Iceland 7 day deal Richmond sausages 95p

Iceland 7 day deal Richmond sausages 95p

LocalFound 4th Oct 2017
8pk of Richmond sausages in Iceland 7 day deal 95p valid from the 4.10.17 to 10.10.17 max 4 per customer f
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not much meat in their sausages - 42%
I don't get them as on a diet but the kids like them I think they let out to much fat.
“Sausages “
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These are the most tasteless sausages I have tried.
Aren’t Richmond sausages the company who produce sausage that just about meet the legal requirement to call it a sausage rather than a having to call it ‘carcass”
These are my hubbys favourite sausages. Put me right off them & I won’t be buying them anymore. Thanks for the heads up!
Most of my kids won't eat anything else, even the wife prefers them as you never get lumps of gristle fat or bone like you do in others, that's a sure way of her leaving the rest of any sausage on a plate. Yes I know why you don't get lumps, I've seen the videos but this is a good deal if you can stomach the ingredients, as people eat black pudding, liver, kidney, tongue etc is it much different? Let's not forget none of the animal is being wasted.
I dont mind the taste but it's the fact every time you do a BBQ and these go on the whole thing just erupts in flames because of the huge amount of fat coming off them.
you'd be better off getting the quality sausages from stores when they are on a deal or when they reduce them, which is usually daily for most places. The better quality ones usually have 80% + meat in them, far better for you than the above...
Much better sausages in Aldi/Lidl's if there's a store near you.42% is a no no for me.
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