Icelands Party food Reduced from £1-50p

Icelands Party food Reduced from £1-50p

Found 3rd Jan 2009
as title says really

12 Spicy Nachos £1
15 Crispy Duck Parcels £1
16 Mini Kievs £1
12 Pastry Boats £1
15 Pork,Leek & Bacon Stuffing Balls 75p
Button Sprouts with Bacon 50p
9 Mini Pizzas £1
Other stuff,but cant remember rest as this is all i brought



"as title says really"

wow...-50% REDUCTION!

lol first thing the misses said when i read it out was "what reduced from 50p to a £1!!!" ooohhh we are picky on here!!! Nice offer though also saw them taking the frozen christmas turkey crowns and other festive meats from form the freezers yesterday evening form my locla store i preseume they will get marjed down to at some point.

good prices, will have a look tommorrow

Easy on the bullying. Anything that cuts the "with profits" bonus that Kerry Katona & Jason Donovan get is a plus with me :w00t:

went into my Iceland today and no reductions on party food at all, staff member said they wouldnt be as they were now a year round line:-( Tis a shame as I have a huge party for 80 on the 24th.
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