Iceland White Potatoes 3.5Kg £2 at Iceland

Iceland White Potatoes 3.5Kg £2 at Iceland

Posted 29th Mar
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Versatile all rounder-great for boiling or roasting.
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Not a bad price, but Morrison’s currently has their 2.5kg bags 2 for £2.
I avoid white potatoes because they absorb too much water when you boil them and they are tasteless.
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This is the same price as it's always been for this size bag.
sorry but what a load of rubbish, there are lots and lots of different white potatoes just as there lots of different varieties of white wine or green grapes, what about the maris piper? one of the best for chips or roasts or the charlotte potato classed as white but it has slightly yellow flesh but it is a great "second early potato" or the weird shaped "anya" another white potato with a nice nutty taste. To brand all "white" potatoes as tasteless is just ignorant and wrong.
Sorry if this offends but you really need to explore some of the different varieties out there and not just buy the cheapest in the supermarket and the best way to do this is to grow your own and taste them fresh from the ground, then you can taste them as they should be when they are still full of flavour.
nicoleg29/03/2020 17:56

This is the same price as it's always been for this size bag.

Are you sure because I think this bag was 4kg last week, seems as if goods are on the rise
Morrisons Belle Vale loads of wonky potatoes and cauliflower and hundreds of loaves of bread for 5 to 10P.
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Aldi 50p for 2.5kg
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