iceland 4 for £10 ready to cook roasts, £2.50 each

iceland 4 for £10 ready to cook roasts, £2.50 each

Found 22nd Sep 2014
tho not the best / biggest roasts (compared to the main supermarkets or online specially shops i.e not any 3 bird roasts nor will they feed lots of people each, witch ofc a good number of you will do so vote this cold)

but probably the best price this side of the after xmas sales, for ready to cook / prepared joints vs the same type / weight (been this price for afew weeks, didnt see it posted tho, and just now decided to post it)

any of the following are 4 for £10, saving of £2 - £4 (maybe stock for xmas or just for weekends) no idea when it ends

each claims to feed from 3 - 7 people (tho ofc everyone knows how supermarket claims for feed x go to avg eaters)

turkey breast joint with sage and onion stuffing 550g £3 normal price

basted chicken breast joint 550g £3 normal price

basted turkey breast joint 550g £3 normal price

chicken breast joint stuffed with sage and onion 550g £3 normal price

pork loin with apple crust 600g £3.50 normal price

gammon honey glazed 700g £3.50 normal price

gammon breaded joint 630g £3.50 normal price

pork belly 700g £3.50 normal price
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breaded gammon is nice although a bit salty am trying the pork one tonight good size portions
Highish water content/lowish quality from my experience.

Doesn't stop me however - still good value and nice for the price.
Thanks ....Must tell Peter Andre!!
Took these out of the sleeves before purchasing then didn't bother, not bad for the price I don't suppose but the chicken is just a chicken crown, wouldn't feed more than 2 people IMO, neither would the turkey.
The pork joint is actually very nice and feeds 2 adults easily. Probably pick up 4 of those as prefer whole chickens to crowns.
Noticed these the other week, couldn't take advantage of it unfortunatley as we are strapped for freezer space. Heat added.
great price if there's only two of you and a good price for midweek roast........
lol frozen food gives me a heatwave badge something not quite right there, frozen food is meant to be cold :P
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