Iceland Love Island Bundle for £5 - Snacks to prepare for the final!

Iceland Love Island Bundle for £5 - Snacks to prepare for the final!

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Posted 29th Jul
As TV fans prepare for the ending of Love Island, Iceland are making sure shoppers have a feast fit for the final

Customers can order the bundle now at , and have the choice of one pack or tub of ice cream worth £2, a large multi-pack of crisps, a litre bottle of soft drink and a share bag of chocolate or sweets in the deal.

What's included in the Iceland bundle?:
Shoppers can choose one of the following ice creams:

  • Twister Mini Ice Cream Lolly (£2.00, 8 pack)
  • Mars Ice Cream (£2.00, 4 pack)
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Luxury Ice Creams (£2.00, 4 pack)
  • Snickers Ice Cream (£2.00, 4 pack)
  • Calippo Mini Ice Lollies (£2.00, 6 pack)
  • Fab Limited Edition Jammy Filled Lollies (£2.00, 6 pack)
  • Cadbury Boost Fully Boosted Ice Creams (£2.00, 4 pack)
  • Iceland Solo Smoothies (£2.00, 10 pack)
  • Iceland Mini Belgian Milk & White Chocolate Majestics - £2.00, 10 pack)
  • Wall’s Soft Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream Dessert (£2.00, 1.8L)
  • Iceland Choc Chip Cookie Sandwiches (£2.00, 8 pack)
  • Iceland Mojito Popsicles (£2.00, 4 pack)
  • Iceland Gin & Tonic Popsicles (£2.00, 4 pack)
  • Iceland Cookie Dough Ice Cream (£2.00, 480ml)
  • Iceland Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream (£2.00, 480ml)

Then pick some crisps:

  • Pringles Original Crisps (£1.25, 200g)
  • Pringles Texas BBQ Sauce Crisps (£1.25, 200g)
  • Pringles Salt & Vinegar Crisps (£1.25, 200g)
  • Doritos Chilli Heatwave Tortilla Crisps (£1.25, 6 pack)
  • Doritos Tangy Cheese Tortilla Crisps (£1.25, 6 pack)

Next choose a drink:

  • Coca-Cola Original (£1.00, 1L)
  • Diet Coke (£1.00, 1L)
  • Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (£1.00, 1.25L)

Last but not least there is a choice of chocolates or sweets too:

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons (£1.00, 95g)
  • Milkybar White Chocolate Sharing Pouch (£1.00, 102g)
  • Smarties Milk Chocolate Sweets Sharing Pouch (£1.00, 118g)
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles (£1.00, 95g)
  • Kinder Milk and Hazelnut Choco-Bons (£1.00, 69.6g)
  • Munchies Milk Chocolate Sharing Pouch (£1.00, 104g)
  • Cadbury Twirl Bites (£1.00, 95g)
  • Cadbury Bitsa Wispa (£1.00, 95g)
  • Kinder Chocolate Mini (£1.00, 72g)

Such a steal for such a great snack bundle!
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cold island
Save 25p
What a poor "deal"!
Mmmmmm healthy
LOL eating junk while watching ripped crybabies on TV. Lovely
I rather watch paint dry.
Oh ffs lol
Love Island? Cold
The value of this? Freezing cold
Wow Doritos, 1 litre of Coca Cola and 90grams of chocolate?

They're worth about a quid each
Ive never spent more than £1 on a bag of Doritos, I've Never spent more than £1 on a litre of Coca cola (unless it's cans, though I haven't drank coca cola in ages)
Edited by: "Norseg" 29th Jul
Love Island, more like fake Island and full off thickos!
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