Iceland 800g Sliced Tiger Bloomer £1 or 2 for £1.60

Iceland 800g Sliced Tiger Bloomer £1 or 2 for £1.60

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If you're counting the pennies two loaves for £1.60 is a great price. Good for freezing and just taking out as many slices as you need. Same deal applies to sliced white bloomer, Bakery sliced malted bloomer and Bakery sliced seeded bloomer loaves.

Iceland still selling four pints of milk for 99p and 10 large eggs for £1 - also 2 for £1.60. (Thanks to Gollywood for pointing that out!)
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The 10 pack large eggs are also 2 pks for £1.60

And good to see milk still 99p.
Very nice bread, thick soft slices =p
Its £1.60 not £1
teddytort9 m ago

Its £1.60 not £1

I did state that...
I believe Warburton's deliver these to Iceland daily under the Iceland brand.
They also have Really Good Bread branded bread. Their granary bread is the nicest I’ve ever tasted!
I’ve come to love Iceland and am so impressed about their packaging announcement today. Good on ‘em
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Iceland is a cracking shop.

Heat, which is weird in a Iceleand shop.
Do they have the same deal on proper bread without the sesame oil ruining it?
Lovely bread
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