Ice cream and lollies 89p each! @ FarmFoods

Ice cream and lollies 89p each! @ FarmFoods

Found 8th Jul 2013
Icecream Wispa, Caramel, Crunchie 4pk and other lollies inc. Twista, Vimto, Fab, Refresher, Robinson's blackcurrant 6pk, Whites lemonade 3pk - ALL 89p each.

Found in Derby store so not sure if its in all.
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always this price, welcome to farmfoods
good price... thank you op!
Not so long ago they were 2 packs for £1, and even the Lion Bar Ice Creams were 3 x 4 packs for just a quid. This is expensive to me. Seriously, 89p is their bog standard everyday price.
is this you in the pic op?
Original Poster
Why would I put a picture of myself up?!! I'm not advertising myself just a deal I thought was good compared to others I've seen about similar things.
Found this out a few weeks ago. I was buying my Toffee Crumbles from Morrison's for £2.70ish .... 89p at Farmfoods
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