Iceland Mumbai Keralan Pulled Chicken 250g £1.50 @ Iceland

Iceland Mumbai Keralan Pulled Chicken 250g £1.50 @ Iceland



Is this like a Ruby?
curry flavour
It's the normal price. No reductions, no bargain. Cold.
IT is a curry
maffeycourt3 m ago

Is this like a Ruby?

Yes. They’ve just put “pulled” on the front to make it seem hip and new.
Not a deal just its normal price?
omair5 m ago

Yes. They’ve just put “pulled” on the front to make it seem hip and new.

Its sounds like a Mash-up but really they had the same chicken delivery company as KFC so raided the Curry Aisle for more chicken when the delivery failed - too much of Gimmick for me.
Is this halal?
ask the shop how would i know
did paul simon record that? you can call me halal ?
Note these are small portions - only 250g. They are more like side dishes than mains.

The main currys are 375g and only £1.59.

These sides are just about OK at 4 for £5 but nothing special - trust me.
“Pulled” chicken? Is that referring to the way the chicken’s heads are removed at Two Sisters corrupt meat factory?
I agree with Glxman - these are small at 250g. Their standard curry offering is as he says £1.59 for 375g. These used to be 400g for £1.50 but after they were shrunk I switched to Farmfoods curries. At FF there is less variety but they taste as good and you can buy two for £3.00(£1.50 each) with each curry weighing 400g.
These are absolutely delicious , i have only just discovered these in my local 4 for £5 and these are NOT to be compared to own brand BLAND currys. Everyone i have tried has been different taste wise VERY authentic street food the Gunpowder chicken and the mother butter curry ETC AWESOME brand.
the butter chicken is so nice, would've believed it was from a resturant rather than freezer. ! a few of the veggie dishes too are amazing, chunky and full of flavour..
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