultimate Hub - Uni Remote Station £42.90 ibood
Stunning deal in my opinion. Anyone can convert there Logitech one remote to an ultimate with this kit. Also controls nest thermostat! Normally priced around 70-90£

Harmony remotes always seem glitchy to me not always turning on devices or right input . Too confusing to work out the input delay


damn, sold out. just missed it


​I thought all hubs had the same hardware. I've had mine for 2 years and it controls my hue and nest fine. The description on eBay also suggests this.


I've been looking at these but not sure which remote I would actually prefer, would I be able to buy this and use any of the harmony remotes or would I have to buy the ultimate?


The from ebay has the old Hub and not the new Ultimate one on sale here from iBood. This new one one is much better as you can also control NEST, etc through WIFI.

Pebble Time Smartwatch £79.95 + £7.95 shipping = £87.90 delivered @ iBOOD
Found 12th Mar 2016Found 12th Mar 2016
Pebble Time Smartwatch £79.95 + £7.95 shipping = £87.90 delivered @ iBOOD
The best price for Pebble Time so far!

Anybody else order one? They tell me my ship date is the 23rd of this month, but I'm not sure how much hope I hold - looks like they sold this in multiple different countries... I payed on Paypal via credit card, so I like to think I have some protection, but we will see!


I'm surprised it's not cold, the watch itself is terrible.


oh please do update if you receive the item and its condition. Am very curious on finding out how its like


Looks like that kids vetch watch.


Hot, sell for ~100 on ebay/amazon normally

JBL Synchros BT aptX Headphones  £88 @ ibood
Found 5th Mar 2016Found 5th Mar 2016
JBL Synchros BT aptX Headphones £88 @ ibood
JBL bt nfc headphones over £ 200 AT AMAZON S400bt

Arrived today via Germany. Nice bit of kit. Thanks OP.


out of stock


Don't worry about buy anything from this website. Only long delivery is problem nothing else. Hot for me.


Sold out


hhmmm, Im a bit nervous now......

Nexus 5x 32GB £254.95 + £7.95 shipping from iBood
Found 2nd Mar 2016Found 2nd Mar 2016
Nexus 5x 32GB £254.95 + £7.95 shipping from iBood
£262.90IBOOD Deals
Here we are again, Nexus 5x from iBood I know iBood are a bit marmite for some people but a decent handset at a decent price.
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They still want silly postage money which put a lot of people off, me included.


​Probably something to do with ibood


So this is cold but the one for £20 more is hot?


Ok link not working so here it is http://www.ibood.com/uk/en/product-specs/9338/20851/lg-nexus-5x-32gb.html?utm_source=email&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=date_uk

Pioneer Headphones SE-MX7 with Bass Level Control £49.95 +£7.95 postage @ ibood
Found 1st Mar 2016Found 1st Mar 2016
Pioneer Headphones SE-MX7 with Bass Level Control £49.95 +£7.95 postage @ ibood
(+£7.95 postage) Headphones....they're like phones that fit on your head.....well ok speakers that fit on your head, so they are in fact head speakers. But they are made by Pioneer… Read more

Good price still think the older Pioneer 808 Steez are better. Heat added. Review below. http://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/review-pioneer-se-mx7-headphones-big-booming-sound

Huawei Nexus 6P 32GB high-end Google phone £384.95 @ IBOOD
Found 22nd Feb 2016Found 22nd Feb 2016
Huawei Nexus 6P 32GB high-end Google phone £384.95 @ IBOOD
£384.95IBOOD Deals
£7.95 Shipping Huawei Nexus 6P 32GB high-end Google phone Brand: Huawei / Google Type: Nexus 6P Warranty: 2 years The ultimate Android Phone 5.7 "IPS screen with 2560 x 1440 An… Read more

That article however does not account for the second video posted by that same person, who responded to the claims mentioned in the article. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3cWVdLqXCg


Yeah, pretty damning. I don't know why I ever doubted you. Oh I did read this though..... http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/10/30/chill-out-there-is-no-nexus-6p-bendgate/


​Um nope not in the the mate 8 does not come close!


​Ok so you believe that is fake? Did you watch the second test that he did? Same result and he takes the phone apart and shows the design flaw that causes it to snap. That saying, as long as you don't sit on it you should be fine!


Emotion UI is the department where it falls down though

Nexus 6P 32GB (Black or Silver) £392.90 @ IBOOd
Found 22nd Feb 2016Found 22nd Feb 2016
Nexus 6P 32GB (Black or Silver) £392.90 @ IBOOd
£392.90IBOOD Deals
Decent price 2 Colours available
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iBOOD seems to get a lot of cold votes based on this even when they pull out a good deal (which they rarely do). I really don't get it, they are based in Amsterdam, so no customs, ship with UPS or even DHL, fully honor the warranty and pay for you shipping expenses when something goes wrong, they accept returns (although you do need to pay return shipping if item is not defective). They also supposedly have good customer service. I have ordered a couple of deals from them and haven't had any problems. iBOOD stands for something like internet best online deal or something and they have won a couple of awards for best website of the year in the past. Anyway I really don't get the cold voters in some cases. This for example isn't that good of a deal but there were some really good downvoted recently.


​I've heard of them, and I think they've had deals posted here before? I've never ordered anything from them though.


Probably because no one has ever heard of the company selling it. I wouldn't order from them.


decent price can't understand why the cold votes almost £60 off Google's RRP


Link http://www.ibood.com/uk/en/product-specs/8044/18429/huawei-nexus-6p-32gb-high-end-google-phone.html? (Mobile app wouldn't paste link in deal adder)

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