Iceberg Twice EDT 125ml - £10 + Free Delivery -Superdrug

Iceberg Twice EDT 125ml - £10 + Free Delivery -Superdrug

Found 5th Feb 2014
Got to be worth a try for this price, reviews are positive , £12.99 is nearest other price so a bit of a bargain at £10
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Anyone that's not tried this, I'll pre warn you, it's very, very, feminine. I know £10 sounds cheap, but really try before you buy or it's easily £10 wasted.
Good price but....
I bought the gift set just before Christmas at £12.50 and I thought I'd give it a go, and it is horrible, our lass asked if it was a fake knock off and the dog ran away when I went anywhere near him lol
me no likey 2. use as toilet fresher for those people who its too late for
Most putrid fragrance I've ever had the displeasure of owning. Extremely loud and obnoxious smell of lemony toilet cleaner which you'll have a hard time washing off. I hated it so much in fact I ended up giving it to someone I don't like.
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