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Apple iCloud has updated / increased its data level (5gb free / 50gb 79p a month /  200gb £2.49 / 1tb £6.99)
LocalLocalFound 18th Sep 2015Found 18th Sep 2015
Apple iCloud has updated / increased its data level (5gb free / 50gb 79p a month / 200gb £2.49 / 1tb £6.99)
50 GB: £0.79 200 GB: £2.49 1 TB: £6.99 Piece of mind for a pretty low cost Think I previously had 20gb for 79p but wasn't enough for iPad and iPhone Just forgot my passcode (lo… Read more
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The whole human mind is free but peace of mind is priceless!


I personally don't see the point in paying for data storage. I have 2 iPhones and 4 iPads all on my account and never needed any more storage then the 5gb they give you free. All my photos and important documents are stored free on different sites. IMHO if your paying to store data it's like throwing money away. what exactly are you lot storing in iCloud?


I don't recommend any one use shoebox, they resell your photos.. Read the t&c first, Dropbox is probably second best can get nearly 23gb free.. But nothing will beat apples iCloud, is does so much others can't..


If only they had an android app, I would move from Dropbox.


If you change from the older iCloud Photo Sharing to the newer iCloud Photo Library them all photos get uploaded automatically. Also (as an option) once the full-resolution copy is safely on the Cloud the copy on the device can be downsized to a thumbnail copy to save space. If you actively look at the thumbnail it reloads the full- resolution version.

iWork for iCloud + 1GB of storage now available to users who don't own Apple hardware
Found 1st Mar 2015Found 1st Mar 2015
iWork for iCloud + 1GB of storage now available to users who don't own Apple hardware
Users of non-Apple hardware, including Windows and Android machines, can now register an iCloud account. Previously, users could only create an Apple ID login on Apple hardware, li… Read more

VERY INTERESTING? .. I hear u? .. thanx lool. :-)


WTF??? 1GB. is that actually right, i immediately read it as 1TB but no, it really says GB. just what does Apple think giving away such a vast amount of storage space is going to do. next theyll be announcing free email accounts with a wapping 100mb of storage space.


Google Drive & Microsoft OneDrive = 15gb free including document editors. Google Drive doesn't count documents in their format towards your storage so is unlimited free. OneDrive I'm not sure. Dropbox 2gb free, mega 50gb free 1gb is very stingy. Not likely to make people want iDevices is it?


A GB for documents is quite a lot of storage space. Back in the day small companies ran with about 500Mb of storage. :)


Cant do much with 1gb these days. Thats a bit miserly apple. Heat for the offer though.

New iCloud Storage Pricing, from 79p/month
Found 11th Sep 2014Found 11th Sep 2014
New iCloud Storage Pricing, from 79p/month
New iCloud storage pricing. Previously 10GB - £14/yr 20GB - £28/yr 50GB - £70/yr Now 20GB - 79p/mo (£9.48/yr) 200GB - £2.99/mo (£35.88/yr) 500GB - £6.99/mo (£83.88/yr) 1TB - £… Read more
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I got asus webstorage 100GB for £17 for 12 months. One word. AVOID. Im looking to purchase dropbox pro, been using it for years, no problems


I have all of the 'important' folders on my Windows laptop synchronised automatically with OneDrive so I can always access them on my phone if I need to, including Word and Excel files. Having such a large capacity, I can synchronise everything I would want to and if my laptop ever gets stolen or the hdd crashes, everything will still be there. They've recently upped the maximum single file size to 10GB, and have made sharing / integration even easier. There's a cheaper option if you only need one Office Suite licence, but I use all five anyway, so it's a real bargain as far as I'm concerned.


That's a very tempting package, especially since I have a windows phone in addition to windows laptops and tablets. mike


I'd never have guessed you were an Android User. As for iCloud being business orientated, it couldn't be further from the truth in its implementation.im guessing you use Android for customisation, that's more a business orientated approach. For the record I use iOS and Android. These reduced prices suit my needs.


Whatever Google drive space you purchase goes towards your: Google Drive (Mac/Windows/iOS/Android) Google Plus Photo backup (Mac/Windows/iOS/Android) GMail (Mac/Windows/iOS/Android) Contacts (Mac/Windows/iOS/Android) Calendar (Mac/Windows/iOS/Android) Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms (Mac/Windows/iOS/Android) Then there's 20,000 songs you can upload to Google Music for free which will match songs from your library when possible (iTunes Match is still being advertised for £21.99 a year - hopefully this is shelved with the iCloud plans but I don't know). Of course, iCloud works seamlessly with iOS devices but all of the services above are on offer via the app store and also work on Windows, OS X, Android, iOS and anywhere you have a browser (like Google Play Music in Linux). Pretty robust for anyone who uses multiple platforms (apart from Windows Phone, I really wish Google would suport that!).

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