Iceland frozen luxury meat joints (christmas) reduced from £10 to £5. Includes hog roast, turkey and gammon and 3 bird roast

Iceland frozen luxury meat joints (christmas) reduced from £10 to £5. Includes hog roast, turkey and gammon and 3 bird roast

Found 3rd Jan 2013
As of this morning Iceland luxury Christmas joints will be reduced from £10 to£5.
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thanks, hog roast looks nice,nom nom nom
Told my mum (I'm a veggie) and she got 3 different roasting joints at the reduced price. She was very happy.
Picked up some hog roast amazing value for money over 2kg but not tutkey/gammon marked down, they also had goose joints half price at £5 all meat no bone brilliant
they also have many other xmas lines reduced, plus sum reduced to clear normal lines, picked up a 10pk young's fish fingers for 37p today!
All xmas lines half price in mine, the hog roast was quite nice.
plenty left tek? Might call in tomorrow.
I had the last hog roast, but there were loads of beef wellingtons (and the odd lamb wellington, never tried that) for a fiver. They did have frozen chickens for £2.25, but I went back after work and they were all gone

Also lots of posh looking party food for £1.50 or so, and goose fat roast potatoes for 75p I think.
They'd restocked again today, had more hog roasts in. Didn't buy one though as trying to empty my freezer!
Yeah got a hog roast myself. Tempted to get more but same as you, no freezer space.
should be a load of grocery items reduced now too guys, had a stock clearance report sent down to my local store with a load of lines added..
picked up the family value fairy washing up liquid for £1.. might be worth looking/ asking
I bought a Xmas hog roast at £5s (reduced at half price) I have never been so disappointed! It was full of fat & stuffing -hardly no meat. It's says on the box it feeds 8-10 people! I had trouble feeding 2 adults & 2 under 10 kids. I seriously wouldnt have paid £5s let lone £10. I feel sorry for the the people who did buy this to eat over the Xmas period, imagine inviting 10 people round for dinner - total nightmare! I would have been happier with 8 pork sausages. I like shopping in iceland, but this was really taking the mick. Regards Miss Sam Kumari
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