iceberg lettuce 50p @ Asda

iceberg lettuce 50p @ Asda

Found 13th May 2011Made hot 13th May 2011
lovely lettuce!


n ice

lovly hot got a clothing sale on at moment aswell great prices

Good price for the most boring food on the planet.


Will rush to Asda now.

ta - need more of the to balance out the easter chocolate !

Prefer the little Gems lettuce as much crispier and sweeter taste!

68p for 2 at the mo at Lidl's..

tomato 4pk n cucumber also 50p

Good price but tasteless lettuce, I agree with Little Gems

I use them as cheap footballs for my kids. They last a couple of days before all the leaves fall off. Little do they realise they're actually fertilising the garden for me. Ha ha ha ha ha..........

Mrs got one and they are really bitter, boak

A man goes to the doctor and says: "Doctor, there's a piece of lettuce sticking out of my bum." The doctor asks him to drop his trousers and examines him. The man asks, "Is it serious, doctor?" The doctor replies, "I'm sorry to tell you but this is just the tip of the iceberg"

I'll get my coat

Aha.. The titanic destroyer!

I tried to order one with the shopping but it was removed from the trolley at checkout with a message saying it wasn't available.

I bought one of these from Asda the other day...

As I removed the outter leaf, I found a small black bug... it looked dead, so I carried on removing the next leaf...
...yet another bug, a small brown one this time

So I cut into it, and it was full of them! Not just dead ones either ><

ughhh... I think I'll stick to my local green grocer from now on. Or maybe even give those little Lidl gems a go.

These were 3 for a £1 at my local grocery store. for that reason I vote this cold, sorry.
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