Ice Age Hunter Pro FREE (£0.69) on Google Playstore

Ice Age Hunter Pro FREE (£0.69) on Google Playstore

Found 10th Dec 2017
Freezing, exhausted, and 10,000 years out of your comfort zone...

On an island of ice where giant deadly mammals run wild, getting in the face of an 8 ton mammoth could be fatal, but you are a hunter and you must hunt.

Go on quests and hunt down various ice age animals through an icy terrain. use the Compass to track your prey.

Face the elements and let the carnage begin.
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Thanks for posting, but any app or game with a rating that low - RUN AWAY!
It's not even free now either
Oh no, not the guys that did 'Life of Black Tiger'?
Awful game from an awful developer. Most of their games go free every few months.
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