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iD Mobile, 60GB Data + Unlim Mins - Text - £10pm /12m + £48 Cashback - £6pm Effective cost= £120 / £72 after cashback @ Mobiles.co.uk

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A very good deal
I think this was bit more data over Black Friday but still a very good price
Mobiles.co.uk More details at Mobiles.co.uk
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    Heat, cant understand the cold votes tbh.. Its 60gb
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    For those who can handle cashback redemption, 60gb for £6 per month is extremely good deal when likes of SKY and others barely offer 4gb per month for the same effective cost. Roughly 2gb per day is more than adequate for many of us. (edited)
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    iD data unused data rolls over too, uses Three network, roaming included. Have used mobiles.co.uk cashback in the past and was pretty easy, upload bills at x months (just set a calendar reminder on your phone), oddly they send you a cheque though rather than pay BACS.. (edited)
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    On a 24 month contract when I got my iphone 13 pro with ID Mobile and the network coverage is horrible. The 4g/5g I can barely use anywhere. Honestly I wish I paid more for a different network instead of trying to save and go with them.
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    Yep been with ID too few months and was very slow....