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Posted 7 October 2022

Free Curry with any purchase for Bonus Card members (instore only) via App @ Iceland

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Not online, this is in-store, you can claim a free curry with any purchase from 7th to 16th October with any purchase

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Just been to Iceland for my regular shop and lady at the till asked did i have a bonus card to use today and if i used it on the app ifso did i want a free curry very good deal! Given current living crisis big thimbs up to iceland Its on main page of bonus card app




Friday 7th October to Sunday 16th October

T&Cs APPLY Iceland Takeawy 375g Creamy Butter Chicken, Iceland Takeawy 375g Chicken Tikka Masala, celand Takeawy 375g Chkn Korma, Iceland Takeawy Pm 1.00 350g Egg Frd Rice, Iceland Takeawy 375g Chinese Chicken Curry, Iceland Takeawy 375g Chicken Bhuna, Iceland Takeawy Non Pmp 350g Pilau Rice, Iceland Takeawy 350g Special
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    Never had a Bonus Card, how would you normally find these offers? Are they emailed to you or displayed in the app?
    I've had a bonus card for a while but rarely get any emails about anything like this, just downloaded the app and got the offer straight away! You can set up a virtual bonus card on the app too if you don't have one
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    When iceland were doing the free barratt lollies the other month you could also get a free box from the food warehouse. Does anyone know if you can do the same with this free offer?
    Yep works in the Food Warehouse too
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    Well what a kerfuffle grabbed my jalfrezi and a few other things ,she scanned them ,I paid got home and realized I'd been charged :/ , on the receipt it said 1 free curry and 1 jalfrezi , walked back there, manager says you bought 2 , like feck I did , in the end I got my money back, wouldn't buy them ever at £2.75🤦 last time I bought one they were £1.50☹️
    48389312_1.jpg (edited)
    Tong street
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    Given current living crisis big thimbs up to iceland

    Yes this one free curry will help massively
    I actually find Iceland to be causing my cost of living crisis at the moment!
    Ordered a home shop today and noticed nearly everything has gone up 25-50p, their promise to keep their value range at £1 has led to tiny bags of frozen goods too so you have to buy that twice. Not sure why they're giving this away for free unless they overstocked again like they did with those lollies.

    £5 discount they send helps though, worrying times. (edited)
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    I managed to get a tikka masala earlier. Were hardly any in freezers. They had other flavours not included in offer. Worth £2.75 so good for a kind of freebie. (edited)
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    I am a fan of these curries. They have a good amount of meat in them but they’re still a bit too saucy for my taste so I usually add some frozen peppers about half way to bulk them out. For the price they’re a great option when I’m not in the mood to cook.
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    Nice one cheers op, just found it on my app
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    Good find
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    Thanks just found it on my app will check hubby's when he gets home as has a separate account . (edited)
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    Couldn't see on the terms & conditions, wonder if this is one-time only? Or if we can get a free curry every time we shop until the offer ends?
    Can keep re using it, I'm going back every day
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    And for vegetarians nothing again.
    Egg Fried Rice included..
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    Works every time, I go into Iceland loads as it’s across the road from my work, have had a free curry every day, and twice on Friday. Great back up meals for the freezer.
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    Get a chocolate bar or crisps or 69p loaf of bread if nothing else needed .I’ll have a freezer full by the end of the week
    Are you able to use this more than once? The T&C's under Limitations say Electronic Coupons are not transferable, cannot be used more than once, and have no cash value.
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    Minimum spend?
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    Thank you op.
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    Thank you, just popped in and got one.
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    Free ruby, now that's hottt!!!
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    Thanks for this just linked my card to account and got bonus
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    Nice one, thanks!
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    Tried to do 2 transactions but didn’t come off? Changed it to one pp now?
    Nope, I just got my fourth
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    Heat added - But where's the beef, or lamb options for ready made curries these days? It's always chicken. Not just Iceland, but everywhere else too. You may get the one type - e.g. Beef Madras, or Lamb jalfrezi - but that's it.
    They have beef in Iceland but not part of the promo
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    Got 2 yesterday no issues. Just about to get another 4
    Guess it’s not 1 per person. Did you walk out and come back in?
    I did 2 separate transactions after each other and it didn’t come off :/
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    Got freezer full. Just had bhuna. I korma wait for tomorrow
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    It's bhuna be a good day
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    From the photos it seems that this works on both the purple and the black packs. In my Iceland, for a couple of the varieties, they had both variants of the same curry (i.e. the older purple packs and the newer black packs). The barcodes and ingredients are different depending on the colour of the packaging. Has anyone had a problem trying to redeem the offer on the "wrong" colour pack?
    I got two purple and one black today no problem.
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    So how many curries did people get?
    11 so far