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Idahoan Mashed Potato Pots, Bacon and Cheese. Pack of 12 for £12 (a little less on S&S) @ Amazon

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These are sooooooo yummy and usually cost £17.55 for a bulk pack of 12.
Not sure where else sells these pot versions and I'm more than happy at this price.

  • PERFECT MASH: Tasty and smooth mashed potato with a light and fluffy texture that's perfect in just one minute. This bacon and cheese flavour is deliciously creamy and features real bacon pieces
  • ON THE GO: Take and eat your favourite mashed potato on the go. These potato mash pots are ideal for quick and easy lunches, all you need to do is add hot water and enjoy
  • IDAHOAN: This potato mash is made from 100% real Idaho potatoes. Idaho's rich, volcanic soil and clear mountain water are perfect ingredients for potato growing. Leaving you with light, fluffy potatoes that are perfect, every time
  • EASY TO MAKE: Simply remove the lid and add boiling water to the fill pot line. Briefly stir to evenly wet all potatoes and let sit for 1 minute. Fluff with a fork and tuck in
  • VERSATILE: You can eat these potato mash pots as a quick lunch or as a flavoursome side. They come in 3 different flavours for you and the whole family to enjoy, giving you real Idaho potatoes - on the go
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    what is the value of these compared to the regular sachets? Is it equivalent or cheaper to buy this deal than just the £1 packets? Need to know b4 i order. Thanks!
    Half the cost per kilo for the packets, 55g in the pots, 109g in the sachets. (edited)
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    £1 each at asda
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    Smashing deal!
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    I don't know why, but swanning around the streets eating a big pot of mash feels weirdly amusing.
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    These taste amazing 😁
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    Half the contents of a packet
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    £1 on Ocado
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    Was absolutely gutted when Costco dropped the ones they had (something in a blue packet) for these. Not half as nice, and I find if you follow the directions they end up quite dry.
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    Never seen this brand before but I usually get a similar onion flavour one from Heron for 39p that's lovely and great value, this seems a little over priced but I will give it a try from Asda so I don't have to buy 10
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    These are nice, but the packets are a better deal, the cheese mash ones.
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    first time ever having instant mash and this stuff is vile. no texture at all and the flavour is very overpowering and artificial tasting. I'll just donate the rest to some poor soul
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