Iceland ATOMIC CHICKEN VINDALOO £1.50/limited edition

Iceland ATOMIC CHICKEN VINDALOO £1.50/limited edition

Found 30th Sep 2016
Iceland's ATOMIC chicken vindaloo is back.So hot it melts the polar ice caps and makes grown men cry.


How can you not give this some HEAT?

These are one of the best ever attempts by a supermarket chain to produce a hot curry.
Only £1.50 too.

Is this fusion food.

Best supermarket curry I've ever had. It's fruity and reasonably hot. Absolutely nothing to be scared of.

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I had one last night,there very hot but good taste to it.Does come with a huge chilli

can anyone tell me why the vindaloos keep being taken off and replaced by milder curries then re appear months later? It's really annoying calling in to buy something they no longer stock...only to stock it again when they realise they are losing out! who makes these decisions?

Please alter the blahdee link unless you work for the Icelandic tourism industry. It should be , ta very much nicely.

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Is this fusion food.

​i just got it,nice one
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