ICO PS2 £4.99 from WHSmith (Instore only)

ICO PS2 £4.99 from WHSmith (Instore only)

Found 27th Mar 2007
As above, really. Anyone into games knows this still commands a decent price even with the re-print recently. I saw it for this price in the Lowestoft branch, so I can't say for certain you'll find it elsewhere.

Product Description:

The heroic adventure of 'Ico' will captivate players as they wander into a mysterious forgotten world. In this mythical land, every generation a young boy is born with horns and traditionally sacrificed to help cleanse the community of evil spirits. Ico is consequently kidnapped from his village and taken to an isolated castle where he is placed in a tomb to be sacrificed. Surrounded by solitude, Ico begins to rock the tomb, causing it to tumble and break open, freeing him on the floor below. In the fall, Ico is knocked unconscious and dreams of a young princess trapped inside the castle, calling out to him to rescue her. Ico awakens, and is astonished to find out his dream has become a reality. Realizing his fate, Ico sets off to save the princess, as well as himself, from the wicked queen and the evil spirits that reside within the castle.

Not easily deterred or intimidated by the queen or other evil elements lurking throughout the adventure, 'Ico' prepares gamers for a perilous escapade through a vast environment of challenging puzzles, from complex brain teasers to simple mazes. As he leads the princess through the secluded castle, murky dungeons, shadowy corridors and magnificent river scenes, Ico must battle spine-chilling monsters and confront the sinister queen...


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Fantastic game & for me one of the finest games from the last 10 years!

For anyone who hasn't played this game yet & has a PS2 it's a crime not to pick this up for a fiver:thumbsup:

Stunning game, everyone should get it at that price

£4.99! How dare they sell Ico so cheap!

Great find.


Yes one of the best games released on the PS2 (Rez is the other one)

I remember I got the original print of this for £10, an absolutely stunning game, and a real bargain at that price.

CEX buy them at £6 !!

Cheers for the pointer:)

I have not heard of this game but then i am very new to console gaming,may just pop in at that price and give it a go.

heard phill jupitus talking about this on the radio & he was such a fan that i spent £100 on a ps2 plus the game.

well worth it, trust me.

Yep this is one of the best games ever made, snap it up while you can

Tbh you cant rate this deal as theres no way of knowing if its in our Smiths

just picked a copy from WH Smith Birmingham Centre, boxed displayed #9.99 but on till scanned for only #4.99, nice bargain

is that the one on the highstreet by clintons
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