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Victorinox 12145 Rosewood Chefs Knife 19cm, Wood, Brown £36.11 on Amazon

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Blade material Stainless Steel
Brand Victorinox
Colour Brown
Handle material Rosewood
Blade edge Plain
Item weight 0.1 Kilograms

Rosewood handle and stainless steel blade
High carbon stainless steel blade is razor sharp, and ice tempered to retain its sharpness longer
Attractive and comfortable rosewood handle
Handwashing recommended
Age Restricted Product 18 years +

Finest Swiss Victorinox cooks knife with razor-sharp stainless steel blade and a riveted rosewood handle. This knife is not suitable for dishwasher use.
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    You people who don't wipe your knives immediately after using them are absolute monsters. You literally just rinse it and wipe it with a towel immediately after using them; it takes literally 2 seconds.

    Victorinox knives are very decent budget (yes, they are budget) knives. For the vast vast majority of people, these are perfect for home-use. If you want something fancy, then you can look at something like Wusthoff. After that, you're looking at Japanese brands like Kai, Tojiro, and beyond (where you're approaching artpieces more than anything).

    Don't put knives in the dishwasher and then complain that they lose their edge quickly lmao. (edited)
    The Tojiro Sha Ra Ku Mono range is far better value than these in my opinion. Not least because they have don't have the silly wooden ends and are one forged bit of steel.

    If I was looking for a knife in this price range I'd buy the FJ-11.
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    Why don't they mention the steel grade? Because they have something to hide, it's probably the same steel found in cheaper knives.
    They do mention the steel grade, it’s 1.4404 (316L)
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    Cannot go wrong with a Victorinox knife, excellent sharpness and edge retention
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    Personally, I would not go for this one. It does not have the form factor I look for in a chefs knife IMO.

    It seems more like a carving knife due to the narrow blade and limited space between the heel of the blade and handle. Larger hands would not fit easily on this without knuckles hitting the chopping board.

    I'd go for this one with extra wide blade amzn.eu/d/21EmCYb

    Not saying it is a great deal at current price. But it does have a more traditional chefs knife shape and similar to the Victorinox Fibrox Chef Knife shape. (edited)
    It does not have the form factor of a chefs knife IMO.
    It is literally a chef knife; that's the form factor.
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    I really rate Victorinox but for a little more, £10 or less, you can get a Mercer Renaissance.

    That's a forged blade and high quality steel. Someone in HUKD mentioned them but I can't remember who. I can't tell the difference between them and my Wusthof knives and they are much cheaper.
    That may have been me. I commented this on a Wüsthof deal in the past. Mercer Genesis and Renaissance are both fully forged blades, same German steel, selling at the prices of stamped blades.

    Only downside is they are made in Taiwan if that concerns you rather than Germany or Japan. (edited)
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    Could anyone suggest knives that stay sharp?
    The only knife I've NEVER had to sharpen is a serrated edge one.
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    I have the plastics handled version. It's absolutely excellent
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    Reviews look good
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    Is this the wrong thread to mention that wooden knives sit on my side waiting to be washed, whilst my Analon set just go through the dishwasher?

    I might be a heathen but it's such a pain when they're the only thing that need "washing up" (1st world problems an' all that).
    How are they a pain as knives are the easiest things in the kitchen to wash? Literally wash and rinse, not like pots, pans or crockery with cooked on food (edited)
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    you can't go wrong with this for sure !
    If you want something cheaper check this on TOU chef knive., this steel has the same properties as X50
    It came very sharp and I'm happy with the quality
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    I've had this knife for several years. I highly recommend it. Stays sharp with some light honing. You can sharpen it with a whetstone as well of course.
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    For the price, even when not discounted, Victorinox knives are excellent, razer sharp and all most cooks will ever need.
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    Wow look at the knife float
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    I have some of the smaller plastic handle victorinox knives. They are fabulous. 
    me too and love them!
    I'm trying to get used to the bigger chef knives .
    Wife just refused to use the one I bought , too big it seems and I concur for now .
    Just can't give up on the new knife, not for now , not yet
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    "Common uses for type 316 stainless steel include in the construction of exhaust manifolds, furnace parts, heat exchangers, jet engine parts, pharmaceutical and photographic equipment, valve and pump parts, chemical processing equipment, tanks, and evaporators."

    316L steel isn't mainly used for kitchen knifes.
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    What's the verdict on these: procook.co.uk/pro…k-1 ?

    Looking for some new knives in this price range.
    Massively over priced. And who needs 8 knives?! Conventional knife geek wisdom is that you really only need a chefs knife, paring knife and of you really want, a serrated bread knife. Maybe get two chefs knives if two of you prep at the same time. I'd much rather have a Victorinox than 8 of those. (edited)
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