Ice watch £19.99 @ TK Maxx

Ice watch £19.99 @ TK Maxx

Posted 3rd Dec 2015
ice watches at tk maxx £19.99 cheaper than any where else
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Disappointed with the ice watch I had strap soon broke, heat added for the price though
Good deal but those colours...
Is it okay to wear these in the Summer?

I'll get me coat.

Is it okay to wear these in the Summer?I'll get me coat.

think it'll melt
Tacky watches, can't believe the prices they used to go for
Not great colours online, but they do also have these instore (stock can be hit and miss), but have seen white with contrasting bezel surround and face in our closets shops (North East).
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the green ain't bad.
these are out of fashion now. wish this was the price 3 year ago lol
LOL agree with most comments, the rubber strap isnt too bad, but the plastic ones are woefull... I liked the green, couple of the white ones with contrasting faces and bezels are nice, bought my boy one of those as it just looks like a nice simple watch.

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